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Are You Happy Yet?

The pursuit of happiness. Everyone is searching for it whoever you are rich, poor, famous or regular person it’s something that everyone wants. True happiness  236 more words


Number of PR Firms In Midwest

As a Public Relations major, I found that if I am looking for the best place to find a firm to work for, my best option is to go to Illinois (out of the Midwest States). 22 more words

Infographics And Polls

President Obama At Sandy Hook Prayer Vigil WordCloud


December 16 of 2012, President Obama gives a speech on the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School

I found that this was an important topic to choose for a Word Cloud because I felt that this speech Obama gave really shook the entire nation with the damage that was done to many families. 57 more words


Info-graphic History Timeline

During my Cultural studies class, me and my class mates were assigned to come up with an infographic design for history timelines. The timelines were divided among us and each of us took seemingly equal shares to research and add on the inforgraphic. 313 more words

Infographic: UL/NEMA Types for Enclosures

When an enclosure is configured with various components, it is essential to consider where the enclosure will be placed and how harsh the environment is so that it can properly protect the inside components from foreign substances.  79 more words


Course 3: Final Project

When the course options for the final project came out I knew what I was going to do straight away. But then I noticed that it was not a GET option and so I was like, but hey a website is basically a multipage infographic and that can be made using a Google Tool so why can’t I do that? 715 more words



This week, we were asked to make two infographics highlighting different facts for our clients. When initially asked to do this assignment, I was skeptical because I am not super creative when it comes to design. 120 more words

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