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Working with Entity Framework 6.0 ON IBM Informix V11.10+ in Visual Studio 2015

We know EF (Entify Framework) has many benefits working with Databases. Particularly from a development and performance stand-point. There are 2 versions of client connectivity SDK’s for working with Informix Databases: 847 more words

Importing and exporting data and schema from Informix


To get schema :

dbschema -d db_name db_name.sql -nw

To get table data :

unload to 'export/table_name.unl' select * from table_name;


Restore schema : 34 more words

SQL Server - An invalid schema or catalog was specified for the provider SAOLEDB for linked server..

So you’ve installed the correct drivers, and set up the ODBC System DSN properly. Things are going smoothly! Then BAM! Silly errors everywhere!

This is the error I received: 62 more words


Using appRules to Read and Process Stored Procedure Records

appRules Studio includes workflow activites for reading records from a stored procedure.  By utilizing the stored procedure related activities, the stored procedure records and the fields they contain can be read from the database and utilized in appRules just like any other records and fields. 393 more words


Informix 10 inner select grouped query

In informix 10 you can not write a select which select from an inner select query which is grouped. But you can achieve the same result by using ‘having’. 35 more words

Informix 10

Informix/IDS: dbschema utility

You can use dbschema utility to get the schema of a database and redirect the dbschema output to a file.

To get the complete syntax of dbschema just type “dbschema” from command prompt and press enter. 71 more words