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This website/blog will aim to keep you informed of current world events, mainly politics and guides on improving your quality of life and happiness.We will try our utmost to be as unbiased as possible but there will be times our personal views may glisten through due to our deep passion and beliefs in trying to bring about a better world; then it comes down to you to point out are inconsistancys and corrrect us. 109 more words

British Express

Episode 70: The Enemy Within: Conspiracy Theory 101

Conspiracy theories are a mainstay of modern culture. Whether anchoring complex theatrical thrillers, or filling air time in the twenty-four hour news cycle, the complex shadow machinations of mysterious actors create excellent alternative narratives and high entertainment value wherever we might encounter them. 501 more words


A Difference of Opinion Severs Relationships

Yesterday morning, I got a text from my dad asking how to join Twitter. I replied, answering his question and followed up with a question of why he wanted to join that particular social media platform. 575 more words

Trump Supports Those Who Attack Sandy Hook Survivors

I had no idea the parents of Sandy Hook victims are (STILL!) being viciously and violently harassed by fans of the fake news InfoWars site, which promotes that the massacre was staged. 309 more words

Alex Jones apparently taking on a role as information source to the President.

Photo by Credit Ilana Panich-Linsman for The New York Times.

President Donald Trump is listening to the words of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.Jones has apparently taken on a new role as occasional information source and validator for Trump. 189 more words