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Importing and exporting data and schema from Informix


To get schema :

dbschema -d db_name db_name.sql -nw

To get table data :

unload to 'export/table_name.unl' select * from table_name;


Restore schema : 34 more words

Using appRules to Read and Process Stored Procedure Records

appRules Studio includes workflow activites for reading records from a stored procedure.  By utilizing the stored procedure related activities, the stored procedure records and the fields they contain can be read from the database and utilized in appRules just like any other records and fields. 393 more words


Informix/IDS: dbschema utility

You can use dbschema utility to get the schema of a database and redirect the dbschema output to a file.

To get the complete syntax of dbschema just type “dbschema” from command prompt and press enter. 71 more words


Informix/IDS: Checkpoints

A checkpoint is a point in time in the log when a known and consistent state for the database system is established.

A checkpoint can occur in one of these situations: 41 more words


Informix/IDS: Monitoring log file

The message file records the activities performed on Informix server instance such as starting, stoping etc.
There are 2 ways you can monitor the message file: 214 more words


Switching between Informix Server Modes

The Informix database server has three principal modes of operation: Online, Quiescent and offline.

Online Offline Quiescent Online              —

onmode –ky (or) onmode -k Gracefully: 28 more words