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He is the Cassandra of the student loan industry

Seth Frotman, formerly the top student loan watchdog at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, saw the havoc that was coming for borrowers and tried to get the government to fulfill its promise under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. 101 more words



You often hear computer users use the word “virus”. So, what is this virus?

This term was used to describe a machine code command, that when inserted into a computer’s memory can on execution, copy itself into other files and programs on the computer. 953 more words


خطير ! تعلم كيف تفتح أي خزانة بدون معرفة الرقم السري الخاص بها

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حقائق خطيرة حول هذا الجهاز لايعرفها جل المغاربة 253 more words


Role of Enlightenment in a Relationship (Pt. 1)

There are many portals to the Self – nature, body awareness, breath, silence, yoga, meditation, and remembering that we are prior to the mind (jnana yoga or Zero Point Process). 1,582 more words


Why we should be taking a nap every day as study finds short bout of sleep can improve how we process information

A short bout of sleep can be good for our brains

We should all be taking a nap every day in order to boost our brain power. 36 more words

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Give Some Space

Sorry for a clickbait title… I wanted one with a play of words.

The article isn’t really aimed at people who are old enough to have learned ( 199 more words

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