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The #InformationAge is over; welcome to the #ExperienceAge by Mike Wadhera @mikewadhera

The experience stack

Twenty-five years after the introduction of the World Wide Web, the Information Age is coming to an end. Thanks to mobile screens and Internet everywhere, we’re now entering what I call the “Experience Age.” 122 more words

Social Media

Prison Break Time

The curious similarities between prisons and schools have recently been the subject of a number of Blog posts, including Rough Justice by All Change Please! 481 more words

General Rants And Raves

Information Age VS Experience Age (Discussion)

So, one of my ex-peers from the master (who is doing great visual work like this one) recently tweeted this article and I quite liked the topic and had some comments on which I will now use verbiage (which is sort of my thing XD) to discuss down below… 731 more words

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The Nebulous Nature of the Online Right

Yet again some smarmy bourgeois nonce in the U.S. cannot distinguish between nihilistic, edgy, imageboard-browsing millennials and Neo-Reactionary intellectuals. Why am I not surprised? Oxymorons such as this are to be found in their shoddy exposition: 1,440 more words


Experiments On My Children

In this blog, as week by week I have actually attempted to think through my conclusions, I kept coming down to the necessity of “critical thinking.” By this, of course, I meant a grasp of very basic logical principles and errors, but at the very front of one’s mind — tools for wading through a constant barrage of propaganda. 1,039 more words


Industrial/Growth Age vs Information/Eco Age

Industrial/Growth Age Characteristics

(discussed in detail later in the post)

  1. automation replaces manual labour
  2. time to travel continually decreases
  3. automation and culture spreads around the globe…
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Topic Four: The Digital Divide - Social Media Ethics

The past half-century of technological development have seen the adoption and use of technology like the Web, smartphones and more become common in our lives. They realise the dreams of a global information communication system that had previously only been bound to ideas and dreams in such concepts as Well’s ‘ 547 more words