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Checking for Understanding ~ Dozens of ideas and strategies

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What are the best ways to check for understanding? Below are two articles with strategies to keep your assessment checks fresh and engaging. 387 more words

Teaching Strategies

"Are Voters Informed?" and Political Representation

Rachel Taylor


Tom Woods


Review Assignment Week 17

Are voters informed? If not, why not? According to Professor Caplan, is the problem ignorance or irrationality? 451 more words

RPC: Government 1 B

#BecauseHealthyIs... Informative

One of the best sources of media today are podcast. They are the perfect mix between informative news and quick delivery. We here at Because Healthy Is are obsessed with the podcast below, give it a listen and check out the other episodes they have… 12 more words


An Informed Veterans Disability Lawyer Helps Speed the Claims Process

Without question, America’s soldiers are willing to lay everything on the line to protect peace and freedom. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that its servicemen and women do not go unrewarded for their selfless dedication. 97 more words


What's Your Hidden Talent?

You learn something new every day… Until just now I thought it was impossible to lick your own elbow. Thanks to the internet and Good Mythical Morning I am now better informed.

Following Your Passion

It is such a rewarding feeling to find something you are passionate about and something that you know you want to spend forever doing. I am so lucky to have combined my career with what I am passionate about into a job working for my favorite Non-Profit Organization. 137 more words


Cultural Diary Week 7: Hero of War

For this diary entry, we had to conduct a Hesmondhalgh-informed analysis of a media text or cultural product of our choosing. For this, I have chosen Rise Against’s “Hero of War” from their album “Appeal to Reason”. 283 more words

Media Culture