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The Dualism Conundrum

This article first appeared in my weekly column the Business Daily on August 17, 2015

Kenya, like many other African countries, has a dualism issue in the structure of its economy that informs the patterns of the economic development of the country. 796 more words


The Data Commodity: Fetish or Fiction?

Shoshana Zuboff’s ‘Big Other’ and ‘Surveillance Capitalism’ as Future Economic Models

Shoshana Zuboff’s recently published article on what she has termed Information Civilization is a compact and helpful analysis of the kind of internet economies that are emerging in the early twenty-first century. 2,594 more words

Multi-National Corporation

Postcapitalism and the State

Paul Mason‘s imminent book ‘Postcapitalism’ is plugged this weekend in the Guardian with an extended essay on the subject.  Accompanied by some excellent graphics, some of which I’ve reproduced here, the broad thesis is that capitalism as we know it is ending, and that we are moving into a ‘sharing economy’, but at its heart is a Marxist argument about information and power.   661 more words

Multi-National Corporation

Telephone con artists

“Congratulations you’ve won an Android device!” said the guy on the other end of my mobile whose name was Jack, “so long as I can confirm that the details you’ve given me in the recent competition you entered online are all correct” he continued. 907 more words

Everyday Life

Everything is fair in Love and Rupiah.

Lombok is the next big island east of Bali, less developed internally, more quiet and with a distinctively different atmosphere. Predominantly inhabited by Sasak people who are related to Balinese in language and race but not in religion. 470 more words

Modern Slavery needs Modern Laws

84 years ago Charlie Chaplin was at the height of his career, 84 years ago the very notion of a computer or instant coffee was pure science fiction. 126 more words


An Informal Economy

Traditionally, ‘informal economy’ referred to economic activity that is neither taxed nor regulated by a government. Even though the term may be rather unfamiliar, examples of informal economies practices are as familiar as babysitting or the drug trade. 669 more words

Adapting To Change