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The Slippery Path of Misguided Expediency
By Charles E. McCracken

The Balfour Declaration’s bold expression of support for a Jewish homeland issued in 1917 by British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour on behalf of King George V and the government of Great Britain did not go unchallenged. 2,444 more words

Biblically Authentic

Eye Know: How do glasses work?

As many parents of newly diagnosed children do, we’re doing our best to educate ourselves on Ruby’s aniridia diagnosis. During this process, we stumble upon some very interesting resources. 276 more words

Rarest Ruby

Huge Bear Freezes In The Act When Cop Catches Him About To Spill The Garbage Cans

Bears are known to ignore most boundaries set before them and do their own thing. There are countless stories of the furry animals wandering onto people’s property and making themselves right at home. 20 more words


Self-objectified endings

i objectified myself
the moment i
touched myself.
i don’t need your
assumption when
i’ve made mine.


PHOTOS: Walk the Line, P: Inspiration

by Sara Zeidan

After two weeks straight of living on a boat I have finally touched solid ground! I could not help but naturally sway from side to side as I walked along the port of the… 835 more words


Tell 'Em

One of the worst things you can do as a learner is focus too much on learning. Weird, isn’t it? You want to learn, so you get good at learning. 245 more words

Improving English Fluency

To Tell or Not To Tell

Shortly after reaching a diagnosis, we began to struggle with whom to tell, or not tell, as well as how much or how little we should tell. 1,272 more words