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ROB-BOX: First Menage-a-Trois


Why hello there Southern California Comics customers and people of the internet; resident comic reader and tall hair wielder, Robert of Boxley here! As part of my dedication to making the ROB-BOX the hippest and most up-to-date Southern California Comics blog in existence I will be doing my darndest to get you a new BOX every week (or so; I mean, who knows the future)! 2,105 more words


Welcome to the ROB-BOX Archive!

Hello weary traveler! How fares thee today? If you’ve happened across this internet oasis then by Jove, what luck have ye! Welcome to a land where all your dreams come true! 173 more words


Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #35 - How to Avoid Info Dumps

We’ve all come upon the notorious info dump – a huge chunk of information supplied all at once. It often sounds like enlisting facts and puts us off the story we are reading. 226 more words

Writing Tips & Prompts

Info-dump Podcast

I’ve just listened to the 335th podcast in the Helping Writers Become Authors podcast by KM Weiland, and very interesting it is too. I’ve been impressed by the quality of the information in this series since I came across it, but was particularly interested in this episode on Info-dumps where she outlines four different types of exposition a writer can succumb to when writing. 114 more words



I’m writing this to all the people who followed me to explain my absence on the blog for

the past few months. I wish I could say that I’ve got some really cool reason as to why I… 474 more words

What's the Problem With Exposition? (Part Two)

What to do about exposition? In the last post, I effectively deprived us of the three most popular devices for handling it; what remains in your writer’s toolbox? 1,026 more words