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London Air Traffic Visualisation

More than 50% of the 2 million flights in UK airspace every year arrive or depart from one of the five airports in (and around) London.   66 more words



London was a great place to begin the trip because the culture shock was very minimal. With everything still in English, it just felt like a large city in the United States I had never been to. 1,590 more words

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David McCandless's Information Is Beautiful

Independent data journalist and information designer David McCandless says his passion is presenting information with a minimum of words.

His site is worth exploring for its adventurous ideas, and the beauty of some of the designs. 136 more words

Data Visualisation

The deal with streaming music

I recently saw an infographic which gave information on how many albums, online sales or streams an artist would need in order to make as much money as the minimum wage in the US. 390 more words

Jason Williams

Here's How Much Money Musicians Make Online In 2015

In 2010, Information is Beautiful posted an infographic breaking down just how many monthly streams a solo artist would need across various platforms to make the US monthly minimum wage – a staggering 4,053,110 on Spotify. 160 more words

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A billion here, a billion there: it adds up

Source: Information Is Beautiful

I have trouble visualizing any number that is too big to count.  As W. Edwards Deming once said, no number is meaningful except when compared with another number. 18 more words

The Passing Scene

Best of the Web

I’m going to kick off this week with my personal tribute to the Lackluster Shark!!!

This is about as random as I get…

I still can’t stop laughing at how “lost” Mr. 324 more words

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