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Backing Up Data and Applications Securely, Reliably, and Efficiently

Oracle Storage Cloud Service is a secure, elastic, reliable, and cost-effective public cloud storage solution. You can access it from anywhere, 24/7, and from any device connected to the Internet. 268 more words


Data and Analytics in the Cloud is a Reality Today

Our recently completed benchmark research on data and analytics in the cloud shows that analytics deployed in cloud-based systems is gaining widespread adoption. Almost half (48%) of… 950 more words

Business Analytics

What is the relationship between Cloud Computing and SOA?

According to the publication from Mitre, Cloud Computing and Service Orientated Architecture (SOA), cloud computing has many services that can be viewed as a stack of service categories. 471 more words

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More than 10 million physical servers sit idle in data centers worldwide!

A recent study made by IT Consulting firm Anthesis Group has disclosed that more than 10 million physical servers sit idle in data centers located all around the world. 274 more words


Shocker! Amazon remains the top dog in cloud by far, but Microsoft, Google make strides

Amazon Web Services remains the king of cloud, according to Gartner’s latest research: In fact, the amount of computing power it is supplying customers is more than ten times that of the other top 14 cloud providers combined. 607 more words


OpenStack gang vows clouds that work well with others

One of the hurdles that OpenStack, the open source answer to Amazon’s proprietary cloud ecosystem, has faced since its inception nearly five years ago, is the fear that the various… 607 more words


Who is Artisan Infrastructure? A word from our CEO

For most of you, we’ve likely just popped up on the radar. The way our year is shaping up, I don’t think that will be the case for long. 389 more words