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We Can Now Harvest Electricity From Earth's Heat Using Quantum Tunnelling


Researchers have come up with a way we could harvest energy from Earth by turning excess infrared radiation and waste heat into electricity we can use. 554 more words


How to build a biscuit oven

The ovens shown below were built by contractors in China, India and Indonesia. Our team for the complete projects consisted of 5 people. The ovens were built, installed and commissioned with the minimum overhead and company cost and a large part of the manufacturing cost was incurred in local currency. 100 more words

Baking By Infrared

My revised Model 10, proposing a key role for RADIANT (infrared) heat in generating image colour from a body imprint onto wet linen, using nothing but dry white flour.

Site banner: see how a simulated sweat imprint (my wet hand pressed down onto dark fabric) responds magnificently to 3D-rendering computer software (ImageJ) before and after tone-reversal (negative back to positive image). 5,645 more words

Shroud Of Turin