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FSB'S Snowden War: Using The American NSA Against Itself

Well written article until the penultimate chapter. I approached this article with dread, the title indicated it would be very anti-American. I was pleasantly surprised the article is surprisingly neutral, perhaps balanced is a better description. 1,375 more words


Russian attack helicopters destroyed in Syria; US officials say 'accident' to blame

I’ve seen several reports that attribute a Syrian rebel attack as the cause of the helicopters being destroyed.

Russia, of course, denies these reports. Now US officials are saying an accident destroyed the helicopters and a supply depot. 374 more words


Russian Disinformation Review for 24 May 2016

Issue 27 –  24 May 2016

An emerging trend: EU sanctions against Russia

Russian media has shown growing interest this week in the forthcoming review of EU restrictive measures against Russia. 883 more words


Here Are The Companies That Won A Spot On $460M Cyber Command Deal

U.S. Cyber Command plans to outsource support for defensive and offensive maneuvers to a team of six contractors, including Booz Allen Hamilton, SAIC and CACI. 188 more words

Information Operations

Russia's Defense Ministry has caused attaché of the US Embassy because of the incident with the spy plane

Oh, God bless these people.  Russians are funny.

The Russian Ministry of Defense called in (summoned him) the US Defense Attache in Moscow to lodge a complaint for the actions of a US RC-135 flying an intelligence collection mission on May 22!   390 more words


The Craziest Black Market in Russia

Do I ever trust a Russian PhD again?

</end editorial>

It’s not for oil or guns. It’s for plagiarized dissertations. And every self-respecting doctor, lawyer, and politician in the country wants one. 3,419 more words