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I'm full as a fat lady's knickers.

Yes you read that title right.


Bloated in fact.

Not with food.

With information.


For my non Aussie friends this is one of our weird and wonderfully unique Australianisms. 795 more words

Post uni summer part 1: Graduation

It seems that in the excitement of graduating, camping, job searching and doing nothing, I have been neglecting my blog. Not that there’s anything particularly odd about that, except that I have almost let a couple of highly blog-worthy events pass me by. 422 more words

Entertaining Life Anecdotes

Tech-addicts, digital distractions, and stress

Information overload is a real thing, and it’s a digital age addiction. People have a need for constant communication, constant entertainment, constant updates. We are constantly bombarded with new stimuli via our smartphones, and we’ve grown accustomed to it. 576 more words

Internet Fatigue and My Web Holiday

Internet fatigue, or perhaps more aptly, social media fatigue, has been causing an increasing disruption in my life. The endless cycle of news, opinions, scandals, advertisements, and largely useless information, has been clogging up my brain and causing both anxiety and an enduring sense of exhaustion. 290 more words


Infobesity - An Easy Disguise

The two images above are curiously similar. One (on the left) is Brian Solis’ Conversation Prism and the other (on the right) is courtesy of a google image search of “infobesity.” 292 more words

Digital Communications Blog

And then sometimes, it hits me.

For the most part, I am happy to think of myself not as disabled or disordered, but simply different.

And then sometimes, it hits me. 600 more words


Information, social communication, and empathy - let's look at a little closer...

Apologies, folks – this is a looooong one….

I hadn’t intended to address The Empathy Question just yet. Since my formal diagnosis, I have shared my blog more widely with people I know, and in particular many of my non-autistic friends. 2,847 more words