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Moving AIIM’s Certified Information Professional Forward

In December, the industry was faced with the prospect of a long needed certification being removed from the market. After the community protested that we need the CIP… 963 more words


Blockchain, what is it?

Would you like to buy a property with less interactions with your efficient, effective solicitor?

Well I cannot promise to make your next property transaction painless, much as I would like to…but I can tell you how Blockchain may help with the process in the future. 580 more words

Data Governance

SharePoint Records Management Revisited

A few years back, I wrote a post about how SharePoint by itself couldn’t do records management (RM) and that, even with any number of add ons available to help it do RM better, large organizations shouldn’t use SharePoint to do so. 713 more words


Ready for New EU Data Protection?

I recently did a Guest Blog for AccessData on the sweeping new changes to the European Union data protection regulations. An end to a patchwork of national laws, bigger fines, faster breach notice and the “right to be forgotten” are just a few of the many changes businesses selling in Europe will want to know about.  20 more words

It's Time for a Census of your Data

By: Satwik Hebbar, Lead Architect, IBM StoredIQ

Every 10 years, the U.S. national government goes into a frenzy recording details about every single resident in the… 613 more words

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Information Governance webinars from Nuix

Nuix has bundled together a set of video webinars designed to demystify information governance and, as Nuix puts it, to “move the discourse on IG from theory to action”. 91 more words


How to solve the privacy and confidentiality riddle

I once spoke with a horrified patient participation group.They had been on a tour of our practice and had witnessed just how many people could see the details of a clinical record. 744 more words