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On the Silliness of Being Relevant, Improving the Quality of Your Knowledge, & Being Safely Ignorant

This blog posts deals with my long-winded rant against the machine: How you can get a better quality of knowledge, How the past can be used to predict the future (sometimes), How too much information messes with our emotions, The need to distinguish between urgent and important, Using timeliness and timelessness to filter out the noise, and Why you can safely be ignorant about many things.  1,576 more words

Information Consumption

BYOD - and information consumption!

“BYOD is a universal requirement for all consumers of information – anywhere (not only the office). Today we consume information at every given moment of our daily life at any location and situation – from dusk to dawn.” 787 more words

Information consumption in an information age

We live in an information age. We are consumers of it. The impact of good knowledge consumption is something championed by humans: we can alter our behavior and our environment (hopefully) for the better. 736 more words

Analytical Lenses

You are what you read

By Matthew Cowan, LSU

Never before have we had greater access to information.  Information produced in the last 30 years is said to be greater than the amount produced in the previous 5,000. 730 more words


Information is Food - TED Talk.

Following TED talks is a great way to be exposed to creative thinking and ideas, and another “gift” in a Librarian’s PLN.
Signing up and having them delivered to your inbox is just brilliant. 47 more words