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DARPA releases BAA for offensive swarming technologies

February 17, 2017 |

Jordana Mishory

Inside the Army – February 20, 2017

The Pentagon’s advanced research arm is seeking industry’s input to develop an architecture to enhance offensive swarming tactics with an eye for how this could help in challenging urban environments, according to a new broad agency announcement. 362 more words

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Baghdad Ten Years Ago: 17 FEB 07

WEEK 14 – 17 Feb 07:

Say Something

The following is a true story.  The names were changed to protect the guilty.

Last September, Mike and Barbara dropped off their oldest daughter, Jan, at college near Houston some two hundred miles from home.  634 more words

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Sean Adl-Tabatabai on being in the eye of the 'fake news' storm

Full disclosure: I had a small number of UK reporters contact me regarding my blog: “Russian Proxy “News” Site Exposed: YourNewsWire“, asking for my opinion, doing research on Sean Adl-Tabatabai.   1,749 more words

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The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine

There’s a new automated propaganda machine driving global politics. How it works and what it will mean for the future of democracy.


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Time for an ‘information Manhattan Project’

Major General Lawlor brings up a good idea, an ‘information Manhattan Project’, but he only teases at the concept. 

We have only just begun to grasp the wide range and depth of the ideas we must not only recognize, but to perceive, determine response options, do the proper planning, coordinate and synchronize responses, and then adjust based on both quantitative and qualitative feedback. 904 more words

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Spotlight: Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications

Dear Mr. President,

Attention: the future National Security Advisor

For the past eight years, the position of Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications was not filled properly and was not executed, almost not at all. 670 more words

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Baghdad Ten Years Ago: 11 FEB 07

WEEK 13 – 11 Feb 07

Last Chance 

From half way around the world, most of the US pundits and politicians are saying this is the last chance.  352 more words

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