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The Way We Should See Running

Many people of the world see regular running as a consistent hassle and even thinking about it can lead a person to their deathbed. For those sitting on their couch wasting the day away and in this case their lives…Here is a wonderful infographic providing examples to the benefits of running. 73 more words


Basics of Starting Weight Lifting

This infographic gives 6 steps to help you get started in weight lifting. It breaks down the basic principles of what makes a good routine and how to continually improve as you engage in lifting weights. 47 more words


The Truth About What Our Bodies Need

This infographic shows multiple health and fitness statistics that represent what we need to be doing physically and how much we should be eating and drinking water. 112 more words


Print Ad for Indonesia broadcast

In 2016 In Touch Ministries began broadcasting in Indonesia. This went through a lot of drafts, for as simple as it is. To learn more visit intouch.org/get-involved.
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Today Is Tell a Fairy Tale Day

In honor of it, enjoy this infographic about Grimms’ Fairy Tales.


Infographic: How Ocean Pollution affects Humans

Oceans are an important part of our lives. Truth be told, they are needed in our lives just as much as the land, because together they create this ecosystem that has made life on this planet possible. 132 more words