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15 theories about why India is facing a cash crunch a year and a half after demonetisation

atms are again running dry in india. and theories claiming to explain why are doubling every day. out today, a quick report with my colleague rohan which seeks to separate plausible theories from the disingenuous (or just plain stupid) ones.


Untapped Market Intelligence in the Informal Economy

This article first appeared in my weekly column with the Business Daily on April 8, 2018

The role of the informal economy, or Micro and Small Enterprise (MSEs) in driving Kenya’s, indeed Africa’s, economy is increasingly being recognised. 529 more words


The Informal Economy as a Catalyst for Sustainability

Sustainability typically involves the balancing of three major factors: the economy, the environment, and some notion of equity. Though the economy is already a key aspect, the recognition of the informal economy, seems to be absent from the many possible permutations of these three. 101 more words

Urban Issues

The relationship between poverty and the informal economy

The number of people who are engaged in informal employment has been on a steady rise over the past decade, a phenomenon that is increasingly prevalent in developing and third world countries. 533 more words

How Counties can leverage Informal Business

Devolved governance units that were introduced in Kenya following the promulgation of the new constitution have localised the delivery of essential national government services as well as offered different parts of the country the autonomy to make specific decisions that impact the areas under their jurisdiction. 671 more words

Collecting Bad Debt in Latin America

Circumstances Affecting Collections Beyond Creditor’s Control

Collecting bad debt in Latin America often represents a challenge for foreign businesses.

There are several reasons to mention why businesses stop paying, which may be considered universal: bad economic circumstances, a company having liquidity issues, bad luck in business, mismanagement, and even bad intentions can be reasons causing bad debt anywhere one goes and does business. 630 more words

Debt Collection Latin America

Petty Capitalists, Cultural Pluralism and the Curious Case of Bolivia’s ‘Socialism’

A new form of petty capitalism is growing in the Plurinational State of Bolivia and it is having transformative effects on culture and race. Rampant urbanisation has caused the abandonment of rural histories and the swell of urban centres like La Paz and El Alto. 1,074 more words