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Joint Venture Project Teams and Knowledge Management

The concept of knowledge management (KM) became formalized in the early 1990’s.  It captures an approach combining multiple disciplines to optimize the development, capture, sharing, and employing organizational knowledge.  565 more words

INSC 510 - Information Environment

3 Credit Hours

Generation, production, management, dissemination, and use of information. Roles of information in society, information seeking and user behavior, information industry, economics of information products and services, technological and organizational change, information professions, and issues. 13 more words

Information Management

Bloom's Taxonomy & Google-Proofing

A new semester has begun, and with that comes new challenges and new things to think about.

ETL501 focuses on the information environment in which we live, and how teacher-librarians can assist students in finding and understanding information in this environment. 259 more words



           Before tweets, there were telegrams. Or so Edward Sapir reminds me in Mass Communication and Social Thought. Sapir describes communication as absolutely essential so a society; communication processes define our social institutions, reinforce our cultural beliefs, and otherwise psychologically connect a society’s members (“tribe conciousness”) through 4 distinct categories. 471 more words

The Stages of Learning

The use of electronic resources, such as library databases, online encyclopedias, journals, and newspapers, are allowing people to become more self-sufficient in their pursuit of information. 346 more words


produce and share

The library or information environment must have an effect on the information sphere. Information that is created, distributed, retrieved and consumed only in the digital environment is not as impactful as information that derives from, or exists in a physical environment; nor is that type of information as conducive to social change, learning or public interaction. 330 more words


information overload

Just as critics in the early days of television predicted a desensitized public in reaction to disasters, the increase in social media and digital resources could be affecting the public in the same way. 168 more words