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From Age of Information to Age of Submission

We witnessed the revolution of human communication. We experienced the substantial growth of networking that was unseen in human history. But today… we are more of a crowd of audience rather than the networking creatures we meant to be. 642 more words

Acts, False Teachers, Making Christ Jesus The Center Of Our Lives

Today, I was sitting in my van that is my home, reading from the book of Acts.  I had made a commitment to God that if I lost everything, that, like the Apostles who had it so hard and had nothing, I would continue my quest to seek the Lord Jesus and give up everything I owned just to seek and know Him. 1,690 more words




Industrial policy is a rarely used phrase these days since the Information Age is rapidly supplanting how and where we manufacture, distribute, finance and otherwise provide goods and services to a global marketplace. 668 more words

too much information

I said yesterday, not for the first time, that I’m not writing as much as I used to. I still jot down notes on scraps of paper or in notebooks, but I don’t seem to sit over them and nag at them like I did. 296 more words

Writing And Writers

for better or for worse?

Older generations always gawk when they are confronted with the co-cultural differences following the generations for millennials (1987-1997) and the centennials (1997-2007).

“Kids in my day could never go to school dressed like that,” an Uber driver shared while dropping me off to campus, “not without their mama getting on them.” 256 more words

Social Matters

can the digital age save us?

In this enlightened era, the excuses for being ignorant draw thinner and thinner. After the Information Age, aka the Digital Age or New Media Age, technology has shifted the dynamics towards sustainability. 173 more words

Social Matters

The State of Perpetual Revolution

I’m cranky most of the time.

In spirit, I’m an 80 year old man stuck in a millennial’s body. So I don’t really have time in my life to pay attention to Demi Lovato. 1,116 more words