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Halfway Musings

With my Arabic finals finished, it’s more or less the halfway point on my study abroad in Jordan. And all I can thinkĀ about is how the time is just flying by. 226 more words


How To Repurpose Your Content Correctly - Infographic

In our latest infographic, we study why you should repurpose content, why Twitter should be a focus, and give you 6 easy ways to repurpose content and 4 tools you can use. 24 more words

Infographic: The 40 most Obscure Shipping Laws

Although some of these laws are outdated, they are still there in force. Enjoy…


The Only Guide You'll Need for the Perfect Haircut | New Ideas

So, a while ago I got sent an email from a lovely lady called Sarah and she introduce me to this infographic guide to finding the right haircut for you! 27 more words