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The Link Between Poverty and the Informal Economy

In a document titled “Reasonable goals for the reduction of poverty in Africa”, the Institute of Security Studies points out that Kenya has been ranked sixth among top 10 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa with large populations living in extreme poverty. 473 more words

Eradicating Nigeria’s Street Traders |by Olusegun Sotola

“In the current economic recession, it is odd that state governments would decide to cast people out of an innovation they have made to help themselves, and the economic prospects of their states, without offering them any alternative solutions in return.” …
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 Dear Councilmembers,

I wanted to give you my input once last time on STRs and thank you for your interest in hearing from everyone.

• I am in favor of limited owner-occupied or one listing STRs by on-site renters (with written approval of the owner) capped at 4 per calendar year for owner-occupied listings and 2 per year for one listings for on-site renters. 493 more words

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Healthcare of Informal Workers

Informal workers form a large percentage of the global working force. According to estimates by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), they total more than a billion in developing countries and 1.8 billion worldwide, or 60% of the world’s working population. 463 more words

The Importance of Gender in the Informal Economy

Women constitute an important category of both the labour force and the vulnerable groups in the Kenyan economy. In the recent past, the informal sector has become an increasingly important employer of the female labour force in the country. 535 more words