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Chaucer: Canterbury Tales

Informal essay and analysis of the Wife of Bath and the Franklin’s tale from the Canterbury Tales.

By Sophie Stephens

In the Wife of Bath’s tale, a knight forcibly takes a girl’s maidenhood and is sentenced to death, only to be saved by the queen if he were to correctly answer her question: what do women want most? 633 more words


Me & Writing

As for my younger years, when you say writing, it is just me writing down words into the paper. Putting them into the paper as I read them from the blackboard or copying them from the book that contains all the letters and numbers. 376 more words


Dark Girls and Moral Ambiguity

So, I recently finished reading The Bone Witch, and while it was far from a perfect novel, the…let’s say interesting route the protagonist’s story took crystalized some things I’ve been thinking about for a while with regards to YA novels, the kind of characters I like, and the kind of characters that get written. 964 more words