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Because Every Country Is A Winner – At Something!

The Olympics is a time when individuals who are at the very peak of their performances, get to compete against each other for more than a medal and a trophy. 362 more words


Data Journalism: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

David McCandless, a data journalist I’ve been following for years after I StumbledUpon his website, is a pro at visualizing information – facts, data, ideas, issues, statistics, questions – in graphical ways anyone can understand. 343 more words

Digital Communications

totally tuned-in infographic

Big British bands explored in highly clickable typographic map.

I would love to see an Aussie version synched like this! Have a play with this  318 more words


Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards seek 2017’s best ‘data detectives’

The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards return for their sixth year to celebrate the world’s best data visualizations, infographics, interactives and information art.

The Awards, founded as a collaboration between data journalist David McCandless, author of Information is Beautiful, and Kantar, highlight the role of infographics & data visualization in uncovering insights and increasing understanding in our complex, data-driven world. 365 more words


Bringing Data Science to the Masses

by Adi Gaskell

Big data is arguably the most important trend in business today, and the companies that manage to capitalize on their data gain a distinct competitive advantage over their peers. 719 more words

Big Data

Infographic: Mavericks & Heretics (Information is Beautiful)


David McCandless and the great folks at Information is Beautiful have created another great interactive infographic.

Their new interactive infographic, Mavericks & Heretics, visualizes the maverick scientists who heretical ideas were proven correct…eventually. 126 more words