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Are You REALLY Surprised?

C’mon people! Are you REALLY surprised that Facebook, and Google, and all of these other “social media” companies are collecting scads of data on you? Are you REALLY surprised that these companies exist solely for you to get together with your friends? 507 more words

MUST READ: What Google and Facebook know about you

An expert has investigated the data that two internet companies possess and warns others on extent of privacy intrusion.

29 Mar 2018 1,036 more words

How Far Is Too Far?

It was revealed earlier this week that Facebook, that mega-monolith of social media giants, has the ability to actually listen to you at home and at work to hear what you are discussing with your friends, your family, and your boss. 497 more words

Simple ARP sweep with libnet + tcpdump

I’ve written a simple C program to be used in conjunction with tcpdump to perform host discovery using ARP.

C code

Here’s the source code (I’m not responsible for the use you make of it): 157 more words


Housing not Warehousing

Mayor de Blasio has just signed several pieces of legislation, including Local Laws 29 and 30 of 2018, which comprise the Housing Not Warehousing Act. These bills involve taking stock of vacant land in the city. 208 more words

Housing Preservation And Development


60% of journalism is steeling yourself to talk to other people in a meaningful way when really your instinct is to run away and be alone.

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