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Museum Monday: Protest Objects-#BLOG365 Day 135 #sschat

I still have protest on my mind after this weekend. I also participated in a #sschat this evening. It got my gears turning again around the idea of teaching protest, this time on the object-based learning wheel. 362 more words


Museum Monday: Bottle Digging and Using Collections in the Classroom #sschat #museumed-#BLOG365 Day 130

This weekend I finally decided on a place for my grandmother’s bottle collection. For two years the bottles have been packed away and I have been waiting to finish remodeling or find the perfect piece of furniture to display them (having my 3 cats in the back of my mind too!). 926 more words


#whereissasha Our Exam Crazed System - #BLOG365 Day 124

No surprise I am anti-exams. Exams don’t give us a clear picture of student understanding. They don’t prepare students for 21st century careers. They cause anxiety for our students. 409 more words


Museum Monday: Salesman Samples- #BLOG365 Day 122 #sschat #objectbasedlearning

One of my favorite units at the museum school was a unit called “Everything Changes.” The interdisciplinary unit covered changes over time. During this unit we often had the students create object timelines: a telephone through time, children’s games over time, etc. 322 more words


Building your corporate Digital Education Experiences

eLearning, computer-based training (CBT), web-based training (WBT), technology-enabled learning (TBL), virtual learning environment (VLE), computer managed instructions (CMI), and many such acronyms attribute to learning or education delivered by a technology medium. 500 more words


Museum Monday: Ephemera in the Classroom -#BLOG365 Day 117 #sschat #objectbasedlearning

I have been on an ephemera kick lately. I guess that happens when you are a teacher at heart and always on the lookout for teaching tools. 363 more words