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Here's How Much Money Musicians Make Online In 2015

In 2010, Information is Beautiful posted an infographic breaking down just how many monthly streams a solo artist would need across various platforms to make the US monthly minimum wage – a staggering 4,053,110 on Spotify. 154 more words

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A billion here, a billion there: it adds up

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I have trouble visualizing any number that is too big to count.  As W. Edwards Deming once said, no number is meaningful except when compared with another number. 18 more words

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I’m going to kick off this week with my personal tribute to the¬†Lackluster Shark!!!

This is about as random as I get…

I still can’t stop laughing at how “lost” Mr. 324 more words

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Five most useful data "blogs"

For today’s class, I wanted to give my new students the web resources list I use on daily basis in order to keep myself informed on data ad big data news. 301 more words

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Data Visualisation Week 1: Represent I CAN

One of the first challenges we faced was defining data visualisation and we do so by looking for five identifiable characteristics. Characteristics that I remember by using the mnemonic… 379 more words


Art made of data from TED

In today’s round up of great TED content, they shared a new feature on art made with data. While not always the most practical of examples, the work featured shows the beauty that can emerge through different visualization techniques and serve as great inspiration. 36 more words

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Infographic: The World's Biggest Data Breaches (Information is Beautiful)


Happy New Year!

In late November, presumed North Korean hackers targeted Sony Pictures Entertainment in an unprecedented cyber attack. This resulted in the exposure of thousands of sensitive emails from… 113 more words