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Self-taught Scholar Who Changed the World

Math is hard. Life is hard. Get over it.
– a favorite tee shirt

I follow mathematical principles pretty well for a non-math major, and particularly enjoyed one undergraduate class titled “Physics for Poets.” But I cannot imagine how someone could come up with a…

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The Seventh Sense

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Today, on the Business in You Daily, the discussion about success and the Information Age continues with another insight from Bishop Titus Akanabu in Owerri, Imo State. 499 more words

Daily Teaching

Talking about success in the Information Age

Good evening and welcome to today’s Business in You Daily! I chose to discuss the above topic after reading a compelling contribution from our sister, … 592 more words

Daily Teaching


QUICK  stats:

  • Current world population : approximately 7.441.000.000 and counting up or down(unfortunately) every millisecond (worldometers.info)
  • Number of people with Internet access, estimates for 2016: 40% ( if it counts for something this percentage was 1% in 1995)
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When the Internet makes us stupid - Part 1

Hello, Internet!

This tantrik got introduced to the internet in 1999 and got completely hooked into it in no time. Those were the days of 24Kbps screeching modems , hourly internet charges of INR 70 to 80 bucks and a connection speed that can be called ridiculous and impossible these days , all  topped by frequent disconnection that can put a modern day netizen go real crazy.Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator were the coolest browsers around, Altavista was the go-to search engine, and everyone signed up for a Hotmail email id.World looked good in dotcoms until a jolt shivered the industry, which today is remembered as the dotcom bubble of 2000. 1,322 more words


The other side of graduate-hood


I thank God for a new day, thank God for a beautiful night rest and renewed strength to face today.

Oh! It’s Monday again. A new week! 1,172 more words

Life And Living

THE INFORMATION AGE                   Part 1.

(How smart are you using your smart phone?)

Many of us claim to be 21st century youths. We even brag that we are now in computer age. 423 more words