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The Amazing Ways The Ford Motor Company Uses Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

AI in manufacturing process and operations:

  • misfire detection system
  • detect wrinkles in car seats
  • inventory and resource management
  • CarStory, used car inventory data
  • Smart technology for cars on the road: 67 more words


    What is happiness to you?

    Autumn leaves crumble as I walk on them. The sunlight dances between the tall trees. I walk up to sit on the old white bench, now stained yellow. 1,082 more words


    Facts and myths about the body

    The best way to lose weight, produce new neurons and slow down the ageing process


    Which famous personality or character shares your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?| The 16 Personalities |Part 1/2

    What is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator?

    I’m sure the majority of you already know what the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is and for those who don’t, let me inform you. 1,458 more words


    The #1 Most Dangerous & Costly Mistake That Can Sabotage Your Email Marketing

    Here’s some great advice I got when it comes to writing emails:

    “The goal of your emails is not to satiate the thirst and hunger of your reader.

    439 more words
    Email Copywriting