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Things I've Learned From Late Night Infomercials

My sleeping pattern has been steadily returning to normal in the last two weeks, which is great for my overall stamina.  Nonetheless, insomnia still has a habit of occasionally slipping into my bed at night, and wringing her decadent claws around me (worse of all, she never bothers to leave any money on the dresser either, despite having her way with me all night.  979 more words


As an only child with a natural tendency towards introversion, I’ve always been a TV watcher. Doing homework, while I knit, drawing, making spaceships out of paper cups, plates and straws, I always had something going. 818 more words

Infomercials - a poem

On late at night, they sell all sorts of stuff;

Will it end?, is it ever enough?

Workout equipment, I don’t need that;

I’m pudgy, but not fat. 189 more words


Late Night TV Is A Cesspool Of Snake Oil Salesmen

Have ya’ll  tried to find anything to watch on late night Sunday cable  TV and encountered these belligerent snake oil salesmen? I keep seeing a couple of them on the BET channel every Sunday night. 813 more words


We recently got our hands on the new Oakley Latch to see what all the rave was about.  The sunglasses have a unique, built-in feature that allows you the attach the shades to your shirt without fear of them falling off. 29 more words


A Shock To The System

This will wake you up, and possibly get you hooked on HSN.  (RIP Billy Mays)

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Footcheese, Impulse Buys and Nick D Impersonates A Cat

While continuing his conversation about impulse buys, Nick Digilio creates the radio personality’Footcheese’ and impersonates a cat.


To download this or any of Nick’s podcast visit our… 13 more words

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