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Self Initiated: Infographic Creation

In our CATS module we’ve been looking at infographics as a tool for journalism. Therefore I felt it necessary to use one in my magazine to evidence that I’ve learned the skills. 146 more words


My first infographic

Being a bit technical this time :P . My all-time favorite topic – Business Intelligence. :)

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Business Intelligence

Why they were who they were and did what they did...

This project’s purpose was to learn about infographics and how they can be beneficial to a story or piece. I learned the difference between infographics for print, online and broadcast and how each is useful for the platform.  122 more words


Địa điểm phượt dọc miền đất nước

Việt Nam đẹp lắm Việt Nam ơi.

Nếu có một dịp nào đó, tôi muốn được đặt chân lên mảnh đất miền núi phía Bắc một lần trong đời, để có thể tận hưởng cảm giác lạc vào chân mây, tê cóng bàn tay khi băng qua những cung đường đầy sương… đặc biệt hơn cả, sau lưng tôi sẽ là người tôi hết mực yêu thương…

Hạnh phúc
Đời Sống - Xã Hội

The Complete Guide to Women's Fashion

I was approached recently to share this amazing infograph related on fashion and working out what is the right fashion for you and your size as well as personality. 397 more words

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12 signs you have a book addiction and why it matters #mondayblogs

There is a strange urge to turn into that scruffy looking shop… a calling that drags at your gut until you succumb.Dust and grime covers everything; there is nothing in there that you would touch without a hazmet suit and yet… there in the corner is a rusting metal basket full of foxed and battered paper. 246 more words