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Information overload

Hey readers,

This week has been a funny old week for me mentally. I seem to go through some weeks evaluating and reflecting who I am or what am I doing? 352 more words


The Third One

I ran for the third time on Thursday. It actually wasn’t that bad, it went by really fast. Am I starting to like running? What, no. 249 more words

Half Marathon

Tidak Sempat Membaca Buku

Sebagai seorang yang hobi membaca, maka melihat buku buku keren yang tidak sengaja kita lihat di internet, melalui timeline facebook atau lewat posting twitter yang muncul di timeline, tentu membuat kita tergoda untuk membaca buku tersebut. 319 more words


Addiction to Conviction

I skimmed another post on my blog reader—a really good one about slowing down. “Hmm, that’s good,” I thought. Then I clicked on the next one, just trying to catch up after a weekend where I had better things to do than sit in front of my computer. 1,221 more words

Information diet

4:10 pm

So, I am in “overwhelm” mode at the moment.  That place when your brain implodes from the sheer amount of distracting, and mostly useless, information out there from our 10 million feeds, accounts, and profiles. 568 more words


More on the Battle of Focus in an Information Overload Era - (with insight from McChrystal's Team of Teams & Cal Newport's Deep Work)

In 2011 Americans took in five times as much information every day as they did in 1986—the equivalent of 175 newspapers.
Where once an educated person might have assumed she was at least conversant with the relevant knowledge on a particular field of study, the explosion of information has rendered that assumption laughable. 

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Listen To Your Body - Please

If you feel sick in an unusual way that lasts longer than a few days your body may be telling you something. If you think that no one cares, you are wrong. 279 more words