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Information Diet #002

This week went by quickly, but your morning will go by even quicker if you have a browse of this sweet reading material.

In case you missed it, I posted about… 75 more words


Information Diet #001

I read a lot online, as we all do. I thought it might be helpful to offer up a digest of some of the most interesting things I’d found over the last week. 168 more words


Accomplish your goals using your mind - Psycho Cybernetics

This might sound like bullshit, but what if I told you, that you can improve in almost all aspects in your life and accomplish many of your goals by just using your mind for maximum 30 minutes every day? 505 more words


My Information Diet

By Dru Macasieb

Originally Written: February 3rd, 2018

This year, especially this year, I am taking EXTREME ownership of my professional development in a multitude of ways.  253 more words

Dru Macasieb

Break free from Information Addiction

It is a cliché, the 24/7 information, facebook, twitter, online newspapers.

I have many times caught myself checking a specific website or social network recurrently after only a few minutes of having visited that site (and I still do). 249 more words


Inequity: In the Eye of the Storm

Original Post

Images and narratives from television to film inform audiences what to care about, impact how viewers understand themselves, and show whose stories matter. What we see on our screens shapes our social identities. 1,347 more words


Screen time vs. real life

You’re hanging out with your best friend when they tell you they’re moving across the country. Clearly, you’re devastated because you will no longer be able to see them whenever you want. 1,011 more words