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Infowars: Roseanne - This Is How Free Speech Dies

I don’t usually like to talk about entertainment stories on here, but Roseanne’s Ambien-induced Twitter meltdown smelt funny to me, and I can’t put my finger on it. 56 more words

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Jones: Mueller Wants To Investigate Infowars

Perhaps now we will see whose side Mr. Jones is on, or does anything to betray us. If he is on the side of the Deep State, he could be the key that shuts down news outside of the MSM.

Alex Jones

Jones/Corsi: QAnon Compromised?

A few thoughts on this, if you please.

I don’t believe what Corsi and Jones are saying in this piece is true. However, the purpose of this blog is firstly and foremostly to document what is being said and let you the reader be the judge and jury of reality. 212 more words

Alex Jones