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VOTW #8: Thoughts

In a world full of information and numerous ideologies, we need to be very careful with our thought processes.

There is a lot of false knowledge spreading as quick as a wildfire.  79 more words


flotsam and jetsam? or fixed points of light?

I have always loved the stars. Seeing the vast panoply of God’s handiwork strewn out over the heavens is inspirational, breathtaking, beautiful. When I take in the vistas of this earth – magnificent as they are – I can see at best a few measurable miles in any direction; but when I look up… I immediately take in vast planets, whole worlds, entire solar systems, galaxies, and more. 464 more words


I Have Been Tagged

Today is a big day, kids. Not because it’s Valentine’s Day, nor because it’s the digital release date for Doctor Strange.

No, this marks the first time that I realized that I was nominated for a tag  675 more words


Anagnorisis I: Hubris and The Information Age

“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” Jesus of Nazareth.

“–as clever and deceitful as he is powerful, who has directed his entire effort to misleading me.” Descartes in reference to his hypothetical ‘evil demon.’ 547 more words


Overhaul the education system.

It’s time.

Education should reflect the needs of Canada’s economy. We are no longer a manufacturing economy so we should no longer have this assembly line education system. 411 more words

Political Theory


The great irony of the Information Age: The more informed we think we are, the more misinformed we may have become.



On the playground yesterday there was a fierce display of sibling rivalry turned sibling on sibling on sibling crime. The details are not particularly important. The hitting, the chasing, the arm twisting, the throwing sand at “eyeball targets.” The look of horror on the faces of good-natured pacifist onlookers. 848 more words