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The worst spam senders in the whole wide world? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

From carder busts to App Store bans – the computer security week in one swift video minute! Enjoy…

from Naked Security http://bit.ly/1I2t28v

London Railway System Passwords Exposed During TV Documentary

The Weakest Link In the Information Security Chain is still – Humans.
And this news has ability to prove this fact Right.
One of London’s busiest railway stations has unwittingly exposed their system credentials during a BBC documentary. 36 more words


Mumblehard Malware Targets Linux and FreeBSD Servers

Thousands of computers and web servers running Linux and FreeBSD operating systems have been infected over past five years with sophisticated malware that turn the machines into spambots. 44 more words


Fastest Operating System for Quantum Computing Developed By Researchers

So far, we just have heard about Quantum computing that could make even complex calculations trivial, but there are no practical Quantum computers exist.
However, the dream of Quantum computers could become a reality in coming future. 33 more words