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Washington Post’s ‘Bandito’ Tool Optimizes Content For Clicks

System promotes version of a story with most popular headline, images

By Jack Marshall

Feb. 8, 2016 2:34 p.m. ET

The Washington Post is experimenting with technology to automatically optimize articles on its website for maximum readership. 608 more words

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Is Russia Provoking A Turkish Invasion Of Syria?

What appears to be a pre-fabricated Russian “news” report.

This has NOT hit the news yet. This was sent to me by a Ukrainian source, who received it from a Turkish Reserve officer. 137 more words

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Chinese students lack critical thinking ‘due to propaganda’

Sample size: 16.

The sample size gives me pause, but the conclusion would be earth-shaking, if true.

</end editorial>

Interviews with MA students in UK suggest that although few agree with Chinese government line, compulsory courses dull development of independent thought. 390 more words

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U.S. National Intelligence Director Says Russia Is Paranoid, Aggressive

In a surprisingly frank, honest and open article, The Moscow Times cites a number of internal problems in Russia.

This is the most honesty I have seen out of  968 more words


US to allocate funding for countries ‘most targeted by Russian aggression’

For the first time that I can remember, all four elements of national power are represented in a US national document.

DIME, Diplomacy, Information, Military and Economic, represents the four elements of national power as taught at the US Senior Service Schools.  169 more words

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Countering ISIS: One Year Later Report

Dear Colleagues,

Please find the enclosed report, “Countering ISIS: One Year Later”, which summarizes the conference on the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), or Da’ish, conducted at the National Defense University in December 2015. 85 more words

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Why Are Russian Engineers Working at an Islamic State-Controlled Gas Plant in Syria?

Russia is not bombing Daesh targets as much as it is fighting Assad rebels.

Russia also appears to be doing something called “war profiteering”.  Why isn’t Russia bombing this plant instead, taking away Daesh income? 1,048 more words