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How to Deal with Information Overload

It’s the morning after The Blogcademy LA weekend, and I am feeling like someone just injected my brain with lead.

It was amazing, of course. I filled 2/3 of a new notebook and thought of so many ideas while I sat, star-struck in the audience. 885 more words


Information Overload

My class mate over at Library Corner wrote a very interesting blog post titled “The Future is Ours”. In it she mentions how we are taking control of writing our own histories via blogs, twitter, and other social media. 153 more words

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Ssh! On Information Overload

*peeks out from behind blog* He…hello? (Projection: Drunken Dragon Reviews will be the first blogger to point out the irony of my writing a post several days after saying, “I quit.”) 806 more words

It's a Virtual World

My husband tells me I live in a virtual world, but I try not to overdue it, however, it is important for your career. It’s part of the job. 372 more words


Go forth, young man

Reading this article made me think of Netflix and how after you rated movies and tv shows, they create lists of movies and tv shows you’ll like based on genre, previous movies, previous tv shows, etc.   95 more words

WBTX | It Was Necessary

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Sometimes we lose a piece of ourselves; we do not mean to, it is unintentional, but before you know it confusion is overwhelming.   1,840 more words


How do we undo the bite in the apple?

When I was a little girl, we had a collection of huge fairy tale books in my childhood home. I wasn’t the type of kid who watched Disney movies to my heart’s content, and you when you have a teacher for a mother, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by books all the time. 1,582 more words

Love Letters To The Future