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Informal Essay with Ernest Buckler's "Penny in the Dust"

“Penny in the Dust” is about a farmer’s kid that plays “treasure hunting” with his precious penny in the dust until he lost it for real. 1,464 more words


At the gym 

I was doing chest this evening at Gold’s Twin Oaks, doing the usual flat and incline bench presses, flyes, triceps dips, and some other routines whose names escape me now, when a trainer approached me and asked why I haven’t joined a competition yet, perhaps referring to a bodybuilding competition. 375 more words


Breakfast before workout

As soon as I finished mopping the kitchen floor and the inside of the cabinet which had gotten flooded by water coming from the main pipe, I went downstairs to ask the personnel at the lobby to call a plumber to fix the leaking pipe. 246 more words


Unmasking Liberalism: History calls it Anti-democracy

The deceptiveness of liberalism, in terms of its claimed history versus its actual history.

Here in the settler postcolony of North America, we are far from liberalism as the… 1,707 more words


1971 in July 2016: Islamism, Neoliberalism, Environmental Colonialism

July of 2016 was a dire month for Bangladesh. First, a terrorist attack in Dhaka. Second, the official signing of the Rampal coal-fired power plant, an Indian-Bangladeshi venture which is set to demolish the natural Sundarbans region of coastal Bangladesh. 2,846 more words


The Burdens of Western Motherhood: Mental Health, Capitalism, Colonialism

What are the nuanced and intersecting burdens unique to motherhood in the West? As a male without children who surely cannot speak for the experiences of women (let alone mothers), I doubt that I am entitled to drive this subject. 2,979 more words


On the virtue of nonparticipation

Three months back, before a friend of mine left for China, the two of us had a light talk like we always had been doing after we finished a day’s worth of work. 373 more words