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This Should Go Well: Westboro Baptist Church Says It’s Going To Iraq To Protest ISIS

This has nothing to do with Information Operations, propaganda, or media disinformation.  I read the following article and somehow ‘feel’ it’s pertinent.

Oh, and humorous too. 722 more words

Information Operations

RT and Sputnik Propaganda

Sputnik and Russia Today are to journalism what Jeffery Dahmer was to “culinary arts.”

Just ’cause something looks like meat and is served on a plate, one still ought to inquire as to the source.


Countering Putin’s Information Weapons of War

ht to jp and kh for providing this.

Kremlin propaganda is far outstripping our ability to get the truth out. The U.S. needs a new approach. 891 more words


Russian TV journalist wounded after stepping on trip wire in Shirokine

Andrei Lunyov is a Russian TV reporter, he is dressed in Russian military gear and Russian camouflage, he is covering the Russian side of a Russian-initiated war that has killed over six thousand people in a country that, less than two years ago, was at peace….am I supposed to feel a lot of compassion for this guy being there? 120 more words

Information Operations

Security yearbook summary: Russian interference increasing

The KaPo (Internal Security Service) annual review is perhaps the most important security publication of the year in Estonia. Although, as is accustomed to security agencies, it offers few details, it does outline trends and offers an overview of the year’s most important security-related events. 895 more words

Information Operations