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FluMist vaccine ineffective, CDC says

For students who get their flu vaccines at schools across Columbus and Worthington, the nasal spray will not be an option this year.

Columbus Public Health, which offers vaccines at its clinic and at public and private schools in Columbus and Worthington, will not buy FluMist this year after a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention panel recommended against using the vaccine. 397 more words


Downloading large number of sequences from Genbank using accession IDs

Instead of using batch-entrez which doesn’t seemed to work very well whenever there is a search failure in one of the accession entries, generate a search term in the format of … 15 more words


How well did the flu shot work in Alberta this year?

Alberta Health says this season, the influenza vaccine was between 45 and 50 per cent effective.

“This year we actually had a year where influenza H1 was circulating,” Dr. 334 more words


How To Argue With Under-informed "Science" Magazines and Their Well-Intentioned Writers: A Guide

“What are we supposed to do? We’ve already funded our own research center!”- Lucky Strike Tobacco executive in “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”, Mad Men,  11,165 more words

One flu, many colors - Drs. Culhane and Rovira in the National Hog Farmer

One flu, many colors: that is the title of the latest article published in the National Hog Farmer by two faculty members from the University of Minnesota, Drs. 133 more words


Public Health is in a bit of a pickle over the nasal flu vaccine

About a week ago, the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted to not recommend the use of the Live-Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV). This vaccine is given as a spray up each nostril and it is sold as FluMist in the United States. 618 more words


Ganesh: Access to an effective flu vaccine for seniors could move us towards a national Pharmacare strategy

Influenza took flight in the year 2009, just as my classmates and I embarked on our medical training. It morphed from the sniffles and brief sickness that so many of us had taken for granted, into a true pandemic. 913 more words

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