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Cecil and Cecile

You probably know who Cecil is, but have you any idea who Cecile is?  At this time of year, when Parliament is in the long summer recess and news is scarce the print-press struggle to publish real current affairs; resulting in the perennial silly season.   2,245 more words

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Information and Communication

Information and communication technology is a vital system in the functioning of any community or society.  Until relatively recently skills and knowledge were passed on from master to apprentice, teacher to pupil, and preacher to congregation by example and orally.   685 more words

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Metadata and what Australia’s data retention law means for you

You might have heard a lot of noise about the data retention scheme that today passed Federal Parliament in Australia. The Australian Government will now force phone and Internet companies to keep ‘metadata’ on their customers for 2 years and allow security agencies to access the records. 460 more words

New Information Technologies and the Philippine Regulatory Environment

The emergence of convergent information technologies (broadcasting, satellites and computers) in both wired and wireless formats; provide the opportunity for the people of developing countries to increase significantly their access and participation in communication and information services for development. 2,263 more words

Information And Communication

Safe Internet Tips from Mr. Scott Rowswell of Canada

The views below have been shared by Mr. Scott Rowswell of British Columbia, Canada. You can visit Mr. Scott’s LinkeIn Profile at this LINK

I think for the vast majority of users, the issues boil down to common sense: 391 more words

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