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Office Syndrome

Office syndrome is a combination of many diseases or conditions caused by environmental factors many experience in their work place every day. Misuse of muscle, staying is the same posture for a longer period with minimum movement and unhealthy office habits are the major causes of office syndrome. 955 more words


Elderly Health Problems

Getting older can seem daunting­—greying hair, wrinkles, forgetting where you parked the car. All jokes aside, aging can bring about unique health issues. With seniors accounting for 12 percent of the world’s population­–and rapidly increasing to over 22 percent by 2050–it’s important to understand the challenges faced by people as they age, and recognize that there are preventive measures that can place yourself (or a loved one) on a path to healthy aging. 543 more words

The Leading Physicians Of The World

The BCS Graphics Team: Telling Compelling Stories through Visual Media

How much thought have you given to the images that define your organization? Visual identity is important for any company, and graphic design plays a vital role in the way audiences interact with and perceive your business. 443 more words

When to trust data visualisation (and when not to)

If you ask whether people prefer to see images rather than text to process an information, I’m pretty sure the answer would be a resounding yes. 359 more words

E-Waste: What you need to know [Infographic]

Since the start of 2017, we have thrown out more than 6.4m tonnes of electronic goods, according to The World Counts, a website keeping a live tally of global e-waste.

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