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Why is it Important to Understand Knowledge Society?

Knowledge societies are identified as societies based on the creation, dissemination and utilization of information and knowledge. It is a society with an economy in which knowledge is acquired, created, disseminated and applied to enhance economic and social development.
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Information And Communication

"Techie" si Ma'am at Sir!

"techie" a person who is very knowledgeable or enthusiastic about 
technology and especially high technology -Merriam Webster

For us to be able to pass our Preliminary Exam in ICT, our teacher, Sir Tibor gave us a research paper. 210 more words
Information And Communication

Technology: Blood in me.

I was thinking about how media affects people’s lives, how technology affects people’s lives, how am I being affected by technology. So how? Why am I being affected? 299 more words

Information And Communication

ICT and I




yep! I think that is the best term for that. It is "life".
we can't live without it
and I also think that it will be fun to study this subject
given that we are interested in technology. 6 more words
Information And Communication

ICT and I

Technologies is part of my daily life, it is around us. As I open my eyes in the morning my cellphone is the only thing I search for. 76 more words

You we’re anonymous at first hand

but knowing you deeply is as smooth as a strand

you we’re already there from the very start.

I just never realize until you and I once again collide.

Information And Communication