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Invisible worlds

So the Amsterdam adventure continued over the weekend, my hosts introduced me to the idea of a burendag – neighbours day – which in this case asked local families to help with the upkeep of a local playground. 508 more words

Museum Monday: Jamestown Material Culture - #BLOG365 Day 26

I have the urge to start every one of my Museum Monday object posts with “This is one of my favorite objects.” Obviously, I have a lot of favorite objects! 603 more words


Unemployment Update: Day 0 - The Reason

“Never underestimate the redeeming power of saying ‘fuck this!’”. I have 5 primary mentors in my life and that nine word phrase is probably the most influential thing any one of them has shared with me. 780 more words


That Time Your Kid Started a Blog -#BLOG365 Day 24

My son has an empathetic heart and big ideas about social issues and environmental protection. Last night we took a long walk around our town and he went on and on and on about everything that was wrong in the world and his plan to fix it all as an adult. 317 more words


The Power of Passion - #BLOG365 Day 21

Passion Projects. Genius Hour. Flex Periods. Doesn’t matter what you call it. More than ever before students as young as kindergarten are exploring their passions or learning about the passions of others. 284 more words


A Joyful Discovery

I’m drinking a beer in Helsinki. It’s possibly one of the most expensive beers I’ve ever had. I’m deliberately not converting it into pounds for fear that I will run screaming into the night. 546 more words

Museum Monday: Owney the Dog - #BLOG365 Day 19

I have been smitten with this museum object since the day I laid eyes on it. What could you not love about a mascot dog? Especially one from the postal service? 254 more words