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Flu shots during pregnancy

During pregnancy, several physiological changes occur in the immune system, heart and lungs making these women more prone to illness or infections. Contracting flu during pregnancy raises risk of complications such as premature labour and delivery, and  a flu vaccine can reduce that risk. 208 more words



No more will I poke fun at people who wear surgical masks on public transportation, or those who eschew the hug or handshake of peace at church, preferring the elbow bump, so popular a couple of years ago when flu was rampant. 435 more words

Reflections And Meditations

To jab or not to jab; that is the question!

Flu, short for Influenza, is one of those diseases that everyone knows. Whether you have suffered from it yourself, or whether a friend or family member has, it is one of those conditions that we are aware of from very young age, similarly to the common cold or chicken-pox. 980 more words


Colds and Flu: Variations on a Theme

You wake up one morning with a scratchy tickle at the back of your throat. It’s nothing, you think, but by the evening you’re worried. What are you coming down with now? 1,273 more words

The flu is no joke

I never had the flu vaccine until I got pregnant. It is of course a choice to have the flu vaccine, and they make it easy here in the US for anyone to get a shot. 573 more words


Antibiotics for Flu and Colds

This article (photos below) was published in our mainstream Chinese newspaper Lianhe Zaobao on 21st February. A small part of it revolves around the utility of antibiotics for these predominantly viral illnesses – many thanks to my ex-classmate… 140 more words

Public Health

Flu and less than fluent Mandarin

There was an old lady who contracted the flu

She went to the doctor who knew what to do.

He said, “What is best,

Are fluids and rest… 598 more words