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[Recap] NCOAUG 2018 Winter Training Day


Another year, another solid NCOAUG Training Day. Thanks to everyone who came out to Drury Lane and connected with us.

ennVee President, Veera Venugopal, and VP of Global Sales, Joe Bong, hosted an afternoon session to cover the voice of the customer, as well as ways to leverage automation during the EBS R12.2/ERP upgrade process. 335 more words

Ini dia 12 kota terkorup

Transparency International Indonesia (TII) merilis sejumlah kota di tanah air yang paling koruptif. Jakarta Utara rupanya layak disematkan sebagai kota paling korup, dan kota terkorup urutan ke-12 yaitu Kota Medan.


50 super annoying phrases not to use. Dad's, stop using these 'buzzwords' at home!

Corporate buzzwords and phrases quickly make their way into our daily communications, and often sound absurd when used in the home. Dad’s, stop using these buzzwords, please! 31 more words


Serious as a Heart Attack...

My youngest uncle had a heart attack on Friday.

He is 57. Active. Has never smoked. But he had a heart attack on Friday.

When his brother, my uncle John*, died two years ago, we were all very quick to blame lifestyle. 284 more words


Mobile photography in a connected world

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I’m always fascinated by how cameras capture and tell different stories of life. Especially when cameras have found its way on smartphones, it’s a marvel by how far technology has taken us.

29 more words