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Benefits and Strategies of Infomercials in Brand Marketing

Private equity firm JH Partners has extensive experience in investing in and promoting consumer brands. Utilizing its industry-specific techniques and a multi-channel marketing strategy, which includes the use of infomercials, … 259 more words

JH Partners

Is MyPillow any good?

MyPillow spends about $1.4 million each week on advertising so it’s very likely you’ve seen their infomercials on TV.[1] The million dollar question is: does it work? 453 more words


Harry almost bought a .....'swoosh'.

Golfers are very susceptible to advertising and the companies that manufacture golf equipment and golf related gadgets have learned to play golfers like a fiddle. 458 more words


Worst infomercial ever?

Everyone knows that most if not all infomercials aren’t exactly the most honest. They have to exaggerate their product to get peoples attention and to get people to want to buy it. 379 more words

Why Does Daytime TV Suck?

No, seriously, WHY?


I don’t have an answer, so if you’ve come here to get one then you are out of luck.

But honestly, is anyone else confused and angered and maybe even a little saddened by the sheer suckiness of daytime television? 681 more words


Resolutions for 2017

I’ve learned over the years not to bite off more than I can chew when it comes to making resolutions for the New Year.  I make a couple small promises to myself but I see to it that they are attainable and that I’m really motivated to follow through.  602 more words

In Your Houses Late At Night Sit Down Cozy, Kill That Light

What’s on TV when I’m feeling a little lonely and drifting between channels as they in turn disappoint me.

Oh No, The Contractors Sent The Wrong Kitchen Cabinets… 864 more words