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Put Down the Marvel and DC, Kids: Russia Just Bought You a Patriotic Comic Book.

Russia will never miss an excuse to portray itself as a victim, push its agenda, and make the West appear as villains. Now Russia wants to do this using comic books as the medium. 431 more words


War Of Words Over Ukraine 'Combat' Photo

By Amos Chapple

August 25, 2016

It could be one of the greatest war photographs ever taken – or a fake.

A controversy is escalating in Ukraine over a photo that seems to capture the conflict with Russia-backed separatists in a single frame. 737 more words

Information Operations

A Human Rights Activist Uncovers A ‘Cyberweapon’ That Pilfers All The Data From Your iPhone

BY: DAN SEITZ 08.25.16

Ahmed Mansoor is a well-known and highly respected human rights activist, best known as one of the UAE Five and, as such, a highly intelligent man. 352 more words

Information Operations

Why Didn't Russia Ever Make It to the Moon?

A new video delves into the history of the Soviet space program and all the reasons it was never able to put a person on the moon. 504 more words


Russia to Conduct Military Drills Amid Ukraine Tensions

Russia has a history of invading neighboring countries and has already invaded Ukraine, not once but twice. Any pretense of these exercises being defensive in nature are completely nonsensical. 398 more words


Russia ramps up the propaganda machine

Influence operations take many forms. This is nice exposè of what appears to be a Russian influence operation focused on the US Congress.

All it takes is one Congressional staffer to get a hook in their mouth, and the operation may be successful.   871 more words


Electronic warfare in the South China Sea

24 Aug 2016

Brendan Thomas-Noone

‘An information technology-based war at sea is sudden, cruel and short…’ was how the Chinese military characterised a peer-to-peer naval conflict at sea in a public statement at the beginning of the month during PLAN naval exercises. 834 more words

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