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Tor Update Fixes ReachableAddresses Problem

The Tor Project on Wednesday updated its software package to version and fixed a number of issues, including a bug it calls “important” in the ReachableAddresses option. 439 more words


Stolen devices to blame for many breaches in the financial services sector

Bitglass performed an analysis of all breaches in the financial services sector since 2006, with data aggregated from public databases and government mandated disclosures. They found that leaks nearly doubled between 2014 and 2015, a growth trend on track to continue in 2016. 653 more words


Mr. Robot eps2.6succ3ss0r.p12 – the security review

We’re about halfway through season 2 of Mr. Robot now. Depending on how much you’ve been enjoying things so far, you’re either thinking “Already halfway?” or “Only halfway?” 858 more words


Google to rate down sites with aggravating pop-up ads

Annoying pop-up ads that get in the way of content are going to be the new lead balloons: Google’s planning to penalize mobile sites that use them by placing those sites lower in its rankings. 644 more words


Mail.ru, Funcom gaming forums hacked, user databases stolen

Vulnerabilities in older versions of the popular vBulletin Internet forum software are being exploited left and right, and data of millions of forum users is being pilfered every day. 375 more words


Automotive security: How safe is a next-generation car?

The vehicles we drive are becoming increasingly connected through a variety of technologies. Features such as keyless entry and self-diagnostics are becoming commonplace. Unfortunately, they can also introduce IT security issues. 1,007 more words


Twitter-controlled Android backdoor delivers banking malware

A backdoor Trojan named Twitoor is the first instance of Android malware that receives its commands from a Twitter account.

Keeping their botnet out of law enforcement’s and other criminals’ hands is imperative for botmasters if they want to keep earning. 227 more words