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Jacob Dlamini: Less is more!

 JACOB Dlamini, is a renowned South African journalist  and the well known author of the books Native Nostalgia and Askari. 

I googled the word, phenomenal and the words ‘remarkable’, ‘exceptional ‘and ‘especially exceptionally good’ appeared on the screen in front of me. 161 more words


Coming Out

I never have been placed in a circumstance like this, helping a friend come out of the closet. I have a friend named Ray whose dream is to pursue dressmaking and be an interior designer as well. 389 more words

Fashion Designers

Vincent van Gogh: Life and Work

In 1888, Vincent van Gogh experienced the first signs of his illness, a type of epilepsy accompanied by delusions and psychotic episodes. It was during one of these attacks that he cut off his left earlobe. 777 more words

Dutch Artists

Be OKAY with being GAY (or any other sexual orientation)

Often times I’m truly horrified of the detachment, ignorance, and apathy humans are capable of. Sexuality in particular, seems to be a huge trigger for us even as we’re reaching 2016. 452 more words

Alan Turing

Influential People: Gabriel García Márquez 

Strange how the past can catch up with you at times when you least expect it- I’ve been asked to do some pre-course reading for Futurelearn’s Reading Macondo course, which is based on the books of Gabriel García Márquez, Who wrote, amongst other books, No One Writes To The Colnel. 193 more words

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