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How we fixed the "Failed to render Wiki Content column" error

This is one of those errors that doesn’t have a lot of history to pull from if you Google/Bing it to find help. I’m putting this one out here to help rectify that in some small way. 285 more words

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SharePoint 2010: Get InfoPath Browser Enabled Forms To Work With Claims Aware Web Applications

In a recent upgrade from SharePoint 2007 to SP2010 we went from having a Web Application that used Classic Authentication to now using Claims Authentication (Claims Aware) in preparation for ADFS Federation in the future.  882 more words

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Pass query string to an InfoPath form

There is a infoPath form on a page (URL: “http://www.yoursharepoint.com/xxxx/xxxx.aspx?viewing=1”). We want to pass the value of “viewing” to the infoPath form.

  1. Create a new column “viewing” in the list;
  2. 62 more words
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How did I miss "Enable enhanced rich text content such as tables, images, and hyperlinks"?

I have a customer testing a new custom list that tracks policy and procedure reviews. The form has been altered using the Customize Form button that opens up InfoPath (yes, I love InfoPath!). 254 more words

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Multi-line text fields, character count limits, and scrolling... that was unexpected.

So I got this request to make a multi-line text field scroll in one of my forms. That sounded easy enough. But there seems to be a problem when you also have a line-character length set. 124 more words

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A list change doesn't always trigger an InfoPath customized form refresh...

This was a strange one learned today under a bit of pressure (and a crazy idea that I thought of on my very own!)

I have a list in test that I’m keeping separate from the production list due to a ton of significant modifications that have changed/rechanged/scope-creeped over the last three months. 472 more words

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