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DALLAS SHOOTINGS: American 'Race War' Psy-Op & the Toxic 'Info Wars'...

Apparently, there’s a ‘Civil War‘ going on in America.

Apparently the definition of ‘Civil War’ is becoming a very loose, meaningless thing to all the propagandists in both mainstream and (some) alternative media – all of whom should probably have a chat with someone in Syria or Libya to ask them what a ‘Civil War’ looks like. 3,397 more words

(All Things) CULTURE

More deceptive attempts to incite anti-refugee sentiments

“There were no Syrians involved, there was no knife involved, there was no gang-rape,” Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs said Monday morning.

After two juvenile males were charged for an alleged incident involving a 5 year-old female in Twin Falls in Idaho, right wing blogs and websites manufactured a story supposedly involving a gang rape at knife-point by Syrian refugees. 291 more words


16 May, 2016: Understanding why you don’t see my Presidential Campaign on TV or in the Newspapers

16 May, 2016:  Understanding why you don’t see my Presidential Campaign on TV or in the Newspapers

We need Signature Gathers in Colorado, Idaho, Mississippi, New Jersey and Arkansas at this time; this allows us to obtain Ballot Access. 576 more words

Jones Blasts Scumbag Liberals

Political commentator Alex Jones is fed up with liberals sucking up to the enemy, and he isn’t going to take it anymore. In an impassioned presentation on “Info Wars,” Jones calls out President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Angela Merkel among a host of other sickofanic leftists as jihad-loving, scumbag liberals that need to be dealt with. 25 more words

Bureaucrats Run Amok

Don't Help the Perpetrators

“Info Wars” host Alex Jones breaks down how recent events in Oregon could provoke and actually help Obama come after our guns via executive orders. “Don’t let Obama be successful when it comes to starting civil unrest and riots in this country,” Jones says. 47 more words

Bureaucrats Run Amok

Aaron Russo: A True Freedom Fighter

Aaron Russo (1943-2007) was a true American Patriot and Freedom fighter. Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1943, Aaron Russo went on to open nightclubs, produce films, and even ran for Governor of Nevada. 57 more words