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Golf, Beaches and Informix – Welcome to Florida!

By Sajan Kuttappa

Data Management, IBM

The IBM Informix database has forged new frontiers with its ability to effectively manage large amounts of data from the Internet of Things. 346 more words

Big Data & Analytics

Check Informix transaction logs in Tivoli Storage Manager

You may want to find an Informix transaction log, or verify a transaction log, or logs, that have been sent to TSM. You can do this from the client. 58 more words


Executing Informix DB Stored Procedure in SSRS

Recently we got a requirement to pull the data from IBM Informix DB and prepare report using SSRS.

For who does not know what is Informix, refer… 38 more words


Informix - Configuración de spaces para Smart-large-object

touch /tmp/ifxtmp.dat
chmod 660 /tmp/ifxtmp.dat
chown informix /tmp/ifxtmp.dat
chgrp informix /tmp/ifxtmp.dat
/opt/informix/bin/onspaces -c -S sbddbs -p /tmp/ifxtmp.dat -o 0 -s 1000000
/opt/informix/bin/onbar -b -F
vim /opt/informix/etc/onconfig… 16 more words


Informix: error al leer systables

En Informix, tras un fallo de cualquier tipo que implique un onmode -k, e incluso un onclean onmode -O, esta tabla puede generar conflictos para según que programas, como por ejemplo DBVisualizer. 57 more words


There is no Such Thing as Object-Relational Impedance Mismatch

Much of the ORM criticism of the last decade missed the point, being inaccurate. By the end of this article, we will conclude with the following: 1,736 more words


Connected devices and new business engagement models for industries

By   Sajan Kuttappa,  Social Media Marketing & Communications Manager, IBM

Business strategy expert Michael Porter recently referred to it as the “Third wave of IT innovation”. 282 more words