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RAND - Information Operations - The Imperative of Doctrine Harmonization and Measures of Effectiveness

RAND Study – Information Operations – The Imperative of Doctrine Harmonization and Measures of Effectiveness

by Arturo Munoz, Erin Dick

28 August 2015

Information Operations

MILNEWS.ca #UKR Update – 171717UTC August 2015


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The intense artillery duel in Mariupol worries me, as does the sabotage group arrested in Ukraine. Also, terrorists using tanks disguised as Ukrainian tanks is worrisome. Much of this could be to set up the "provocation" that Russia is looking for to invade Ukraine, that the rebels need to launch a full-out invasion and for Russia to stand in the court of world opinion and point a bony finger at Ukraine and, using an evocative voice, say "Ukraine did it." But, we all will know, Russia did it.

Russian Intelligence - Have they sent you a LinkedIn invitation?

This LinkedIn Blog post makes perfect sense.

Not only are the Russians putting out information in a wide variety of mass media, engaging in conversations as trolls, hosting events designed to persuade, and paying scholars to write pro-Russian articles, but they are also engaging in good old-fashioned spying. 4,475 more words

Information Operations

Fragments of Russian Buk- M1-2 missile body are identical to fragments from MH17 wreckage, - expert report

Body fragments of the Russian anti-aircraft missile Buk- M1-2 were identified during examination of the wreck from the crash scene. Similar fragments of missiles were extracted from the wings and body parts of the airliner. 158 more words

Information Operations