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Extreme Measures

The movie extreme measures taught me that computers are important when it comes into the medical field. As to what I have observed in the movie, computers are not much being use in discovering disease, in researching about certain medicines. 263 more words




Crash Dieting
Cycling back and forth between the same five to 10 pounds probably won’t make a dent in your set. 139 more words

Digital bee brained drones cause a buzz...

A University of Sussex project to create drones controlled by a bee’s brain was presented in Brighton on Saturday 7 May to enthusiasts celebrating International Drone Day. 302 more words

University Of Sussex

The Nursing Curriculum in the Information Age

We have to admit that technology are a great help in improving the lecturers in giving class discussion. it helps nursing students to be more active in classes and it is a big help in developing their skills that they will be using in the future. 163 more words


A multi-tiered health informatics curriculum in pharmacy

Over the last two years I have been fortunate to work with some real leaders in pharmacy informatics education. One of the most accomplished pioneers in this realm is Dr. 355 more words


How to Block Windows Telemetry

As you know Windows 10 has serious privacy issues.
You can disable most of the spying options in the Control Panel, but it does not mean you are fully protected, because on the background there is something called Telemetry. 70 more words


Consumer and Patient Use of Computers for Health

The People nowadays use the internet to search for information because its fast, easy to use and always available. they are able to discern the accuracy and reliability of the content by searching multiple sites and finding the commonality in the content. 333 more words