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Reminder - Vote in the GUFF Race

A reminder that voting is still open for the 2019 GUFF race to send an Australian or New Zealand fan to Worldcon in Dublin. This year the race is between three candidates – two of them Kiwis. 259 more words


Permission to having smartphones in elementary and junior high school in Osaka

To permission to having smartphones in elementary and junior high school by Osaka prefecture guidelines

Osaka Prefecture decided on the policy to allow smartphones to be in elementary and junior high schools so that children can check their safety even if a disaster occurs while children are leaving the lessons of last year’s northern Osaka prefecture earthquake. 49 more words


What is Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is, in simple terms, modern slavery. While slavery is seen as an issue of the past, it’s still very much alive. People who fall victim to human trafficking are normally do manual labor or become unwillingly. 256 more words



Hey there, welcome to Align SciComms! I’m so glad you’re here.

This first post is going to serve as a bit of a background of who I am and what Align is, so settle in for a bitesize storytime. 160 more words


Alzheimer's Acceptance - Blog 1 -Introduction

Hello all,

This is going to be the first blog in my new Alzheimer’s Acceptance series. This blog is going to act as an introduction into the series of blogs that will be released in the upcoming weeks regarding this topic. 303 more words


The Real National Emergency

The real national emergency is located at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue and weighs about 239 lbs. Congress has allowed the child to advance his personal agenda while ducking their duty based on party politics which ultimately does not serve the country and especially their own constituents. 68 more words