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Informix/IDS: dbschema utility

You can use dbschema utility to get the schema of a database and redirect the dbschema output to a file.

To get the complete syntax of dbschema just type “dbschema” from command prompt and press enter. 71 more words


Informix/IDS: Checkpoints

A checkpoint is a point in time in the log when a known and consistent state for the database system is established.

A checkpoint can occur in one of these situations: 41 more words


Informix/IDS: Monitoring log file

The message file records the activities performed on Informix server instance such as starting, stoping etc.
There are 2 ways you can monitor the message file: 214 more words


Switching between Informix Server Modes

The Informix database server has three principal modes of operation: Online, Quiescent and offline.

Online Offline Quiescent Online              —

onmode –ky (or) onmode -k Gracefully: 28 more words


Bouncing Informix Dynamic Server (IDS)

The Informix database server has three principal modes of operation

ONLINE: Users can connect with the database server and perform all database activities. This is normal operating mode of the database server. 107 more words


Checking Informix Instance Status

Since, a single UNIX server can have multiple Informix instances running, follow the below steps to find out a particular instance status:

1.Login to UNIX (or windows) box using informix userid/password… 228 more words