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My doctor said to me on Wednesday, “if you had seen me on Saturday I would have tested you for the flu and given you anti-virals.” 380 more words

Cómo cuidarte de la influenza este año

La temporada de la influenza del año pasado fue la más leve que ha habido en Estados Unidos en 3 años. Sin embargo, eso no significa que debas bajar la guardia. 941 more words

Estilo De Vida

113 more Calgary flu cases reported since last week: AHS

The flu is on the rise this season in Calgary, with 113 more lab-confirmed flu cases and 22 additional hospitalizations since last week.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) updates the province’s flu numbers each week on… 239 more words


Life expectancy in the US has decreased. That's troubling


Dive Insight:

Recent data show that a human’s lifespan is “fixed and subject to natural constraints” and that the limit of the “world’s oldest person” has not increased since the 1990s, when French woman Jeanne Calment died at age 122. 179 more words

Examining Common Arguments Against Influenza Vaccination

To highlight the importance of annual flu prevention, NFID is sponsoring a blog relay during 2016 National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW), featuring guest posts authored by NFID leaders… 761 more words


Targeting a single protein in the lung could quickly and effectively treat the flu

It’s flu season in the northern hemisphere and with it comes fever, aches, coughing, and general fatigue. The flu comes and goes within a couple of weeks for most people, however for some of the population a simple flu can progress into serious disease and even hospitalization. 600 more words


December 7 - Who Flu There?

Today’s factismal: Just 2,500 Americans have had the flu thus far this season.

Every year, the influenza virus strikes (actually, a couple of them strike). And every year, millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of people elsewhere come down with it. 243 more words