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Stock Photos and Infomercials: Weapons in the Ongoing War Against Boredom

My wife and I were recently trying to figure out what we could do for a last-minute date. We were having a difficult time coming up with any ideas, so I googled “Date ideas for Salt Lake City.” 626 more words


Friday Night Infomercials

I. Love. Infomercials. Call it a guilty pleasure, but there’s something about watching an ordinary human being having their life ruined by a horrendously menial everyday task that cracks me up. 160 more words


I Know The Ins And Outs

THERE IS AN OLD ADAGE about the month of March that says,

“March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”

I think I know what that is supposed to mean – weather and all. 271 more words


The Dark, Dank Pit (from Hard Sell)

Alexandra, Johannesburg
November 2025

Life is a Salvador Dali painting. The figures are stretched, pliant and elastic, eyes bulging out of heads far too small to contain them, the hard solidity of reality dripping down the side of a rickety table. 1,284 more words


The first - getting my dad goggles on

So here is my first post. I’m not promising that this blog will enlighten you or change your life. No doubt since having kids I view the world through Dad Goggles – I even found myself weeping at infomercials and the military wives choir. 62 more words

Things I Don’t Like about Television, Episode 12: Infomercials

Infomercials are often the domain of scheisters and the gullible.

Many of us have seen these things. Most of the time, some crap is being pedaled late at night on some of our favorite channels. 1,540 more words


Things I've Learned From Late Night Infomercials

My sleeping pattern has been steadily returning to normal in the last two weeks, which is great for my overall stamina.  Nonetheless, insomnia still has a habit of occasionally slipping into my bed at night, and wringing her decadent claws around me (worse of all, she never bothers to leave any money on the dresser either, despite having her way with me all night.  979 more words