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Where Businesses Waste Endpoint Security Budgets

Too many systems, failure to test tools, and fear of replacement drive endpoint complexity and render products less effective.

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Microsoft Office 365 : Now Illegal In Many Schools in Germany by https://ift.tt/2lgnaGN

“”Schools in the central German state of Hesse have been told it’s now illegal to use Microsoft Office 365,” reports ZDNet: The state’s data-protection commissioner has ruled that using the popular cloud platform’s standard configuration exposes personal information about stud” 10 more words


Is Machine Learning the Future of Cloud-Native Security?

The nature of containers and microservices makes them harder to protect. Machine learning might be the answer going forward.

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Bust the password for an air-gapped machine – with its keyboard LEDs

Here’s a Hollywood scenario for you: elite hacker Jack wants to get some top secret security codes from a locked down computer inside a government facility, guarded by sharks with lasers. 785 more words


Apple quietly removes Zoom’s hidden web server from Macs

In an embarrassing twist to the week-long saga of Zoom’s vulnerable web-conferencing app, Apple has issued a ‘silent’ update that automatically removes the software’s hidden web server from Macs. 540 more words


FCC underwhelmed by carriers’ sluggish robocall efforts

The head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Geoffrey Starks, has published the responses he’s received from major voice service providers after calling for them all to give customers free, on-by-default robocall blocking services last month. 677 more words


Ransomware attackers, US mayors say you should go jump in a lake

In May, the US city of Baltimore was partially paralyzed when a ransomware attack seized parts of the government’s computer systems.

The data-kidnappers demanded 13 Bitcoins, worth about US $100,000 at the time. 890 more words