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History of of Infrared Thermography

The credit for conceiving the concept of an infrared radiation goes to William Herschel, the astronomer, in the early 19th century. Herschel showcased the outcome of his experiment in 1800 in front of the Royal Society of London. 440 more words

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Why do they put foil blankets on marathon runners at the end of a race?

Light shiny thermal blankets are put around marathon runners at the end of the race to keep them warm. We have found out that light shiny outer surfaces emit much less radiation than a dark, matt surfaces. 122 more words


Why do penguins huddle?

Physics – oh no not physics, is often the cry I hear. So why mention physics ..pose an interesting question and picture instead.

‘Why do penguins huddle?’ 289 more words



I like chemistry. But I’ve been sick for two days, and that means I’m scrambling to finish my homework for today’s class, and… have no time to post here. 79 more words


Winter Clouds Don't 'Hold In' the Heat

267°  Most of us know that in Winter, when it’s cloudy at night, the clouds ‘hold in’ the heat, so it doesn’t get as cold. This concept of ‘holding in the heat has been preached by weather people for years. 114 more words

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