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CITE giving innovation more than a ghost of a chance

A ghost town will soon be emerging on the New Mexico horizon. But the only showdowns on Main Street could be driverless vehicles jockeying for the right of way. 599 more words

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Non-profit working to commercialize photonics, revitalize telecomm industry in Quebec

Canada’s telecommunications sector, which led the world in the late 1990s, still hasn’t fully recovered from setbacks suffered when the tech bubble burst. The growth of the next generation of optic data transmission, called photonics, is a potential platform for launching a comeback, according to some, including Quebec’s Optech, a non-profit working to commercialize research from the province’s college system. 479 more words

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Green infrastructure underground more than a pipe dream

By Caitlyn Coverly

{ISSUE} Traditional underground infrastructure methodology has been effective at providing residents clean, running water, but less effective at protecting the environment.

{SHIFT} New methods in underground pipe installation could almost eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. 521 more words

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Portable buildings put communities on the move... Literally

Issue: Energy and mining companies often create homes and infrastructure in previously uninhabited areas only to leave them abandoned once operations cease

Shift: New processes let companies quickly set up, tear down and move buildings whenever they need to, creating a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to infrastructure… 1,082 more words

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New partnership aims to clean up Ontario's water systems

The infrastructure challenges facing municipalities in Ontario is reaching a crisis point and technology has an important part to play in addressing the issue.

That’s the thinking behind a recently announced public-private partnership between the governments of Canada and Ontario, IBM and a consortium of seven universities led by the University of Toronto and Western University to tackle pressing infrastructure challenges. 341 more words

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Cities breaking down departmental barriers to improve future infrastructure

ISSUE: Canadian cities need to replace their aging infrastructure to accommodate new weather patterns, shifting demographics and social trends

SHIFT: Collaborative planning that transcends municipal departments and develops a holistic approach to emerging challenges is putting a new spin on infrastructure development… 1,089 more words

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