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This is my homework for a design class in December 2016. I just loved BTS so much that I decided to make an infographic about them ^^ I used this color ’cause it matched so well with their Dope concept photoshoot but maybe it was a little dark, I guess?

My Project

How to Optimize Your Business Listings

Online directories connect your business to your target audience. The more complete a picture you can paint your business online, the better search engines and customers can find it. 8 more words

Local Business Directory

Ideas For Your 2018 Social Media Calendar (Infographic)

Ever run out of social media content?

Ever wonder what you should post on your social media profiles?

Ever wonder if there is some inspiration you can use to create next post? 54 more words

Career Advice

The Science behind Beauty Sleep [Infographic]

The idea of “getting your beauty sleep” may sound old fashioned—something your grandma might have said to your mom, an old wives’ tale to get little girls to go to bed. 444 more words