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Information Digitization - a Paradigm Shift

There is a paradigm shift taking place in learning today. I have written before that there is a paradigm shift in education, but the status quo is¬†reinforcing the traditional trenches in a way that is unbelievable in today’s world. 464 more words

Thought and Power

In July, I wrote about learning thresholds, and how we could use technology to define and attain learning thresholds. I was reading Diane ¬†Halpern’s “ 456 more words

Information Abundance

Question base

The first requirement for the system I’ve been putting together as a thought experiment that would accredit memorisation (see my three previous posts for some background) would be an infinite set of well tagged questions. 366 more words


Using Social Media Tools for Assessments

Information abundance means that learners have unprecedented access to information.This coupled with what we know about student engagement in academic study means that we might want to rethink the way we approach assessments. 1,554 more words

Information Abundance

Learning Requirements

I think that there are two vital requirements in order for us to learn something: obtaining information, and understanding¬†information. Both elements are necessary. Something can’t be learned if new information is not available, and learning is not real if there is no understanding is not reached. 657 more words

Information Abundance

Lecturing (Again)

Some of this post is using recycled material from earlier posts: It has been re-written for a different audience, but I thought it was good for this audience as well. 770 more words


Self Regulated or Self Directed Learning: The new divide

In the past, we have had socioeconomics, the digital divide – and various other methods to divide the world between those who are likely to be highly successful and those who are not likely to be quite so successful, both in learning and in life. 474 more words

Information Abundance