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Information processing in neural and gene regulatory networks

Speaker: Gašper Tkačik
Subject: Information processing in neural and gene regulatory networks
Location: TU Delft
Date: 22-03-2017
Author: Renée van der Winden

Gašper Tkačik came to talk to us about his research on information processing in biological networks. 360 more words

Navigating virtual cities

Virtual Singapore Looks Just Like Singapore IRL—But With More Data

More than 5 million people live in Singapore. The densely populated island city-state off southern Malaysia covers 277 square miles and contains more than 4,300 high-rise towers. 91 more words

Virtual Reality

From knowledge to prediction

Three Ways the Internet of Things Is Shaping Consumer Behavior

The interconnection of devices within the “Internet of Things” (IoT) creates new data sources. Companies can now better observe people’s choices and test the effectiveness of different mechanisms to activate and retain more customers. 64 more words

Behavioral Economics

Old-Age Benefits: Are Older Investors Better?

At least one asset is guaranteed to enrich your portfolio this year: your investing experience. Stick at it long enough and you will encounter practically everything from start-ups to meltdowns, flashes in the pan to flash crashes, slim pickings to fat fingers. 39 more words


How boxes influence thinking

Once we’ve categorized someone as a member of a group, whatever information our mind has stored in our schema about that group – our stereotype… 1,067 more words

Thinking inside the boxes

One of the ways we make sense of that complex world we live in is by the creation of boxes. Many schemas we form are about “types” of people. 839 more words

How the mind works

The world is a complex place and the human mind does a remarkable job of making sense of it all. From discovering hidden laws of math and physics, to just trying to understand the intentions of a neighbor who says that they “like” your dress (while making a funny face), the mind does a lot of work. 1,320 more words