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Schrijftips op youtube

Mijn broer beweert dat je jezelf alles kunt leren wat je maar wilt door middel van youtube. Vandaag deelde een schrijfvriendin een video van Kurt Vonnegut op youtube… 83 more words

332 Exoplanetary Infantry Mechanized Platoon, "Rockslide Squad"

Idris Demir

  • Nickname: LT
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • DOB: 15 MAY 2747
  • Birthplace: Bursa, Turkey, Earth
  • Height: 1.77 meters
  • Hair: graying black
  • Eyes: hazel
  • Notes: Marked by his taciturn nature and prematurely graying hair, Demir’s #1 rule is that there will be no complaining within his platoon about anything they’re ordered to do.
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INS Ranks

[▲] Interstellar Navy Commissioned Ranks
… Admiral of the Navy*
… Command Admiral**
… Admiral**
… Rear Admiral**
… Commodore
… Captain
… Commander
… Lieutenant Commander… 565 more words


On Beginnings and Being Late

Sometimes, I really despise beginnings. They’re so hard, and yet, in my four years of writing, I’ve written about a dozen times more beginnings than I even have written middles. 435 more words


The Hobbit and infodumps

Which is to say, I was looking at the Hobbit, and that right there is quite an infodump.  Pages and pages about hobbit holes and the like, and why do we put up with it? 11 more words


Infodumps and your personal opinions

I’m finding that I like to go back and do revisions on a piece as I go, rather than waiting for the End.

I look for tense problems, awkward working, MRUs, conversation that seems stilted or out of place, observations that do not contribute to flow of the narrative, infodumps (even microdumps) and the dreaded author’s opinion peeking out. 713 more words

Guts Of Writing

Review: Ready Player One

Next on my book pile: 2011’s debut novel from Ernest Cline, Ready Player One. It’s a few decades into the future, and as real life is far from ideal most of humanity prefers to spend its time in a haptically enhanced virtual universe created by a now-dead reclusive videogame genius billionaire. 439 more words