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Medicine untold: An account from our patients 5 of 5

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Just before Christmas, Dr. Dennis Drehner received a fax from the Red Cross — two pages that held the results of the last test done with some of the last of Reece Meikle’s blood. 1,543 more words

Risk versus cost

“Investors Turn to ‘Drive By’ Home Appraisals, Adding Risk,” The Wall Street Journal, January 22, 2018 A1.  A method that is illegal when used for a single home is used to quickly and cheaply (quick and dirty?) value large collections of houses, which are then used as collateral. 44 more words


Law school exam question

I was struck by the headline: “CFTC Takes Aim At Crypto Fraud,” The Wall Street Journal, Saturday January 20, 2018 B5.  The article is about the government charging people with fraud in connection with bitcoin futures. 84 more words



How do you know that information provided by someone else is accurate/reliable?  How reliable do others find that source?

“Facebook To Alter Its News Feed,” … 50 more words


London Bridge is Falling Down .......

My fair lady!  Yes, women especially in their later years and men. too, of course,often find themselves taking a fall.  The problem is that if their bones are brittle, they tend to break something, often a hip which can produce dire consequences. 81 more words


Joining extended to one last week to join NEW Beginners Salsa classes

Next tuesday ( 30th Jan) will be the last week to join the NEW Cross body style Salsa beginners classes , 6.15-7.10pm, at The Deaf Hub, Old Mill, 23, Brown St, Dundee.  65 more words