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Parenting burnout: Is too much choice a bad thing?

Should I vaccinate my child? What on earth is baby led weaning? What is the optimum temperature for my child’s bedroom? Does breastfeeding increase intelligence, or is fed really best?

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Social media; making or breaking our youth? Part ONE... stay tuned

This will either be a series of posts, or one long one about the evil incarnate that is social media; and the facts of the matter. 443 more words


You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble (Psalm 32:7)


Photographs of darkened faces, devoid of distinguishing features, tonal nuances, or light to illuminate the eyes. 450 more words

Christian Devotional

Information Age

This is known as the Information Age; it has never been easier to obtain information as quickly as we can now. Although this is a prolific blessing for our endlessly curious minds, it is also a hidden curse. 132 more words

Digital Transformation - Just another thought

In the last couple of years, the fancy and sexy terminology the “Digital Transformation” has been used widely throughout most of the industries and become a trendy word. 897 more words

Software Engineering

Computers Invent Their Own Language

Artificial intelligence programs have developed their own language for talking with each other. Facebook wanted to see if their chatbots could negotiate in English. Evidently, they are reasonably good at it, even to the point of bringing up items purely as negotiating chips that they tend to give up to meet their other goal. 128 more words


Megyn Kelly, Kejriwal and Donald Trump in Information Age.

Seeking information in this era.

Information Age is the era we live in. Information gathering was never so fast. In 1966 when Star Trek , a ScFi TV show was launched the dream of information age was first envisaged. 678 more words