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The Technology Insanity

Why technology is not the solution to lack of awareness.

By Eh’den Biber

Trojan Insanity

When the Greek came up with the wonderful “Trojan horse” scam the term “I fear Greeks, even those bearing gifts” came to life, followed by the fall of Troy. 1,021 more words

Information Security

Objetivo deste Blog

Este blog visa focar única e exclusivamente em assuntos relacionados à Segurança da Informação. Irei abordar as principais noticias da semana anterior com base nas principais notícias compartilhadas no Flipboard ( 156 more words

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What is an attack (Information)?

Attack is any attempt to destroy, expose, alter, disable, steal or gain unauthorized access to or make unauthorized use of an asset.

A resource (both physical or logical), called an asset. 59 more words

Information Security

The Awareness Pseudoscience

Moving from benchmarking to baselining.

By Eh’den Biber

Trying to figure out the level of awareness to information security within an organisation is a taunting task. 1,073 more words

Information Security

5 ways to prevent "My password is on the post-it note".

49% of employees share their password for what they deem as a justifiable reason like sharing with their line manager, for example, according to research by… 1,477 more words

Information Security

9 Keys to Surviving the Information Security Battle

For the first moment of competition, we have had a need to know at least as much about our competitors as ourselves. Information has always had value. 699 more words

Risk Management

Are you one of “them”? Damaging your information security efforts without even knowing it

It was ten to six in the morning, and I was on the  station platform waiting for my train to arrive to take me to London. 503 more words