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Enterprise Architecture in Healthcare

The driving question for this week is: “In a multistakeholder, multicomponent health information system, how can you ensure that all the players are doing their part?” A  question that follows is: “What enterprise architecture frameworks are available and which one is the best for the health sector?” 1,317 more words


My 10' introduction to Python

Aim: To highlight the main keypoints in terms of:

  • Using classes and objects & constructor declaration
  • Method (a.k.a. function) declaration and calling
  • Data structures
  • Naming and syntax conventions…
  • 236 more words

IHE Integration Profile Development - Vote Now

What healthcare use cases do you want addressed? What are the biggest interoperability issues facing our community today?

Provide your input to the IHE integration development process by… 12 more words

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Pemrograman Web Dinamis 2: Array dan Session

Konsep dalam PHP sebenarnya mirip dengan pemrograman komputer lain, bahkan lebih mudah. Layaknya pemrograman C++ atau Java, array dalam PHP digunakan untuk memesan memory yang kemudian akan digunakan untuk menyimpan data. 408 more words


Surgeons could start using smart glasses after University of Sussex trial...

Surgeons could soon be using smart glasses to make notes during operations, after a promising first trial led by the University of Sussex. If further testing is successful, it could eventually end the practice of doctors hand-writing notes from memory once the patient has left the room; a practice that introduces an “unnecessary burden of potential error”, the researchers say. 326 more words


Pemrograman Web Dinamis 1 : Pengenalan Pemrograman PHP

Setelah di postingan sebelumnya telah dijelaskan bagaimana menginstall senjata perang untuk pemrograman web, sekarang mari kita bahas amunisi yang diperlukan untuk kita ‘perang’. PHP adalah salah satu ‘amunisi’ yang  sangat terkenal di ranah per-pemrograman web maupun mobile. 339 more words


Dealing with Multiple Terminology Domains in a Consolidated Enterprise

As the number of the PACS consolidation projects grow, I think it is important to explore some of the informatics concepts that need to be addressed to maximize the value of a consolidated PACS’ clinical functionality. 352 more words

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