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Developing a data governance strategy

In order for data to have any value, we have to ensure that it’s of good quality and standardised.

We also need to ensure that the data is secure, so that only… 1,064 more words

User Experience and Usability

I seem to be running into and responding to a number of articles posted on “interaction design” these days. This article, “User Experience: What is Usability… 121 more words

Information Architecture

Information Projection: Where Meet Information Architecture and Information Design

The new capability that we introduced into our flagship product helped me learn a lot about information architecture and information design. But, this post is about information projection. 39 more words

Context is king: Words are essential to interaction design

Content is king. Clarity is king. No, wait, CONTEXT is king. I had to laugh when I read yet another claim to the throne in writing clear content. 204 more words

Information Architecture

Building Solid Information Architecture

We had another UX session, this time with Lisa Min, Senior Experience Architect at Akendi. In this post I will go over the key points I took away from the session. 455 more words

Web Design

Location, location, location - SEO keywords

I recently wrote about SEO for writers and editors, which talked about where we should put our keywords in our content. However, the following image, which appears in “ 84 more words

Information Architecture

SharePoint Information Architecture 101: When to use Subsites vs. Lists/Libraries vs. Content Types

In SharePoint there are many ways to organize your content, whether it’s splitting up your documents across multiple sites or placing them all within a single document library with nested folders. 375 more words

Information Architecture