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The Microsoft Design Decisions That Caused this Mess

This guy made an imaginary horse and beat it do death.”Microsoft’s actions can be read as a sub rosa declaration of independence from the rule of law, a declaration that enlists all of us as its unwitting revolutionaries.” and he goes on and on and on.  100 more words


Microsoft, Ireland, and the Rest of the World

Even if the Court resolves the issues at play in U.S. v. Microsoft, the case raises broader legal and policy questions about power in cyberspace. 9 more words


Today's Technology: Wayfinding & Sound

The wayfinding system that responds to sound

Danish design studio Kontrapunkt and Nippon Design Center have created a digital wayfinding system for tech brand Goertek which responds to ambient sound

How to Fight Bias with Predictive Policing

Excellent piece. Not understating the validity of points 1 & 3 , #2 is crucial. Going off on a tangent but dear to this blog and the news these days, biased ground truth is a root cause of bad input causing good analytical processes to reach incorrect conclusions and a tool of mis/disinformation and deception: defining false frames of reference, ground truth, narratives and legitimizing through genuinely misled people and legitimately executed processes. 50 more words


Spy Chiefs Descend on Munich Confab in Record Numbers

Nice … how it is done. Bureaucracies then implement and for the not so up and coming fiercely independent ones there are other reunion anniversaries… 29 more words