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Week 2: Putting your 'experts' in the spotlight

I’ll start with a little thank you to everyone who took the time to read my first post last week. I know at least a couple of you enjoyed it – and as my first foray into the world of blogging (aside from some c.1999 teenage angst on a poorly-built Homestead page – remember those?!) I’m really pleased with how it turned out. 963 more words

Weekly Update

The Blimage Challenge: Just use your blimagination

I’ve been watching the #blimage activities from the edge, but decided it was time to jump in and test the waters. I read Clark Quinn’s response to Jane Hart’s challenge last week… 388 more words

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A learner's strongest motivator is their identity

There’s been quite a bit of debate at work recently around gamification in learning. Specifically, is it good or bad, and should we be using it in some way to motivate learners to engage with our resources? 891 more words


Learning is the lifeblood, not the appendix

No one puts learning in the corner. Those days are gone.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, or familiar with the work of forward-thinking learning organization practitioners, social network evangelists and advocates of… 698 more words

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Training or Performance Support!

Recently in a discussion with some learning professionals, I was asked if there were any other alternatives to eLearning to enhance performance support. Apparently despite ample face-to-face and online trainings provided by their company, the staff wouldn’t perform as expected. 177 more words

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WOL concerns, blow-by-(glass)blow counters

I had the pleasure of being able to share some ideas and practices about Working Out Loud/Showing Your Work (WOL) the other day with a group of Pacific Northwest educators. 890 more words

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Informal learning improves the learning process

We, who work in formal education systems – teachers, faculty, administrators, and so on –  tend to have an overly serious view of learning. Sometimes we seem to think that formal learning experiences are the only… 607 more words

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