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Please don't vomit on me :(

You know how it is, you see a post on facebook that interests you, it might be a mascara, a body wrap, or the latest fad diet so you message the person posting it a fairly short message along the lines of hi – I’m interested in your could you tell me some more info? 903 more words

research & e-commerce

an afternoon spent
on the internet

what I learned
there leaves me
chewing over
many articles of
dubious fact, 25
e-dollars poorer, but
I am richer for this… 10 more words


The tyranny of choice

The Next Big Thing In Design? Less Choice

Recently, I decided to buy Monopoly to play with my son. What I was sure would be a quick decision on Amazon turned into a learning experience for both of us. 123 more words

Behavioral Economics

Why I Don't Multitask...And You Really Don't, Either

Everyone is so busy. It’s the mantra of the age. We’re so connected, in every sense of the word except the emotional one. We have the world (wide web, anyway) at our fingertips. 133 more words


I am not fearful of change nor do I have angst over it, but I dislike the volume of change we are inundated with on a daily basis. 968 more words

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Information Overload

It is amazing how much information is available to you today as a parent. The invention of the internet and social networks has made accessing and finding lots of information easier than ever. 529 more words

Working Moms

Did technology eliminate asymmetric information?

The End of Asymmetric Information

Might the age of asymmetric information – for better or worse – be over?  Market institutions are rapidly evolving to a situation where very often the buyer and the seller have roughly equal knowledge. 99 more words

Behavioral Economics