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World War II : Japan War Crimes That We Wish It's Not Real

Berawal dari 25 Desember 1942, ketika Penerjemah bahasa milik tentara Amerika atau yang biasa disebut ATIS menemukan sebuah personal diary milik salah satu komandan perang Jepang yang berisi tentang bagaimana para tentara Jepang yang tengah kelaparan dan memutuskan untuk memakan daging tawanan perang mereka yang sudah mati. 625 more words


Wellness Wednesday: Top 5 Reasons You Should Try Cupping

This past week I indulged in some self-care and got some cupping done. This is something I have done from time to time when I felt like I needed… 446 more words


Withstanding Criticism

At my old church when J and I first seeked counsel as we entered our courtship, to put it mildly, they were more focused on splitting us a part then keeping us together. 477 more words


Bacteria Fighting Bacteria; How We Might Be Able To Beat Superbugs!

Superbugs; it’s a term that is commonly thrown around in the media but what are they and what makes them so ‘super’? Let’s go back a bit. 463 more words


Inform AU Podcast Ep 2!

In episode 2 of the Inform AU Podcast I’m joined by Zoe Rae and we talk about using CRISPR to modify peoples genes to put pack into them and how Bruce Banners pants don’t rip.


Pushing the Limit: Fukushima Fingerprint Isotope Found in Salmon from 2015

For the first time, the Fukushima fingerprint isotope, cesium-134 (134Cs; half-life ~ 2 years), has been detected at an extremely low level in a CanadianĀ salmon by the InFORM project. 1,206 more words


Husband Goes Behind Wifes Back To Get Tested, Beats Less Than 1% Chance To Be Kidney Donor

In the grand scheme of things, only very few aspects in life matter. My mother always tells me that as long as we have family and our health, everything else comes second. 24 more words