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Attention Developers! The upcoming IIUG conference is especially for you

by Rajesh Govindan, Portfolio Marketing Manager – IBM Informix

If you’re an Informix developer, you’ll want to attend the upcoming IIUG Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. 218 more words


informix: drop if table exists

In an SQL script, the below 2 scenarios will through an error:

(1) trying to drop a temp table that doesn’t exist

(2) Creating a temp table that already exists. 18 more words


IBM Informix Roadshow - Is your city on the list?

by Becky Hanenkrat, NA Database and BigData Software Sales

Your job is to know more about Informix than your boss. So it’s time to hit the road and heighten your abilities at the 2017 Informix Roadshow! 214 more words


Make fun of your work at Informix Users Group Conference 2017

by Rajesh Govindan- Portfolio Marketing Manager, IBM Informix

We’re delighted to announce that John Cohn, esteemed IBM engineer, inventor and author will be the keynote speaker at the International Informix Users Group conference. 274 more words


Will you join me at the Informix Users Group Conference 2017?

by Rajesh Govindan, Portfolio Marketing Manager – Informix

Are you interested in improving your Informix skills, learning about new features, and networking with others who have encountered –and resolved –the same challenges that you face? 326 more words


Change Informix logging mode

On Informix error “transactions not supported”, we should check Informix logging mode:

SELECT is_logging, is_buff_log, is_ansi FROM sysdatabases WHERE name= ‘db_name’

If “is_logging” and “is_buff_log” are equals to 0, we have to change database logging mode.

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