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Mother China: A 'Chinese Revolution' Sweeps Across Pakistan

The FTA has brought down import taxes on both sides of the Pak-China border and removed many non-tax barriers which, in the past, disallowed bilateral trade in certain goods and commodities. 42 more words


National Trust statement on releasing land for housing

We are not against development in principle, to the contrary we are for good development. We have always supported good quality housing built in the right place as identified in local plans and which meets our planning principles. 300 more words

Indian Deal With Iran Shows Commitment To Infrastructure That Will Benefit China too

What matters more is that India is now willing to make an active contribution to promoting regional infrastructure development. In this regard, China is unlikely to engage in strategic confrontation with India. 71 more words


Report: Asia-Pacific to drive 10X growth in smart city devices

Smart City initiatives are starting to make an impact in terms of the number of IoT-style devices being shipped to support the investments, according to researchers IHS. 243 more words

South Bellevue Station: Acoustic Panel Prototypes

The acoustic panels for the sound barrier along the guideway of the South Bellevue Station are clad in an aesthetic treatment that uses color and pattern to create a sophisticated gesture in the site. 398 more words


Azure Marketplace: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtual Machine

There are many different Virtual Machine (VM) images available in the Azure Marketplace, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux is one of them. Just login to the Azure Portal, search the Azure Marketplace for the VM image you need, and create it on your subscription to get going. 133 more words