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Barriers To Registration Of Informal Businesses

The informal sector, which is often referred to as the ‘underground economy’, is characterised by the existence of businesses which are not registered. This is mainly due to the inability of most governments to effectively monitor their activities and operations. 524 more words

What a city eats

There is a plan, it’s been said

One day, people will have more than just bread

And some processed, indescribable spread

The National Development Plan, I’m sure it read… 32 more words

Trump’s Blue Collar Base Wants More Jobs And An America Like The Past

As I have long predicted, the alt-right revolution has as much chance to come out of the Midwest as anywhere. Having watched the growing misplaced anger among blue-collared whites in Ohio and surrounding states, it is clear that we need to consider this area even after HRC wins. 502 more words


Factors affecting Productivity in the Informal Economy

Over the past ten years, the informal economy in Kenya has experienced tremendous growth in terms of the number of people engaged in it as a source of employment and livelihood. 509 more words

The link between the mobile economy and the informal economy

This article first appeared in my weekly column with the Business Daily on September 11, 2016

The growth in the use of mobile phones in Kenya and indeed Africa has created a mobile economy that is estimated to have generated 6.7 percent of GDP in Africa in 2015. 606 more words


15 photos of New Orleans street performers 

This slideshow of FQ buskers includes a few of the most known and constant performers over the last 35 years. For many of these photos, the scene is so recognizable to me that it is possible that my teenaged self was just off the side, sitting on the ground, taking it all in. 51 more words

New Orleans

Skill Aquisition among Youth in the Informal Economy

According to the World Bank, in terms of skills acquisition, apprenticeships have traditionally been the most important skills development system available to youth for the informal sector. 510 more words