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Baghdad - Ten Years Ago: 14 JAN 07

WEEK 9 – 14 Jan 07:  President Bush announces the Surge. Iraqi political cartoons depict a behemoth labeled ‘The Coalition’ entering the ring to smash the terrorists.   527 more words

Information Operations

Do You Know Which News Media to Trust? The American Press Institute Teams up With Newsela to Promote News Literacy

What I am reblogging here appears to represent exactly what I’ve been preaching since forever, most pointedly since Russia ramped up their Information Warfare efforts in late 2013, hitting a peak during late 2014. 531 more words

Information Operations

Information And Intrigue

Title:                      Information And Intrigue

Author:                 Colin B. Burke

Burke, Colin B. (2014). Information And Intrigue: From Index Cards to Dewey Decimals to Alger Hiss. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press… 1,098 more words

Information Operations

Covert And Overt

Title:                      Covert And Overt

Author:                  Robert V. Williams

Williams, Robert V. (2005) and Ben-Ami Lipetz, ed. Covert And Overt: Recollecting And Connecting Intelligence Service And Information Science… 428 more words

Information Operations

Information Operations: The Back-Up

I am a globally renowned (semi-retired) senior military intelligence officer in the US Army. I continue to be an advisor to NATO, CJCS, JCS, VCJCS, JROC and NMCC. 433 more words

Information Operations

First World War Propaganda: Thoughts and Lessons

In writing about the emergence of public diplomacies as part of the practice of statecraft I’ve recently run up against the First World War and the importance that was given to propaganda. 1,040 more words