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The Miseducation of Informal Sector Biashara

photo cred: @pesa_africa

photo cred: @pesa_africa

Biashara in Africa’s emerging economies – Nigeria and Kenya – are at loggerheads with the state.  An ever bulging young demographic  and a failure to absorb them into the formal economy has resulted in increased biashara.   558 more words


Giving Voice to the Informal Economy in Africa through Social Media

Are you doing research on the informal economy in sub-Saharan Africa or elsewhere? Are you concerned about the lack of representation of those in the informal economy in policy making that fundamentally affects people lives and livelihood? 65 more words

Cross-cultural Management

The evolution of Kenya's informal sector agency

Mobile money human agent were one of the key pillars of Mpesa and mobile money success.

Today, human agents in Kenya, and Nairobi have evolved to cater for an increasing number of services: cash in cash out, banking service, prepaid utility. 203 more words


This is how to get the informal economy into the tax net

This article first appeared in my weekly column with the Business Daily on June 19, 2016

The informal economy has been a theme of mine this year and since the budget speech, even more so. 690 more words


Big Boost for Kenya's Mobile Lenders

At a budget reading on Wednesday 8th June, Kenya’s Treasury Chief proposed adding more proxies in measuring the credit worthiness of individuals in Kenya. The Credit Reference Bureau, Kenya’s Central credit information sharing database, intends to incorporate rental payments records from landlords, utility payments – water and electricity – , mobile operator data, and Pay TV services. 291 more words


The importance of the informal economy in rural regeneration

This article first appeared in my weekly column with the Business Daily on June 5, 2016

The informal economy has emerged as a key theme for me this year as a development economist. 739 more words


Piles of cash

Spend 10 minutes inside any Peruvian bank branch and you’ll probably see several customers walk in or out with piles of cash and tellers everywhere counting 3″ stacks of bills. 351 more words

Life In Peru