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There is no Such Thing as Object-Relational Impedance Mismatch

Much of the ORM criticism of the last decade missed the point, being inaccurate. By the end of this article, we will conclude with the following: 1,736 more words


Connected devices and new business engagement models for industries

By   Sajan Kuttappa,  Social Media Marketing & Communications Manager, IBM

Business strategy expert Michael Porter recently referred to it as the “Third wave of IT innovation”. 282 more words


Auditing and onaudit

Compliance is one of those things you can hardly ignore as a DBA these days. Whether it’s a PCI-DSS, financial or internal best practice audit, at some point someone is going to ask you whether you are using database auditing. 1,223 more words


Connect to Informix database with PHP & Zend Framework

In order to connect with informix database, you need to have PDO_INFORMIX driver installed in your environment. If you dont have it yet, you can follow… 851 more words


Installing PDO_INFORMIX on linux Ubuntu 32 bit

Last month i got a situation where i need to interact with informix database. The required driver to communicate with informix databases are not installed with default installation of PHP. 510 more words


Large parallel index builds and temp space

This is a quick post about parallel index builds. Today I was building with PDQPRIORITY a unfragmented detached index on a large table fragmented by range with ten large fragments and I saw this message in the online log: 610 more words