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Type A, Type B, and resolutions

There are mainly two different personality types, according to one theory, – Type A and Type B.

Type A: competitive, ambitious, impatient/ time-urgent, aggressive, fast talking. 733 more words


2016 reading

It had been a novel reading experience for me in 2016. Steered off my usual choices. Didn’t participate in any book clubs. Read loads of non-fiction. 616 more words


What is the Panel Interface Connector?

By using a Panel Interface Connector to communicate with a PLC inside the cabinet, you can eliminate downtime and prevent the risk of Arc Flash & other safety concerns while saving significant time and money. 26 more words


Infographics: Seeing Information in a New Light

Let’s be honest. Data can be both dry and uninteresting. Text representations of data can also be complicated and difficult to understand.  In an attempt to make complex data easier to digest, teachers are using infographics as an effective means of delivery. 328 more words


Colours of Navratna!

As per ancient Indian Vedic beliefs, the ‘Navratnam’ is an amalgam of the nine most precious gemstones, renowned for their powers of spiritual healing. The mystical tradition of wearing the nine gems, linked to the nine planets is said to bring about great positive changes in all aspects of life. 592 more words



Hello my almond croissants,

Today I wanted to share with you some of the key pieces I like in the summer time. I generally tend to stick to maxi dresses and sandals, but also enjoy blazers/kimonos & jeans as well. 362 more words