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Informal Essay with Ernest Buckler's "Penny in the Dust"

“Penny in the Dust” is about a farmer’s kid that plays “treasure hunting” with his precious penny in the dust until he lost it for real. 1,464 more words


At the gym 

I was doing chest this evening at Gold’s Twin Oaks, doing the usual flat and incline bench presses, flyes, triceps dips, and some other routines whose names escape me now, when a trainer approached me and asked why I haven’t joined a competition yet, perhaps referring to a bodybuilding competition. 375 more words


Breakfast before workout

As soon as I finished mopping the kitchen floor and the inside of the cabinet which had gotten flooded by water coming from the main pipe, I went downstairs to ask the personnel at the lobby to call a plumber to fix the leaking pipe. 246 more words


On the virtue of nonparticipation

Three months back, before a friend of mine left for China, the two of us had a light talk like we always had been doing after we finished a day’s worth of work. 373 more words