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Would Esmeralda Buy That Live from The Chicago Podcast Festival

On Saturday, October 6th The Nick Digilio Show was thrilled to be part of WGN Radio’s night at The Chicago Podcast Festival. For their portion, Nick D and crew played a live version of  ‘Would Esmeralda Buy That?’ in which they tried to guess if our intrepid reporter would purchase some odd items found online. 42 more words

Nick Digilio


The glorious infomercials. Who all hates them? Everyone. Ever wonder why they even exist and so late at night when no one’s awake to watch them? 365 more words

Night People and the Green-lipped Mussel

There’s a “maintenance medicine” that women who have gone through breast cancer treatments are prescribed if their breast tumors are “estrogen receptive,” which means encouraged by the presence of estrogen. 1,034 more words

When is a YouTube show just an advertisement?

If you type in “youtube reviews” into Google search chances are you won’t find many blogs, websites, journals, or articles actually reviewing YouTube content, creators, or the like. 895 more words


Do Something Inconvenient

If you’ve ever been the victim of an infomercial, you know that seemingly too-good-to-be-true items are marketed toward consumers, all for the sake of convenience. Does that heavy-duty blender you already own walk the dog? 882 more words

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