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[New Music] Raz Fresco feat. Raekwon- Influenza

Yessir! Raz Fresco teams up with the legendary Raekwon for the single Influenza. Fresco is a young producer/emcee most known for his production for artist like Wale, Big Sean and Mac Miller to name a few. 43 more words


Audio: Raz Fresco "Influenza" Ft. Raekwon

Raz Fresco teams up with Raekwon for his latest single, “Influenza.” The self produed track is off Raz Fresco’s upcoming album, ‘Pablo Frescobar,’ out June 2nd on Black Light / Duck Down Music. 70 more words


Avian Influenza

By Jaqueline Wilt

According to the USDA, avian influenza was positively identified in a backyard flock in Leavenworth County, Kansas, on March 13, 2015. That’s a little too close to home for this country girl, so I have done a bit more research to educate myself on how to protect my own backyard flock from succumbing to this disease. 521 more words


The 2015 flu vaccine – what’s new, who should get it and why

The Conversation Aeron Hurt 25 March 2015

It’s that time of year again when scientists and doctors make predictions about the impending influenza (flu) season and we must decide whether to go out and get the flu vaccine. 39 more words


Influenza and the Spring Sale

Oooh I’ve missed my little blog round here…

So many moments this week I’ve been writing in my head…before I remembered that I was simpering quietly on the couch waiting in silent stillness for either a) my death to come or b) to breathe again. 197 more words

Annie Spruce

Fluvax - protect those around you.

Influenza vaccines for 2015 are now available.

Why should you bother?  You’re young and healthy right?  If you get the flu worst thing that’ll happen is a week off work? 256 more words


Going Airborne

Everyone’s been there. You’re on a packed bus at rush hour and the person next to you begins a valiant attempt to cough up their lung. 706 more words