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how can touch be integrated into technology to express emotion?

With technology advancing daily, for many of us, our devices are well embedded in our everyday lives, yet the way we actually interact with them has not been fully explored. 230 more words

University Of Sussex

Embarking On Projects to Save Lives

Journal of Nursing Informatics Mavens    

Series 1 Issue 1    

From a Nursing Maven to My Fellow Nursing Mavens in the EMR Project:

It always gives me a great pleasure hearing the TV ad, … 636 more words


crypty: a versatile multiplatform encryption tool using CHACHA20 + KECCAK

I’ve developed in C a simple command line tool for encryption/decryption of files, which I have named crypty.

It uses CHACHA20 as algorithm for encryption/decryption and… 779 more words


Wikis as Information Resources

Having never contributed to a wiki before, I was anxious to jump in and learn all that I could about these nebulous creatures called wikis. However, after searching the abundant amount of information concerning wikis, I have discovered that there is one   recurring word used when discussing wikis: collaborative.   413 more words

Healthcare Driven by Open Source Software

This whitepaper was co-written by Source Code Control and Protecode. © 2015

From relieving people of repetitive tasks, to building everything around us that shapes our lifestyle, and on to transformation of volumes of data into new insights and perspectives, software has become the new feedstock for the human evolution.   1,713 more words

What does it take to be an informatician?

Informatics is the science of information. Informaticians identify, define, and solve information problems. Determining whether one drug is better than another drug at treating a certain type of breast cancer is a clinical research question. 644 more words

Realtime Clinical Expert Support

Medical Informatics View

Chapter 1 Statement of Inferential    Second Opinion

Realtime Clinical Expert Support

Gil David and Larry Bernstein have developed, in consultation with Prof. Ronald Coifman, in the Yale University Applied Mathematics Program, a software system that is the equivalent of an intelligent Electronic Health Records Dashboard that provides empirical medical reference and suggests quantitative diagnostics options. 3,486 more words

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