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What Information Theory Tell Us About e-Discovery and the Projected 'Information → Knowledge → Wisdom' Transition

This is an article on Information Theory, the Law, e-Discovery, Search and the evolution of our computer technology culture from Information → Knowledge → Wisdom. The article as usual assumes familiarity with writings on AI and the Law, especially… 3,369 more words


EU Freedom of Movement isn't the universal unrestrained movement that some people think it is.

By Mike Meade a member of one of the SY2E – Remain in the EU groups.

There is a prevalent notion that an EU country (like Britain) must accept the residency of any other EU national (like Romanians). 319 more words


Science should be a rag rug

What’s the difference between data, information and knowledge, my colleague asked in his sudden style while waiting for the bus to arrive earlier this week. 350 more words

What Is The Role Of #Women In The Production Of #Information And #Knowledge?

What is holding back the agency of women?

Can we name the forces erasing or hampering women’s full participation in public life? However complex or varied the issues at hand may be, there is an urgency to reclaim spaces, and open up dimensions. 2,479 more words


In The (K)Now

Is a readily-accessible social media presence feeding an obsession to be “in the know…in the now”?

How immediately do you expect or want to see someone’s photos when you know they are at a special event? 226 more words

My Life With God

Voluntary Action Barnsley has been asked by Sport England to try and help local sports clubs in Barnsley with recruiting volunteers for their support roles, enabling them to run the various meetings, events etc. 230 more words


Missing Cats inner city suburbs

There are a lot of cats going missing in and around Darwing CBD – Stuart Park, Woolner, CBD and Larrakeyah. We think there may be a pack of dogs or maybe just a couple who are wandering around unrestrained. 127 more words

Cats - Lost