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New Home Fever is Upon Us!

The easiest way to get a brand new home for an affordable price is a mobile or modular home!  Unfortunately many towns have restrictions on where you can put them…  This Calais lot is not only on a dead end street next to a small park but allows for mobile homes! 147 more words

Great Day for a Dismantle 

Today we have begun the dismantling of a Columbia 1600 block machine that will be ultimately reconditioned. More updates to follow.

Information For Buyers

Big Lake Special

Typically places like this one will remain in one family for many generations due to it’s rarity and unique features…and that is just what has happened here.  337 more words

It pays for itself...and then some!

Does your business need a permanent home where you can customize and expand while alleviating your mortgage payment by renting out the two residential units and additional commercial unit.  151 more words

Make your dreams come true this year...

In this line of work I get to know folks from all walks of life that for one reason or another end up here to retire, relocate for work or seasonally reside, but it really comes down to more than that, typically when folks end up here, they are looking for a peaceful retreat, a quiet place to retire, a slower pace of life, lower cost of living…although we do not offer abundant shopping outlets, endless organized activities for children and high end eateries, we make up for it in other areas.  320 more words

Let's Talk About Your Goals.

Let’s Talk About Your Goals.
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Information For Buyers