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Good Vibes All Around

Shortly after things settled down at my parents’ house, I excused myself so I could go outside to call a good friend of mine.  Gerry had wanted to know my results, so I wanted to give him the courtesy.  308 more words

Dear Readers, here's what to read to get informed without being disgusted. My website is 80% opinions and some of you want direct information...I understand.

You are right. One of you told me he/she expected more from an article, I think they wanted more information, but this is a website where there are also pieces of information but mainly it’s my comments to the news and the people. 350 more words


Hair Styles.....Does it really matter!

As a mixed race woman I have always had an issue with my Hair. From the Kink that I was blessed with, or the desire to have straight hair. 132 more words


Defining Your Political Ideology

As a double major, I have the privilege of taking what I learn in one sector of my studies and applying it in other aspects of my educational experience. 317 more words

Part 2

If any of you guys have been keeping up with the #pokemon20 hashtag then you already know about the amazing news that Pokemon fans have been given this past month! 518 more words


Part 2: Everybody's Got Issues

I’ve studied politics long enough to realize, everybody’s got issues.

But, it’s important to realize that issues aren’t necessarily a bad thing in politics. Issues are topics of discussion where candidates must take a stand. 279 more words