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My Shift in Writing and How I Learned to Stop Watching Late-night Infomercials

When I was about ten years old, I always thought of myself as wanting to be an actor, TV host, or entertainer of some sort.  I even thought about being an archaeologist or a scientist at one point.   805 more words

Set It and Forget It

I used to watch infomercials all the time. They were the best. A half hour devoted to try and get people to buy their product “In three easy payments“. 261 more words


The Life Or Death Happy Happy Flim Flam Sales Man

My muse was at it again.  I was standing in the shower, trying to remember what was still clean that I could wear to work, mentally making a grocery list, and trying to remember to bring a pair of scissors to cut flowers by the roadside, when my spicy Irish muse jumped into my head with a great idea for a short story.  593 more words

But Wait! There's More! Sermon on John 21: 1-14

*From Wednesday April 19th, 2017. I’m catching up on posting sermons! you can watch on http://www.bethany-live.org

Anyone watch the late night infomercials for knives or hoses, or protein shakes or whatever? 1,141 more words


What I've Learned: Maternity Leave Edition

I’m baaacck! To writing that is. Apparently, my blog has been on maternity leave as well! As I’ve been enjoying snuggles and dressing like a bum, there are a few things that I’ve come to realize. 646 more words

Working Mom

Would Esmeralda Leon Buy That? - 04.13.17

It’s time for another edition of “Would Esmeralda Leon Buy That?” in which Nick Digilio and the overnight crew guess if our intrepid traffic reporter would purchase some weird stuff found online (many of which are available at… 44 more words

Nick Digilio

Ronco, Maker Of Veg-O-Matic & Mr. Microphone, Giving Away Rotisserie Ovens To Investors

For half a century, Ronco products — like the Veg-O-Matic, the Beef Jerky Machine, and Mr. Microphone — have been filling cheap, late-night and mid-afternoon commercial space on American TVs. 293 more words

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