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It may look pretty, but does it work?

So, the last big assignment we had to do for my Information Technology class was on usability. Namely, on the usability of a specific website. 600 more words

Graduate School

Why I Won’t Leave Facebook - NO MATTER WHAT!


I never joined up! So, I don’t have to leave.

By Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA

#DeleteFacebook is trending

What-Up with your Facebook account? 183 more words

Information Technology

Computer-generated 'brain age' estimates how much time you've got left

While it’s easy to count our number of birthdays to figure out how long we’ve each been on the planet, researchers at Imperial College London have another age-related metric they think is even more important: A person’s “brain age.” 373 more words


Scientists develop brain scanner in a helmet

British scientists have developed a lightweight and highly sensitive brain imaging device that can be worn as a helmet, allowing the patient to move about naturally. 316 more words

Scientific Research

Researchers track Chinese space station as it falls

A defunct Chinese space station, Tiangong-1, is expected to fall to Earth any day now—on March 31, give or take a few days. When it does, it will be the largest manmade object to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere in a decade. 693 more words


It looks like a fish, but it’s not. Meet the robot built to spy on ocean life

It looks like a fish. It swims like a fish. But it isn’t a fish.

So what is it?

It’s SoFi, the robotic fish!

Developed by researchers at MIT, SoFi is a soft-bodied robot that glides silently through the water with a smooth, undulating motion designed to mimic the movements of real fish. 756 more words

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