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Obama's Term the Most Corrupt

Fiery conservative radio-show host Michael Savage blasts President Barack “Barry” Hussein Obama’s administration and American government in general, as he erupts on The Alex Jones Channel’s “Info Wars,” hosted by Alex Jones. 59 more words

Political, Hey!

Radical Bill Ayers is Baaack!

Social pariah Bill Ayers is rearing his ugly head again. The domestic terrorist and counter-culture activist of the 1960s is now supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, advising the thugs to start fires to attract attention. 125 more words


Our Covert Space Program

Journalist and noted author Jim Marrs joins Lee Ann McAdoo in the Info Wars studio to discuss the Obama-Putin clash in Syria, the fracking controversy in Oklahoma and to debunk the myth that we are running out of oil. 49 more words

Just The Facts Ma'am

VIDEO: Matt Drudge with Alex Jones "The media is trying to put us to sleep"

In this exclusive interview with Alex Jones on Info Wars, Matt Drudge warns Americans, and the world, about the end of the internet.

Early on in the video, Drudge begs the question ‘what’s the difference between a slate.com, a salon, a buzzfeed, or a huff? 123 more words

Forbidden Bookshelf

The Phoenix Program By Douglas Valentine

The Lords of Creation By Frederick Lewis Allen

Blowback By Christopher Simpson

Underground to Palestine By I.F.Stone

Hidden History of the Korean War By I.F.Stone… 79 more words


Obama's War On Police

Peace officer Carl Pittman, candidate for sheriff in one of America’s largest metropolitan areas in Houston, says we’re watching the absolute erosion of law and order in our country. 78 more words

Sounding Off!

How to Tell a Hoax from Targeted Info Dump (Navigating MSM and Alternative Media)

I think it’s crucial to understand the difference between a hoax being spread in MSM/¬†alternative media/ the web from what I call a targeted info dump… 1,814 more words