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SharePoint Adoption - Many Are Stuck In their Ways using Email and File Shares

According to AIIM, nearly two-thirds of SharePoint installations are somewhat stalled in their adoption and progress. 46% are not connected to other systems or repositories. What is holding things back, how they might be re-energized, and what strategy choices are likely with regard to governance, social, cloud, mobile and, of course, existing Enterprise Content Management systems. 158 more words


Welcome to my blog!

Hi, I’m Martin Harwar. I’m the Chief Information Architect at MetaTaxIA.

I’ve been working on a really powerful product call TermSet recently. It’s all about metadata, taxonomies, and information architecture in SharePoint and Office 365. 91 more words

Information Architecture

Information Architecture Techniques and Best Practices

Written by: Christopher Furton

Original post here: http://christopher.killerpenguin.net/blog/information-architecture-techniques-and-best-practices


Developing information structures, such as websites or systems, involves a complex set of processes with the goal of making information usable, findable, and organized. 3,128 more words

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Accessibility Project Course Conversion Timeline

Our Office is currently working to conduct full accessibility analysis of existing online courses and help with the conversion to make them fully accessible. I designed this timeline of how the work is planned to happen over the next few years.

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New Product Launch: IDB Project Mapping

As we wrapped up the redesign of the IDB website, the team reached out to see if Analogous could assist with a redesign of their mapping tool, … 493 more words

Data Driven Design - What and How to.

Data & Design. Left brain or right? Confusing isn’t it? It shouldn’t be. Since the beginning of the digital revolution data has driven design decisions for every digital designer out there. 773 more words

Data Driven Design