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Week in review: Digital signature spoofing, securing microservices

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news and articles:

Fooling security tools into believing malicious code was signed by Apple
Security, incident response, and forensics processes and personnel use code signing to weed out trusted code from untrusted code. 721 more words



Доброго ночі, панове.

Перепрошую, що турбую в неробочий час, але інформація важлива.

В минулий понеділок, 11го числа, після обіду походила розсилка документів з макросами,

активація яких призводила до інфікування систем трояном типу …


Grass in Pocket - Smart Spying Devices

The surveillance state is here. It’s in your pocket and on your desk.

I recently had a conversation with an IT security bod about cameras and microphones recording people through their devices. 156 more words


Vermont Librarian Wins Small-Claims Suit Against Equifax

In a David-and-Goliath moment, a 49-year-old librarian has won damages against credit giant Equifax, in the wake of its head-spinningly massive 2017 data breach.

It’s a small but significant victory: a small claims court… 773 more words


WannaCry Kill Switch Hero Faces New Charges, But Code Evals Say Little

A fresh FBI charge against Marcus Hutchins has led to the Kronos banking trojan and the UPAS Kit backdoor being linked in the news over the past week. 972 more words


New Banking Trojan Can Launch Overlay Attacks on Latest Android Versions

Researchers have discovered a new Android banking trojan that holds striking similarities to the infamous Lokibot – but packed with new tricky features, most notably its ability to implement an overlay attack on Android 7 and 8. 827 more words


Storytelling as a Service in InfoSec

Storytelling. It’s not just for campfires and young children’s classrooms anymore.

It’s a method of communication that engages the listener and teaches or persuades them, often without them even realizing it. 509 more words