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It’s Our Move: All learning is akin to chess learning

Chess is a game of constant striving, where even the greatest mastery is put to the test in search of constant improvement. Shouldn’t workplace learning be the same? 678 more words

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I have an Idea: Now what?

The older I become and experience I gain, the more interesting ideas I find and (sometimes) generate. Some are silly, some (I think) are quite insightful, and other need time to marinate in the juices of other ideas and experience to even make sense. 428 more words

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Riding the Digital Stream

Proud to be part of the Learning Solutions Magazine community! See my article, just published there today: Riding the Digital Stream: Integrating Modern Learning Practice into Formal Programs

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Formal learning empowers the teacher. Informal Learning empowers the student.

Any of my good colleagues and friends who are doing research into college students and social/digital technology will tell you that the distinction between formal and informal learning is an important one… 773 more words

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Eat the cookie dough! Half-baked ideas are welcome.

My friend David and I took an epic road trip many years ago, the kind that can only be made by the young and foolish: Chicago to New York to surprise a friend. 496 more words

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Laurillard (2012) - What students bring to learning (summary)

In chapter 3 of her book “Teaching as a Design Science (2012) Laurillard affirms the importance of – but more to the point the difficulty – for teachers to assist students “construct the bridge between what they bring to their studies and where those studies are taking them.” (p.27) This involves understanding who students are, with a mix bag of individual characteristics to be tapped into in order to possibly shift  (mis)conceptions of knowledge and learning from surface (rote learning) to deep approach learning outcomes. 124 more words

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The city that inspires

Once again, it’s this city. One of the most motivating. The most challenging. Once again, it’s Brussels.

Maybe it’s just me who finds this city so inspiring. 388 more words