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If I say Information Governance you ignore it - if I say Cloud Data Governance you listen

An interesting chat with David Horrigan from the 451 Research Group confirmed what I had suspected for a while, that for most companies, large and small, Information Governance, as an IT initiative it still does not feature very highly on their agenda. 730 more words

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AIIM2015 - Quick Thoughts

This year the annual AIIM Conference was held in San Diego, California; way better than last year’s location which was really a few hotels sitting on reclaimed swamp land or something. 684 more words


What to consider when building a Hybrid Cloud Governance Strategy

There is no doubt Enterprise IT has changed forever over the last two to three years. Even companies who had a “not on cloud” strategy are being forced to re-assess given the economics / ROI that public cloud brings. 813 more words

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Avoid these 9 mistakes during an ECM project

How to implement an Electronic/Enterprise Content Management environment is as much about what not to do as it is about what to do in a project. 538 more words

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The Value Of Information

The speed at which information is created is astounding. Companies are unable to analyze this information as quickly as it’s created, and extracting value at a quick pace can be almost impossible.

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Profiles in Data Leadership

Each day we seem to be bombarded with more and more hype about the need for Proxy Leaders aka Chief Whatever Officers and other Fashion Statements such as Data Scientists. 419 more words

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What is a Trusted Content Management System?

Often when technology is involved, we think of a “system” as the hardware and software: as in a computer system. However, when the drafters of AIIM Recommended Practices -1 (section 5.3.3) and ISO 15801 used the term “Trusted System”, they had more in mind than just the technology driven definition. 322 more words