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First Blog Resulted in 3 Unbelievable Opportunities!

Four years today… Blog Womaning bliss! The outlet for personal record became a portal of learning, teaching opportunities and making contact with the some of the greatest examples of human decency – and well, admittedly, an occasional dip toward the lowest. 728 more words


Cosmos: Old School (2001) - part twelve

When is Random not a Random? When it’s a Themed Random, of course! Sometimes – less often than regular Randoms, and perhaps even more infrequently than story strips – I create (or just group together) collections of gag-a-day comics that all share the same theme or subject matter. 816 more words

How All Stores Can Really Profit from Digital Signage

Some stores already make use of digital signage by advertising a few random products on sparse fixtures throughout select departments, and often the few advertised products are not within proximity of the actual products in the stores. 243 more words


But Wait...There's More

Isn’t if funny some of the goofy things that come to mind when you least expect it? Sitting here…minding my own business and all of a sudden I am thinking of a very brief moment this afternoon as I walking down the hall at work and it was snowing. 185 more words

Benefits and Strategies of Infomercials in Brand Marketing

Private equity firm JH Partners has extensive experience in investing in and promoting consumer brands. Utilizing its industry-specific techniques and a multi-channel marketing strategy, which includes the use of infomercials, … 259 more words

JH Partners

Is MyPillow any good?

MyPillow spends about $1.4 million each week on advertising so it’s very likely you’ve seen their infomercials on TV.[1] The million dollar question is: does it work? 453 more words


Harry almost bought a .....'swoosh'.

Golfers are very susceptible to advertising and the companies that manufacture golf equipment and golf related gadgets have learned to play golfers like a fiddle. 458 more words