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Kali Linux Day 1: Information Gathering: acccheck tool

What is acccheck?

acccheck. An information gathering tool from Kali Linux.

acccheck is a tool written by Faiz which connects to hosts and tries to identify a legitimate combination of username and passwords using a username and password list or dictionary file. 498 more words


Finding Admin Pages isn't hard with Parsero

When I was starting out hacking websites I had hard time finding the administrator pages and I wasted so much time manually finding it by adding robots.txt on the web page. 80 more words

Information Gathering

How to Get Information When a Prospect Doesn’t Necessarily Want to Give it to You or Says They Can’t

A challenge that exists for many salespeople is how to ask for and get information when a prospect doesn’t necessarily want to give it to you or says they can’t. 637 more words


Nested virtualization using VMware hypervisors

Nested virtualization is the act of running a hypervisor nested within another hypervisor.

For example, it is possible to run a Nested VMware ESXi 6.0 hypervisor over a VMware Player 7 hypervisor: 222 more words



Nmap is a popular port scanning tool.It can also be used discover hosts, identify the Operating System,  Services running on the ports and lots of other thing. 398 more words

Penetration Testing

Information Gathering

Information Gathering is one of the initial and important steps of Penetration testing.We collect information of the host which we are going to test for vulnerabilities that can later be exploited. 195 more words

Penetration Testing