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Jerry Seinfeld Hates Praise and Won't Watch Your Shows

Jerry Seinfeld explains why he won’t ever get into the hot new TV series but will watch Flex Seal infomercials.

Video from The Tonight Show with… 11 more words


Elton Jim on The Informercial Products He Loves and Wants

Jim Turano reveals the infomercial products he and his wife have recently purchased and which ones he has his eyes on. 19 more words

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Jim Turano 11.16.17: Christmas Decorations, Carjackings, Informercials, Music and Northside Memories

Jim Turano (in for Nick Digilio) starts the show describing the Christmas decorations he brought into the seventh floor studios. He then discusses the rash of carjackings in Chicago and provides tips from… 94 more words

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Panacea: a magic bullet, a cure-all.  Many of us are searching for that secret remedy, perhaps to the fountain of youth or instant wealth. If only we could cure just that one problem, how much better our life would be. 53 more words

Would Esmeralda Buy That Live from The Chicago Podcast Festival

On Saturday, October 6th The Nick Digilio Show was thrilled to be part of WGN Radio’s night at The Chicago Podcast Festival. For their portion, Nick D and crew played a live version of  ‘Would Esmeralda Buy That?’ in which they tried to guess if our intrepid reporter would purchase some odd items found online. 42 more words

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The glorious infomercials. Who all hates them? Everyone. Ever wonder why they even exist and so late at night when no one’s awake to watch them? 365 more words