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The farther, the clearer.

Celebrating the 50th post on the StartUp InfoPAD with a beautiful and inspiring quote from a world renowned motivational speaker and author, Zig Ziglar.


Who's Borrowing? Me.

This infographic was created from information provided by “The Changing Profile of Student Borrowers,” released October 7, 2014 by Pew Research Center.  I narrowed the article down to a specific chapter, “Who’s Borrowing?” 412 more words


Infographic: The Origin of the Greek Crisis

From Daily Reckoning, by Jeff Desjardins

In past charts and infographics, we’ve broken down parts of the Greek crisis with a focus on particular issues. 405 more words


The Art of IPOs By Logan Suba

New companies are popping up everywhere, and those that make it might choose the go public and seek an initial public offering. Logan Suba explains how some IPOs are mis-priced and thus affect a company’s public image. 6 more words


Counting Bottles By Yulia Palianok

Recycling has become a very popular trend in order to recuse waste. Although, not everyone realizes that individuals can make money off of recycle, but those who do are usually the ones that live of that money made. 6 more words


Infographic - The Future Of Big Data

Big Data is BIG business and will continue to be one of the more predominant areas of focus in the coming years from small startups to large scale corporations. 91 more words