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Beyond Bitcoin: Is Block-Chain the Key to Medicine's Future? Physician and technologist, Dr. William Gordon

Name: William J. Gordon, MD

Location: Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical College: Boston, MA.

Specialty: Clinical Informatics Fellow at Partners HealthCare, Hospitalist and Instructor in Medicine. 319 more words

RSNA 2017: PACS Reconstruction

“All the king’s horses and all the king’s men…”

Deconstructing a PACS into discrete, enterprise-scale components seems to be all the rage for many organizations. But, like many things in life, taking something apart is often far easier than putting the pieces back together (and getting something that works). 111 more words

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How to Download SAP Software with WGET Command

Possible Error:
# wget https://softwaredownloads.sap.com/file/002000000***
 --2017-11-13 10:24:06-- https://softwaredownloads.sap.com/file/002000000***
 Resolving softwaredownloads.sap.com (softwaredownloads.sap.com)...
 Connecting to softwaredownloads.sap.com (softwaredownloads.sap.com)||:443... connected.
 HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 401 Unauthorized
 Authorization failed. 29 more words

Controlled Vocabulary

Controlled Vocabulary sounds really strange out of context but actually makes a lot of sense when you know what it means. Controlled Vocabulary comes extremely in handy with MetaData and when doing research. 179 more words

Three fantasy novels that would make better TV than 'Lord of the Rings'

I will always love The Lord of the Rings. Way back in elementary school, it was the first real “big boy” book I read — clocking in at 500-some pages, … 1,072 more words