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Using social and informal learning to meet the five moments of learning need

As I’ve been talking to fellow L&D professionals about their thoughts around social and informal learning – specifically about how they plan on formally integrating these approaches into their learning strategies – it’s been clear to me that there is much excitement about the potential of these methodologies to significantly increase L&D’s capability to support the business. 1,173 more words


Using Executive Book Summaries

Executive book summaries have been around for some time now and – thinking about it – were probably one of the first learning resources in the genre that we now call micro-learning.  1,448 more words

Mobile Learning

Intimidating: Opting In

Personal finance is intimidating for many people. While we all love to seek out media which is scary, from movies, books, TV, to live theater and other works of art, those are things we generally… 384 more words

Be Prepared

Informal Learning Opportunities

At Eastside FC, we value the lifelong development of our players as we continue to work towards our vision in developing what we call “Self-Learners” and “Independent Thinking-Soccer Players”. 273 more words

Arrival Activities

How do the public really feel about science and research?

The Wellcome Trust Monitor provides a unique insight into how the public understands and views medical research. Through interviews with a sample of the UK population every three years since 2009, the Monitor enables the medical and scientific community to understand themes such as public trust in medical information, participation in medical research and levels of knowledge and understanding. 594 more words


How do we value informal science experiences?

Learning can happen anywhere and at any time. Science Learning+ is an international initiative that aims to understand the power of informal learning experiences inside and outside of school. 639 more words


Social Learning

I’ve been reading The Social Life of Information. Published in 2000, it is a kick to read a book that talks of search engines without mentioning Google, or that refers to Amazon as a book store. 310 more words

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