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Focus by Daniel Goleman

Focus by Daniel Goleman

Focus by Daniel Goleman is a book focused on an area of inquiry of great interest to me reflected by some other reviews on this site. 155 more words

How To Be Smarter In The Age Of Information Overload | Lifehack

We live in the digital age, where we can access huge swathes of information with the single click of a button. Given the fact that access to these data-sets is unrestricted, however, we are often exposed to an information overload whenever we research a specific subject or search query online. 46 more words

Tools And Information

Is there too much information?

Too much big data running through my brain

Big Data by all accounts is supposed to help humans perform better by augmenting our limited brain power. 60 more words

Behavioral Economics

Swimming in the sea of information

Information Age

The above photo was taken at the Information Age Gallery in the London Science Museum during my visit to London, England in May. As its… 1,194 more words


Follow the STAR: a strategy for knowledge management

As a bear of very little brain, I like concepts I can get hold of. Concepts I can use in practical ways. Concepts I can remember, even when my thoughts are already crammed with 100 lists and my heart is full of angst and brexistential crisis. 657 more words


Managing Distractions for Technology Dependent Professionals

Technology is exciting, it brings speed and efficiency to our interactions with the world. With the wide range of applications available to us, we have tools to complete important tasks that once were much more challenging. 579 more words

Behavioral Economics

Blue Ghosts and Green Goblins

Blue lights flash in the dark, my time isn’t mine anymore; my thoughts ruthlessly interrupted – I’m being haunted. Call the exorcist! I’m tired of the blue ghosts dodging my footsteps, their incessant cries pulling me from the real world to their own eerie illusion of flashing images and unfriendly friends stamping their approval on brief exhibitions of morbid voyeurism. 247 more words