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'Legends of Tomorrow' adds J.R.R. Tolkien in finale

The Legends of Tomorrow are heading to Middle Earth — sort of.

EW can confirm that J.R.R. Tolkien — yes, that Tolkien, as in the author of… 259 more words




The ponytail is so last season! Yes Really!! Especially the ones that sit on top of the head. It’s terrible. Side ponytails only go with eating flaming hot cheetos and playing double dutch at recess. 51 more words

Problems and Promise of Medical Vocabularies

A few of my previous projects, have engendered for me a love-hate relationship with standardized medical vocabularies, particularly diagnosis codes. I was recently asked to provide some thoughts on diagnosis codes and how their input could be improved. 294 more words


What ELIZA taught us about conversation

Our old friend and 60’s darling, ELIZA, utters like a Rogerian psychotherapist. She asks about you, affirms things you have said, however finding out about her feelings is an elusive task. 675 more words

P.1 Assignment 1.2

Bellow you will find Assignment 1.2: Vectors Self Informatics. This assignment will be using as reference the Non-self portrait you made last lab session, make sure you have it handy in your computer as you will nee to take a look at it. 50 more words


Types of Data Scientists, Part 2

Last week I looked at the Harris et al. report Analyzing the Analyzers, which describes four types of data scientists: Data Businessperson, Data Creative, Data Developer and Data Researcher. 370 more words

Big Data Applications