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3 Lessons From Rob and Chyna [Original Post: M-Blog]

Original Post: The Message Movement 

Unless you avoid all forms of social media, the recent Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna drama was hard to miss. Rob took to Instagram (and then Twitter) to post nude photos of Chyna. 1,230 more words


Drawing the line, and stepping right over it - Bachelor In Paradise Canceled.

The jury is out on the specifics of what went down in Paradise this summer. Reports indicate the show’s shutdown was the result of two contestants, DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios, extremely intoxicated (yet producer driven) engaging in an explicit sexual encounter in the pool. 612 more words


10 Ted Talks That Inspire Passion for Storytelling

I am a true believer in the power of storytelling to connect us. Listening to the story of another, allows us find commonality where we may otherwise see division. 118 more words


Media remains important

We have a general understanding and knowledge that media effects our lives. Getting that itch when you haven’t checked your phone in a few minutes gives you a good clue as to how much. 280 more words


red apple recommendation is sweet and cruchy!

cos of my boy, my diet has change on certain way , more fruits in our meals. hehe. and i start to buy different countries and brands of apple. 31 more words


High Cholesterol ??? What can we do to improve or minimise it?

High Cholesterol are something that we did not even notice from health alert or body signal unless we went for a blood test. I would said it is a silent killer as it creep in silently and when exploded it would cause a bad impact on health , such as heart problem, stroke etc… 155 more words

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[-$90,989] The Information Diet: Being Mindful of the Information We Consume

Are you suffering from information overload?
Is the news / media making you depressed, agitated, or angry?
Do you feel mentally sluggish resulting in low productivity and drive? 832 more words

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