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Pregnancy and Labour: A World of Unknowns and a Sea of Advice

There are hundreds of pregnancy books out there, all telling us what to expect when expecting (pun intended?). While I would be either really enthused about pregnancy, a really fast reader, or just really curious, I didn’t read them all. 569 more words


Tragedy of the ED Commons

In his landmark article, Tragedy of Commons (1968), Garrett Hardin asks, “Is ours a finite world? , a finite world can only support a finite population.” In Hardin’s parable, a single group of herders shares a common pasture. 879 more words


#50 Infobesity? What's that?

Today, I learnt a new word.

We are all time-starved and info overloaded. “Infobesity” is a thing of the present. The term describes one with information overload and also describes the difficulty of understanding an issue and effectively making decisions when one has too much information about that issue. 260 more words

13 May 18: Eight of Swords/Air

Onward. I squealed a bit when I drew this card this morning…someone got the message, is what I heard, and when I went to log on, I had no internet. 161 more words


Information Overload

Before computers, the difficult part of research was finding materials. As a kid, I had to ride a bus a half hour downtown to the big county library when I needed to do serious research for school. 394 more words


Information Overload

Nowadays, due to the advance in technology, it become easier for consumer to access to different sources of information during their decision-making process (Ozkan & Tolon 2015, p. 1,001 more words

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