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How to manage information overload

In the Age of Information, Specializing to Survive

Jonathan Haber majored in philosophy at Harvard University. And Yale. And Stanford. He explored Kant’s “The Critique of Pure Reason” with an Oxford don and Kierkegaard’s insights into “Subjectivity, Irony and the Crisis of Modernity” with a leading light from the University of Copenhagen. 82 more words

Behavioral Economics

Attention Decay in Science

Attention, measured by the number and lifetime of citations, is the main currency of the scientific community. Along with other forms of recognition is the basis for promotions and the reputation of scientists. 182 more words

Facts And Findings

My Bookshelf 20/3/2015

The World that Made New Orleans by Ned Sublette

My family is from the city and I studied Louisiana history at school, but boy did I learn a lot reading this engaging and well-written book. 521 more words

Lifelong Learning

This Is What Email Overload Looks Like

Email. There is too much of it.

Every minute something like 200 million emails are sent. Day and night, billions of emails—big and small—ping from computer to computer. 1,489 more words

Digital Disconnect

After a day of not touching the social media, I felt I had been completely disconnected from the outside world. The unbearable feeling of not getting the constant updates on news and receiving first hand information has proved that our addictions to electronic gadgets and social media are indeed real. 410 more words

Digital Disconnect

Need to.....

Need to ….

22.45…. Can’t sleep…..downstairs…coffee, ham, mayo and jalapeño …just a half sarnie..
Back to bed.. 23.29. … Can’t sleep, lodger fighting…again…….on the phone to boyfriend in the USA ….(had a right go at her earlier on…sick to death of listening to her fight, day in and out..as soon as she gets in…all they do is argue, No! 533 more words


Don't let nutrition information paralyze you!

“Paralzyed by information.”  This is a term a client used today.  I thought it was a brilliant way of describing what so many people are feeling in these times of information overload.   420 more words

Healthy Weight Loss Tips