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Headlines on My Mind

I like to read the international news in the morning. It is part of my ritual, after shaking the vestiges of dreams from my groggy head, making breakfast, and pouring a cup of coffee. 1,179 more words


Detox centers in Sacramento want you to know the symptoms of detox

Being informed is the best thing that someone could do for himself or herself, especially when it comes to fighting addiction. The least amount of surprises during the road to recovery the better. 102 more words

Discrimination Update

After my employer informed me the company would not get me a work permit (which is needed for residency) because I am pregnant, I fought back and went semi-public about it on Facebook. 63 more words

Outrageous Discrimination

I was informed by my employer today that the company is refusing to get me a work permit because I am pregnant. They said this explicitly, but unfortunately, I didn t record this conversation. 69 more words

Uncertainty is a Certainty

Disruption.  It happens in every industry. It could manifest itself in the form of new competition, or new market trends, or more likely with new technology. 480 more words

From Polluted to Poofy

Some Background

This may seem a little off-topic, but it is about the health and safety of your baby. Just bear with me. So, what I never anticipated when I became a mom was becoming a back-to-nature freak. 1,367 more words


In-formed edit #1

I want to find the place where all the shapes live inside of me,

so I can take them out,choosing to shape myself as I will. 188 more words