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The Inner Workings of the InterWeb

I, of course, know absolutely nothing about the inner workings of the interweb, but I thought it sounded like a good title for this post :) 419 more words

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yea, the link above? exactly what you think it is. go ahead – bask in it. build your own business while your at it. build your own app at appmachine.com. boy do I heart developers.

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Oh what a world, what a world we live in today. Everything is connected yet nothing is really bonded. We can access so much online through our phones, but our hearts seem to be the hardest things to get to. 632 more words


Large Scale Collaboration

What is Massive scale online collaboration?

Examples of Large scale online Collaboration:

– Wikipedia

– Capcha

Disruptive Technology And Tools

The World DOES Revolve Around You

“The world doesn’t revolve around you kid!” …

This self-centered phrase we often hear is not only discouraging but greatly inaccurate as well. Granted in the science of things the world revolves around the sun and has nothing to do with us humans… However, when someone directs this statement at you, they are essentially attempting to belay their authority over your destiny. 406 more words


Being, Thinking and Doing in the Post-Industrial Era

Here at Ed to Save the World, we push for a Post-Industrial Era framework to transform teaching and learning. But it’s not just about teaching and learning. 53 more words

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