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Adobe to Patch Reader and Acrobat Next Week

Adobe said it will release new versions of Acrobat and Reader next week, patching critical vulnerabilities in both products.

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Disclosed Netgear Router Vulnerability Under Attack

Netgear router vulnerabilities, disclosed by two different security outfits, are under active attack.

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Amazon Inspector Addresses Compliance and Security Challenges

Amazon announced the release of Inspector, an application-scanning tool for apps running in EC2 instances that looks for compliance levels and vulnerabilities introduced during development. 14 more words


Former journalist faces 25 years in prison for article defacement

Matthew Keys, a former Reuters social media editor, has been found guilty of computer hacking, and could be sentenced to spend as many as 25 years in prison. 17 more words

The malicious side of online ads - how unpatched servers hurt us all

SophosLabs looked behind a malvertising campaign from September 2015, and found servers that hadn’t been patched for two years or more.

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Jury finds former journalist guilty of aiding Anonymous in media hacking case

Matthew Keys was convicted after an eight-day trial in which the jury heard about how Keys used an internet chat relay forum to recruit hackers into his scheme. 9 more words

Threatening to post a sex tape on Facebook isn't a crime, US court rules

Threatening to post a sex tape on Facebook doesn’t constitute criminality or a "true threat", the Supreme Court of Georgia ruled, given that the defendant didn’t express an "intent to commit an act of unlawful violence." 9 more words