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Maximum Daily Dose of Information

By James Wallace Harris, Monday, July 27, 2015

Is it possible to overdose on news? We know we’re ruining our bodies by eating too much food; should we worry about overstuffing our minds? 527 more words


BERNARD PARMEGIANI l'ecran transparent

(1973) Vídeo de Bernard Parmegiani acompañando con puntuación música concreta. La fuente es un robo VHS, cuyo origen no está claro. Un agradecimiento especial a los cargadores CiNEMA GROTESQUE para éste, a pesar de que se lo atribuyó a animador polaco Piotr Kamler …- quien él había compuesto para con anterioridad. 49 more words


Winds of Change

July 2015

Up until a couple weeks ago, Chasing Pirates was a multi-themed blog: Light-hearted; Spiritual; Serious-Thinking; Political Musings; and, Fellow Artists (reblogged posts from other sites). 626 more words

Purely Political

27 Weeks- Information Overload

When you are pregnant with your first baby it seems like there is so much to do in a small amount of time.  You have watched your friends and family members go through this point in their lives and now it is your turn up to the plate.  684 more words


Can You Smile and Say "NO?"

Quotes and Notes #260, July 22

“Information overload (on all levels) is exactly WHY you need an ‘ignore list.” It has never been more important to be able to say ‘No.’”—Mani S.

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Quotes And Notes

Welcome to the Age of Information Overload

It was said that today, we receive more than 5x as much information as we did in 1986. To that put into perspective, it roughly means we consume about… 471 more words


How would that be?

Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. It can be difficult to know who to trust in the ‘information age’.

Everywhere we turn somebody is pushing their message at us. 233 more words

Britain First