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We need to let policy makers know why selling via 3rd parties isn't a VATMOSS solution.

This past week has seen some major Twitter and other online uproar over Patreon’s ‘not our problem’ stance on handling the new EU VAT for their users – buyers and sellers. 322 more words


Could the EU Commission be legally challenged for basing digital regulations in 2015 on 2006 research?

A point that’s been made time and again in general terms, is how vastly different the digital world now is, compared to the situation in 2006 when the new EU VAT on digital sales regime was first being discussed. 797 more words

Information Gathering

Should HMRC and HM Treasury be the ones explaining themselves in court?

Let’s have a look at the Tax Information and Impact Notes published in December 2013, signed off by David Gauke, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, specifically relating to this particular area of indirect tax. 674 more words


Social Engineering Seires: Part 1 - Information Gathering

Social Engineering: Information Gathering

Social Engineering has 6 main stages or techniques, each of these will be thoroughly explained in each paper. The first technique I will be explaining, is known as information gathering. 1,488 more words

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How long before the first court case over VATMOSS and the new digital EU VAT?

Is it going to be one of the tiny businesses and solo e-commerce traders in the UK who are desperately trying to find a compliant solution, only to discover the best currently on offer are semi-compliant? 851 more words


What the companies who *did* know digital EU VAT was coming thought, according to KPMG

This far we’ve been focusing on the dire consequences of the new EU digital VAT legislation for the small scale traders who were never consulted or considered by the EU Commission, HM Treasury, HMRC – and just about everyone else – primarily because they had no idea this particular commercial sector even existed. 240 more words


Information Gathering di Backtrack

Hari ini saya akan membahasa tentang Tools2 Backtrack, pertama dari Tools Information Gathering.

Tools ini berada di Applications -> Backtrack -> Information Gathering

BLUETOOTH HACKING… 352 more words