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My Dog's YouTube Channel!

I kind of just want to dedicate a post about our YouTube channel, because it only has 23 subscribers as of now. Here is a… 62 more words

Cruising the Pacific 2016: Reflection

by Saskia Kowallik

It’s been roughly a week since I have been back on land, and I have (almost) completely adjusted back to the swing of things at home. 740 more words


Cruising the Pacific 2016: Mid-cruise

by Saskia Kowallik

Checking in from what seems to be the middle of nowhere! Going out on deck is a surreal experience – nothing but grey swells and sky in all directions. 418 more words


Information Technology Forum For Safe Networks

VPN provides integrated access of data that is safe and secure. Latest computer technologies in the form of VPN have made it cheaper than expensive system of owned or leased lines that could be used by only one organization. 486 more words

Behaving right for all the wrong reasons.

There seems to be an ongoing dilemma faced by those of us working in behaviour change across environmental and social justice fields. It is a dilemma that I grapple with regularly. 833 more words


Freudian Paths to Happiness

Civilization and its Discontents: Chapter Two

Religions Role in Human Life and Happiness

Though Freud believes that all religions are based on man-made illusions, he does see one way in which religion serves as a consolation to human happiness. 809 more words


The "Oceanic" Feeling of Religion: Origins and Implications

Civilization and its Discontents: Chapter One

Freud believes that all religions are illusions. One argument in opposition to this Freudian view is that the origin of religion is a result of a purely subjective feeling that all is one; a feeling described as “oceanic” and “eternal”. 482 more words