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The Art of Being Informed

Being an informed citizen is an art form. It involves a willingness to utilize multiple news outlets in order to get a fuller grasp on a story. 454 more words



With an abundant amount of both useful and non-useful information available via the internet, research can be quite a bit overwhelming.  However, research is the necessary evil for making sure that the decisions you make are the right ones.  589 more words


Knowing Things

Knowledge is cute. Your 9th grade History teacher might not have been so cute, but trust me, understanding the world is always a good trait. No one in the “real world” (quotes signifying my irrational fear of this term) wants to talk to someone who can’t even tell you what political party the current president is from. 88 more words


MS... What's it like?

Have you been asked ‘What it’s like’ to have MS before? I have… and it’s really not very easy to explain… not one explanation can be used for all of us diagnosed since we all differ symptom wise and such. 650 more words


Dumb it Down

Weird title… right? Well it’s not in regards to anyone with MS, so let me just clarify that so no one gets mad at me… 671 more words


Keeping Yourself Informed

When it comes to knowing things that are going on in the world of MS, I try to stay on top of it. I feel that if I have a better understanding and knowledge of what’s going on that it can improve my health when it comes to MS. 420 more words


Question Everything…Part 1

An Observation from Pelham – 2015

I said it once before: Question Everything…

Even if it is what you want to hear!! You may be the unwitting victim of Agents of Mis- and Disinformation… 774 more words

Viewpoint From Pelham