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Information Diet

While I have a distaste for new year celebrations, I see a lot of value in a periodic review of certain habits. One habit that needs to be reviewed a lot is what I call my information diet. 284 more words


The Information Diet: What have I been consuming?

I recently finished James Paul Gee’s book, The Anti-Education Era: Creating Smarter Students through Digital Learning, which focused partially on networked affinity spaces. Gee says “affinity spaces, at their best, are key examples of synchronized intelligence…multiple tools, different types of people, and diverse skill sets are networked in ways that make everyone smarter and make the space itself a form of emergent intelligence” (p. 618 more words


Revising My Infodiet: Taking a look at something new

Listening to Eli Pariser speak last week gave me chills. I never had any idea how much the information I am exposed to is filtered. It never occurred to me that… 625 more words

Affinity Spaces

Are You Gonna Eat That?

Unsurprisingly, most people today are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available at their fingertips. Millions of Google results, thousands of database hits…how do you take it all in? 259 more words


CEP 812 - Information Diets

This week in CEP 812 we finished reading James Paul Gee’s The Anti-Education Era and discussed what he called “affinity spaces” (Gee, 2013, p.174)  and how they are important to creating “synchronized intelligence” (Gee, 2013, p.174). 1,017 more words


The Weekender: 26 April

It’s been one interesting week. I attempted to vintage DIY one of my tees this week and it is literally the most frustrating process in the world. 189 more words


a ramble to break the seal

I met with a blogger/author friend today. Within the last year, she’s become relatively famous due to her blog and subsequent book, selling ten thousand copies within just a few short months of publishing. 809 more words