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The rise of food halls

Artisanal Tacos on Paper Plates

In June, the venerable Katz’s Delicatessen, one of America’s oldest restaurants, opened its first satellite in 119 years. For the location, the proprietors chose the windowless basement of a shopping mall in Brooklyn, across from a Trader Joe’s and downstairs from a Target. 45 more words

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The downsides of controlled processing

The Rise and Fall of Cognitive Control

Reasoning, problem solving, symbolic language, planning—these faculties are fundamental to virtually all of our individual and societal accomplishments. At the heart of them all lies cognitive control. 60 more words

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Source your news well

Information overload fuels ‘fake news’: study

“Fake news” has become a troubling phenomenon, allegedly used to manipulate voters and fuel a rise in global populism. In one case, it inspired a man to shoot up a Washington pizzeria. 89 more words

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Now I Know The Real You

It astounds me how little information I have processed about the beach house. I think it’s because I barely slept over those 52-ish hours and sleep is when information processing happens and also because I was never really alone, or falling asleep alone, or anything like that. 1,461 more words

Beliefs are subjective

Why is society so anxious about delusional beliefs?

Desperately striving for an objective view of reality is a technique to reduce anxiety-provoking uncertainty. It promises itself as a way to stop a descent into madness, to avoid being completely disorientated in a nonsensical confusion. 55 more words

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Learning language

The Dangers Of Hidden Jargon In Communicating Science

One of the challenges that can arise in communicating science and other forms of scholarship to non-experts is the jargon involved. 84 more words

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