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Good morning friends! It’s me! Your all time favorite sedentary rat collector and espionage expert Rod Bucksnare!!

I have brought you thousands of scintillating products and without question you love and use each and every one of them most of the days of the week and you hate them all very very much!! 417 more words


Infomercial Insanity

We recently cancelled our cable T.V. subscription, and now get a wide variety of local stations with our rabbit ears antenna. Our favorite, “Grit”, features old westerns and lots of infomercials. 542 more words

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Crepey Skin On A Sunday Morning

A while back Man-Farmer and I were sitting around the dining rom able drinking our morning coffee on a quiet Sunday morning.

The television that sits on the piano was on. 755 more words

Random Thoughts

The Clapper (2017)

D: Dito Montiel / 90m

Cast: Ed Helms, Amanda Seyfried, Tracy Morgan, Adam Levine, Russell Peters, P.J. Byrne, Brenda Vaccaro, Leah Remini

Eddie Krumble (Helms) is a professional clapper, a paid audience member of informercials who sometimes gets paid extra for asking a question, or standing out from the crowd in some other way. 683 more words


"My Story of My MyPillow"

There are certain things that just have a way of getting burned into your brain.  Things you can never un-see or forget.  Like that nasty car crash that you passed by on the highway, or the first time you went to a funeral and saw a dead body, or the first time you saw Kathy Bates nude in that movie with Jack Nicholson.  666 more words

Jerry Seinfeld Hates Praise and Won't Watch Your Shows

Jerry Seinfeld explains why he won’t ever get into the hot new TV series but will watch Flex Seal infomercials.

Video from The Tonight Show with… 11 more words