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Lecture Pod 6 - The Beauty of Data Visualisation

*Image taken directly from the lecture.

The main point of the lecture is that Information is Beautiful. Data Visualisation helps us to hone in and focus only on the information that matters. 194 more words


Post 4: The Refugee Project – Mapping Global Displacement and Asylum

Molly Grover

A collaboration between social impact design agency Hyperakt and technologist Ekene IjeomaThe Refugee Project is a sophisticated interactive map of global refugee flows over the last 40 years (Information is Beautiful 2016). 919 more words

Asylum Seekers & Refugees

Week 4 - Why Graphs?

Alberto Cairo, The Functional Art, 2013
There are a great range of different ways which we could present data to achieve this goal. Designers sometimes chose the incorrect data due to aesthetics, fashion, a casing point would be the overuse of bubble charts (Circular bars). 1,527 more words

"Agencies won't have the same conscience as newsrooms when telling 'the truth' with data" says Caroline Beavon

Caroline Beavon defines herself as an information wrangler, visual journalist and infographics designer. She runs her own company  in Birmingham.

Below are some thoughts on data journalism and data visualisation after a conversation: 242 more words

Data Journalism

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Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me-eeeeeee, Happy Birthday to me.

The mailer is a year old.  Please send any cards or presents to 5 Forrest Hill. 483 more words

We Made Information Beautiful

Here are the final posters. I’m really proud of how they’ve come out! Looking forward to presenting tomorrow. They came back from the printers a little bit darker than expected but we still think they look cool, it’s just nit picking :P  If we were to do it again we would have brightened the photos a little though. 42 more words

Field Year 2


The following example from ” http://ivn.us/2012/06/02/startup-act-2-0-explained-infographic/ ” Has a lot of text and it mainly shows conclusions not necessary the data itself. Its quite hard to process the information at once due to the quantity on information displayed in text. 167 more words