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Balanced Approach

In order to be the most fulfilled in all areas of your life, I’ve found that a balanced approach is the most successful. Emm Group, a very successful Marketing Consulting Firm, said it best when they said, “We believe that successful work-life balance results in improved job satisfaction and self-esteem, leading directly to increased productivity…” In addition, they added, “A stressed and over-worked employee is likely to make bad decisions.” 7 more words

Informal Learning

How Fast Can They Learn?

I’ve been part of a complex change initiative for the past 18 months or so, at a large legacy organization that is struggling to catch up to the realities of doing business in this century. 546 more words

Social Learning

It's Been a Long Day - #BLOG365 Day 269 @TOPTeachGermany #TOPStudyTour

It’s been a long day. But, I got a ton accomplished. Now that I finally have a moment to sit at the end of the day, I am reminiscing about my first evening in Germany and our TOP Study Tour visit to… 181 more words


Museum Monday: The Power of Objects to Tell Stories - #BLOG365 Day 267 #TOPStudyTour @TOPTeachGermany

While at Neungamme Concentration Camp we heard an amazing story of the power of an object to tie individuals together and transcend cultures. One object held a narrative of the bravery in a time of incredible horror. 385 more words


Do You Know What a Trabi Is? - #BLOG365 Day 266 #TOPStudyTour @TOPTeachGermany

On day one of our Transatlantic Outreach Program #TOPStudyTour we were hit with the Trabi during a visit to the Point Alpha Memorial. I have to admit, I didn’t know the Trabi by name when I first saw it. 318 more words