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Bringing Data Science to the Masses

by Adi Gaskell

Big data is arguably the most important trend in business today, and the companies that manage to capitalize on their data gain a distinct competitive advantage over their peers. 719 more words

Data Analytics

Infographic: Mavericks & Heretics (Information is Beautiful)


David McCandless and the great folks at Information is Beautiful have created another great interactive infographic.

Their new interactive infographic, Mavericks & Heretics, visualizes the maverick scientists who heretical ideas were proven correct…eventually. 126 more words


Infographic: Codebases - Millions of Lines of Code

David McCandless and Information Is Beautiful just published their latest infographic, Codebases: Millions of Lines of Code. This infographic depicts the numbers of lines of codes involved in creating some of the most popular modern applications and programs. 29 more words


Infographic: 25 Expert Tips on How to Make Information Beautiful


Payman Taei, the Founder of Visme, sent me this great infographic he created.

Payman stated:

I really admire your work at https://datavizblog.com…

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What's your country best at?

There’s an interesting infographic on the Information is Beautiful site at the moment, focusing on what every country is best at.  There are some who’ll be pleased at what they find, others less so, particularly when you compare the updated version to the original created six years ago. 371 more words

Destination Information

Remind me

Who would bother to determine whether a fictional narrative is historically accurate? Well, I’ll tell you. There’s a site (with the wonderful title “Information is Beautiful”) that, among other things, purports to assess the “accuracy” of Hollywood films. 107 more words