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A Hopeful Millennial | Part 3

The issues we face as a city in Los Angeles: a slowly expanding but still struggling public transportation infrastructure, outdated zoning codes and the resulting excessively high rent prices and the embarrassing lack of affordable housing, the drought that has been plaguing the region for almost half a decade and our inability to make any real effort in addressing this problem… 938 more words


Reflection on the module

Some issues that have been discussed in my module that this blog was linked to – Workplace issues in Technical and Professional communication – made me think about the bigger impact technology has the Information Age we are now living in. 205 more words


Legacy, History, and God's Holy Word

Last night we were invited to a gathering of believers.  We broke bread together and spent so much time singing praise to God that my face and throat hurt.  469 more words



So this morning, I laid in my bed thinking about my experience in college, which caused me to rethink my entire education.  The reality is most of the stuff I learned in college, I have already forgotten.  614 more words


Ignorance is Bliss, Sometimes….

Literary societies pride themselves in the abundant availability of information. They privilege the ability to read and write, communicate and publish. Evidence of one’s name imprinted on a couple of publications, bestows a level of respect and titles, and a sit at several ‘high tables’ as a respectably important member of society. 757 more words

Boston Marathon

15 Ways To Survive In The Information Age

We are living in the best possible condition that human beings have ever lived in. The rapid advances in technology, the seemingly infinite amount of information available to all, and the innovative mindset of millions of people, have created an extraordinarily suitable environment for success. 666 more words