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Open Security Framework: Hakabana

Haka is an open security framework which allows to apply security policies on live captured traffic. Haka API allows to define security rules and to specify network protocols and their underlying state machine. 63 more words


Info Gathering Tactics

You know when there is something going on in your grade and people don’t let you know and you wanna find out real bad. And sometimes you might actually have to ask the people involved in it, in order to find out. 243 more words


Kali Linux Day 3: Information Gathering tool: dnsenum

What is dnsenum?

dnsenum is a tool that helps you automate information gathering on a specific target using Domain Name System (DNS) queries (and some Google search results scraping). 581 more words


Kali Linux Day 2: Information Gathering tool: DMitry

What is DMitry?

DMitry or (Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool) is a tool found in Kali Linux that automates some of the commonly used methods in order to gather information about a specific host or target. 611 more words


Kali Linux Day 1: Information Gathering: acccheck tool

What is acccheck?

acccheck. An information gathering tool from Kali Linux.

acccheck is a tool written by Faiz which connects to hosts and tries to identify a legitimate combination of username and passwords using a username and password list or dictionary file. 498 more words


Review #1_Information Gathering with DNSenum

*Book Review,  Kali Linux Cookbook: Willie L. Pritchett, David De Smet (published 2013)

When I first saw the Kali Linux, I didn’t know much about penetration testing tools.  523 more words