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Magazine: Nonlocal #2

Nonlocal issue #2

I help the other castaways push the raft into the ocean.  It’s a big raft that took us an entire week to build — we used the wood from the signaling tower that I’d pulled down the week before, waving too enthusiastically to a passing cruise liner. 1,012 more words

Science Fiction

Part 46

The Shameless info Dump!

Think of it as an intermission if you will, told rather than shown, painting the scene for you before I introduce two new characters … if this was a film this would be your montage … 680 more words

Schrödinger's Cat

Word count - 1/3/2017

Today’s word count: 310 (goal: 200-300)

I didn’t feel like writing today, and it was tough wringing the first couple sentences out. They sounded stupid, and didn’t do much for the plot. 84 more words

Word Count

Engaging readers from the First Sentence part 2

More sad disasters and bad beginnings.

There are plenty of ways to ruin your first chapter. Last week we covered kitchen sink opening lines and clichés. 1,466 more words

Writing Craft

ROB-BOX: First Menage-a-Trois


Why hello there Southern California Comics customers and people of the internet; resident comic reader and tall hair wielder, Robert of Boxley here! As part of my dedication to making the ROB-BOX the hippest and most up-to-date Southern California Comics blog in existence I will be doing my darndest to get you a new BOX every week (or so; I mean, who knows the future)! 2,106 more words

Welcome to the ROB-BOX Archive!

Hello weary traveler! How fares thee today? If you’ve happened across this internet oasis then by Jove, what luck have ye! Welcome to a land where all your dreams come true! 173 more words