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Curious or Ignorant: The choice we have

I have been and remain a big believer in curiosity. A curious mind prepares us to be open to new ideas, assimilate and synthesize those ideas with our own thinking and operations, and lays the foundation for those serendipitous moments that unexpectedly reveal themselves. 345 more words

Social Learning

Today I was asked, is online learning situated, in what context and how can it be supported? I am not quite sure how to respond to this question; my first mind says yes, but for some reason, I want to say no. 329 more words

Case Study: Sociotechnical system in education

Definition of key terms

  • Sociotechnical Systems: the interplay, impact, and mutual influence when technology is introduced into a social system, i.e. workplace, school, home, etc. (com, n.d.; Sociotechnical theory, n.d.) The social system comprises people at all levels of knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and needs (Sociotechnical theory, n.d.).
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Futuring And Innovation

Personal Reflection Jan-18

January has been a busy month. Thankfully I have now returned to my role as Digital Learning Designer and can fully focus on this role. I have been assigned to a regional e-learning  programme and am updating content for an existing package which also needs to be adapting for use on mobile devices. 804 more words

Learning & Development

Formal Learning vs Informal Learning

The best forms of learning are unconventional. The classroom is a great place to foster traditional learning, but learning through world exploration is amazing. In my work, I try to fuse traditional and experiential learning by applying learned ideas from the classroom into assignments that are multi-functional with purpose. 120 more words

My Reading Identity

I believe I might drive people around me crazy with my talk of books.  I am always collecting books, reading books, talking about books and sharing books.  863 more words

Informal Learning in Organisations

During the Christmas break I read Robin Hoyle’s Informal Learning in Organizations. Informal and social learning has taken place since the dawn of time. Humans naturally learn informally, as Robin explains, our prehistoric ancestors didn’t learn how to hunt and gather in a classroom, they watched what others did. 503 more words

Learning & Development