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27 Ways to Be A Reflective Practitioner [INFOGRAPHIC]

Reflection and reflexivity are two metacognitive processes that we constantly need to exercise in order to guarantee an effective and healthy professional and also emotional growth. 85 more words

February Thesis Infographics!

Hello all!

Lately, I’ve been having issues correctly conveying some facets of the project to the general public that may not be as well versed in some of the technical concepts of the project. 42 more words

Stay Healthy at Your Desk With These Quick and Easy Stretches

It’s the first of the new year…kinda.  So everyone made resolutions to stay healthy.  OR maybe our doctors made that resolution for us.

In any case, being an educator may or may not allow you time to stay healthy.   46 more words


Understand What Makes Your Hard Drive Tick

If you are like me, then at least once in your life your hard drive has gone nuts.  Or worse, it has flat died.  The link below is not the be all end all of hard drive knowledge, but it will give you a little more insight into the workings of  your hard drive. 40 more words


How to guarantee the best resource for your Analytics projects in 2015

A continuing increase in Analytics and Big Data projects is predicted for 2015, with these niche skill sets at a premium and in high demand what are you doing to engage the best people first? 88 more words

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Bad Foods and Some Healthy Alternatives - Infographic

Here are some tips from your local family dentist, Dr. Rita Medwid in the form of an infographic. Stay away from the bad foods and try to stick to these healthy alternatives!

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