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Entry #5: The Road To Recovery

I can’t believe it’s now been a year since this MS relapse first started. With the anniversary passing, I can’t help but reflect on the year. 1,932 more words


EWG's New Organic guide for 2018

Every year the Environmental Working Group comes out with new guidelines to help make it easier for families to avoid extra pesticides in fruits and vegetables. 112 more words

How many men are really benefiting from genome-targeted prostate cancer treatment?

The answer to that question, at present, is that we don’t know — but it’s probably very few indeed compared to all the men who have progressive forms of prostate cancer. 654 more words



Is merely telling a child to walk is sufficient or is it also needed to teach him how to lift his leg to move forward and so on? 653 more words

Human Behaviour


Addi is now five.  I have married again and have a son now.

I remember thinking about this and being in disbelief that it would happen; however, life has continued on. 284 more words


How to read less news but be more informed, according to a futurist

You might think someone who gets paid to predict the future would be mad for gadgets and forever spouting off on social media. But you’d be wrong. 661 more words