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Food Deserts in America [Infographic]

Food deserts have been a big topic in the United States lately, and for good reason: 23.5 million Americans, about 2% of all households, live in food deserts… 427 more words


2018: A Year in Books

2018: A Year in Books

A selection of stats to show the types of books I have been reading this year – plus it is another chance for me to create an infographic! 241 more words


Donald Trump's Hope and Change

Obama-Trump voters are a counter-intuitive phenomenon, given that, on a superficial level at least, the two presidents have very different styles. Obama had the positive vibe (“Yes we can”), whereas Trump spent a lot of time on the paranoid, racist fantasy that Obama was born in Kenya. 473 more words

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9 Tips For Managing Creative Teams

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An alternative title for this article could be:

 “Make space for creativity, investigation, and failure on your team.”

As project managers, we need to balance process rigor and control with allowing our teams to do their best work with us micro-managing them. 498 more words

Project Management

Woodworking Hacks [Infographic]

This visual from Crowe Sawmills details 10 hacks that could work brilliantly for woodworking projects with regular household items performing a basic yet clever task. Check out some clever woodworking hacks in the infographic below. 147 more words


Visualize the Entire Global Economy in One Chart by GDP in 2017

Published by eNewsWithoutBorders.com   │December 14, 2018

The latest estimate from the World Bank puts global GDP at roughly $80 trillion in nominal terms for 2017.  207 more words


The 100 Websites That Rule the Internet

Published by eNewsWithoutBorders.com   │December 14, 2018

Today’s infographic comes to us from Vodien, and it lists the 100 highest ranking websites in the U.S. by traffic, according to website analytics company Alexa. 113 more words