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Breaking/Braking One Day at a Time

Time Magazine has picked the 100 most influential people of 2018. I haven’t yet checked the list but I suspect some of the most influential people in my life this year to date or in my lifetime did not make the list. 519 more words

Skills to develop to become An Influential Person

Have you ever felt like some people were just born to excel? They seem to have an air of authority and success…and when they speak, people just listen to them. 533 more words


Famous people, Mental Health, Nuclear Bombs and Catch 22's

There is a whole world around me so why cant i see past the blinding nature of my own mind?

There are certain people in this world and throughout history that have used their minds as a sort of weapon to make change in themselves and/or the world around them  – Einstein and Newton who used their minds for the good of science and understanding, then there’s Chaplin, Scorsese and Spielberg who create wonderful entertainment in which made millions of people feel emotions otherwise unfelt and changed perspectives on many world issues. 1,162 more words

John Oliver:

I’m British; Pessimism Is My Wheelhouse

-John Oliver

Comedians. When you think of them you more and less assume either a man or woman who tells jokes or stories to us for a living to provide light-hearted relief.

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Young man horrifically tortured by Influential people


Young man horrifically tortured by Influential people Young man horrifically tortured by Influential people
24 News HD is one of the leading news channels of Pakistan bringing you the latest current affairs from Pakistan and around the world. 6 more words


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From Barack Obama to Colin Kaepernick to Chrissy Teigan. Everyone is always online, sharing their thoughts and opinions