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The State of America's Cities in 2017, According to Mayors

While the national outlook in America has changed drastically in just a short period of time, one thing has remained constant: mayors are focused on achieving real results for their communities by lifting up their constituents in spirit and increasing their opportunities for success. 619 more words

Economic Development

Winning the market with local content - an entrepreneur’s journey in Malaysia

How did a Malaysian video-streaming service, DailyTV, gain 1 million users within the first year of launch?

“We filled up this platform with the best local content, we launched our services, and it just kicked off,” says Kevin Saw, CEO and co-founder of Evangeline Verto, the company that produced the popular platform. 727 more words


Three ways to promote and preserve linguistic diversity online

Only 5% of the world’s existing languages are readily accessible on the Internet according to the Broadband Commission. With more than 7,000 distinct languages in use around the world, many of them are at risk of going extinct. 728 more words

ICT For Sustainable Development

Self-Driving Cars Are Here. Now What Should We Do?

This post was co-authored by Nicole DuPuis and Erich Zimmermann.

Much of the conversation about self-driving cars used to swirl around the anxious notion that they are coming and that their unprecedented technology promises chaos for unprepared roads. 685 more words


Infrastructure for the 21st Century: The Importance of Broadband to Cities

Broadband access and adoption help promote economic development and social equity while promoting public health, public safety and educational opportunities for Americans around the country. 708 more words


Azure CLI 2.0: Manage Resource Groups

All cloud resources created / provisioned in Microsoft Azure need to be associated with Resource Groups. This is one of the basic features of the Azure Resource Management model to cloud resource management, and it makes it far easier to manage groupings of resources that comprise full applications and workloads. 1,074 more words


Let’s Be Frank, Municipal Bonds Built This Country

From the construction of schools and hospitals to water treatment facilities and roads, municipal bonds provide the means for more than 42,000 state and local governments to finance infrastructure projects. 531 more words