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Footcheese, Impulse Buys and Nick D Impersonates A Cat

While continuing his conversation about impulse buys, Nick Digilio creates the radio personality’Footcheese’ and impersonates a cat.


To download this or any of Nick’s podcast visit our… 13 more words

Nick Digilio

Perfect Brownies

I like infomercials. When I was in high school, I used to stay up late at night and catch the latest Amazing Discoveries episode for whatever gizmo was being hawked at the time. 423 more words

You say potato, I say microwave potato

There are a great many things I love about infomercials, but generally not included on that list are the actual products being sold. No offense to the (I’m sure very hard-working) marketing department at the infomercial mothership, but when you sell kitchenwares with names like… 367 more words


What Really Works

Does this thing really work?
Does it fly?
Does it fly?
Does it fulfill your desires?

Does this thing really work?
Is it fast?
Is it fun? 119 more words


What time is it Mister Wolf?

MOST people set an alarm to get themselves up in the morning – in this house we’re starting a new experiment this week where we’re setting an alarm to remind ourselves to go to bed. 643 more words

The Following Is A Paid Commercial Announcement...

OK…I’ll admit it. I’m an infomercial junkie. I love those half-hour long TV commercials. I hate the 30 second kind, but I love all of the new, latest, greatest gadgets that these companies come out with. 588 more words