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Blog post temporarily removed

Recently I was asked by the National Autistic Society to write a blog post about processing information. I completed the post last night and sent it off but was then told to send it to them on Word and delete it from my blog because they wanted new material to go on their blog rather than information copied off mine. 21 more words

Asperger's Syndrome

Tips to Cope with Information Overload

First of all, what do we mean by information overload? It is that feeling of falling down a dark hole when there is too much information to carry out a task. 259 more words

What to believe

Dutch people couldn’t have missed it. The new guidelines for good nutrition have been presented by De Gezondheidsraad. There has been much fuss about it since then. 163 more words


A Curmudgeon’s Viewpoint (November 13, 2015)

Yes, the world is truly getting more fucked by the minute.  The terrorist attacks in Paris have put the entire planet on edge.  Of course, the right-wingnuts here in the US are going to use it as an excuse to campaign for closing the borders of our country even more.  220 more words

E is for Extra

Ebooks, ejournals, eresources…what is this ‘e’ all about? You may know ‘e’ stands for electronic. 99% of the time that means something available on the internet. 238 more words

Are We Killing Communication with Technology?

Feeling nostalgic over 90s sitcoms, I think about the days when meeting people meant walking up to them in a public setting and striking up a conversation. 809 more words

3 Ways To Avoid Information Overload + Something Important To Remember

So as I mentioned in my post Information Overload, I was convicted about attempting to gain as much knowledge as I could without really dwelling on anything I was learning. 695 more words