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Do you have high-reading kinders you need to challenge?

Some our of kindergarten students read above grade level. How do we keep them challenged? A colleague of mine, Lisa, engaged a small group in close reading of an informational text about energy with great success. 427 more words

Skill Spotlight: Vocabulary in Informational Text

Sound familiar?  Students give an example or a description when you ask what a words mean.  Yeah, a chrysalis is a chrysalis that the butterfly wraps up in!   800 more words


Are your students' minds wandering while they read?

Gave a demo lesson with students on how to use CODING to think about their thinking. When I asked these students if they ever think about lunch or something else while they are reading, most gave me a thumbs up! 507 more words

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 8/8/16

This week I read a couple nonfiction stories – I love what authors are doing with informational text for middle grade and young adult readers.  It’s so interesting and I truly believe that if they could incorporate some of these stories into the curriculum, it may excite more students to learn about history. 185 more words


Using Thinglink to Engage Students in the Inquiry Process

In grades K through fifth, social studies is incorporated into the reading standards. The standards require students to read informational text in social studies and engage in the inquiry process. 949 more words


New Year - New "Daily Starter" System | Warm Ups | Bell Ringers |

This is my sixth year teaching English (at some grade level) and I have YET to successfully implement daily starters in my English class throughout the year. 302 more words