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"But how can I know what is true when there is so much conflicting information?"

Sometimes it can feel like a breath of fresh air to stop looking for the answer, stop looking for the solution, stop asking others for their opinion and just withdraw your attention from the issue that have been bothering you and simply sooth yourself into feeling relief.

How To Allow

A Meeting

It was an invitation, beyond the hand and appearance of man, a meeting of the creative minds.

As I sat listening to values, vision, and history, my body found comfort, in the words shared, so much so that the wood desk that buffered our conversation, didn’t exist. 196 more words


Finding those quiet moments of escapism

I’m pleased to report that my take on Dry January continues to be successful; it’s now been just over two weeks.  I haven’t missed it, but I did however miss the announcement of a good friends’ daughter being born – luckily my wife fills me in from time to time on the meaningful. 322 more words


Nut Job

In this day and age there are many things that can pull us into many directions. We are bombarded with information. Yes? I think so. But no two people are alike so all this information somewhere- somehow serves a purpose. 729 more words


Information Overload.

Usually when I sign out of my Hotmail account, I spend a bit of time browsing the MSN homepage. Sometimes there are some interesting ideas out there, and I really tend to love the travel section so I can get some ideas of where to try to go next. 1,017 more words

TMI? Curb Your Anxiety With DIY Fact Checking

Information is everywhere and more and is coming at us constantly with dizzying speed. World events. Local happenings. Celebrity gossip. Real news. Fake news. Advertorials. Infomercials. 1,186 more words

Class is in Session

The BERNINA Ambassador Reunion in Chicago IL, December 2016

I recently spent a few cold days in Chicago, very COLD days, uniting with BERNINA Ambassadors.  The time in this more than chilly state placed us in the roles of students as we embarked upon three classes that would give us insight on concepts, machines, and tools we may not have experienced until now. 432 more words