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TURN server for WebRTC - RFC5766-TURN-Server , Coturn , Xirsys

STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT) and TURN (Traversal Using Relays around NAT) are protocols that can be used to provide NAT traversal for VoIP and WebRTC. 1,838 more words



As a RINO, I have been decrying about how the republican party, as well as the national interests of all Americans, are being held hostage by the tea party, ultra conservative wing of the republican party to where the most simple tasks that folks are dependent on our government to do, cannot be effectively accomplished. 1,570 more words


MDT and Non-Serialized Computer Naming Automation

MDT 2013

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2013 provides an incredibly powerful bundle of tools to help you build a customized Windows image.  Best of all, it’s free.   2,294 more words


革新的なサービス開発にはITインフラの効率化が不可欠 [ #cbajp ]

運用管理ソフト大手の米BMCソフトウェアで、2014年4月にワールドワイドの営業とマーケティングの総責任者に就任したポール・アップルビー氏が来日。同社が進める新事業戦略「Living IT」や、日本市場における戦略などについて聞いた。



Section of Stradbrook Avenue closed due to sink hole

WINNIPEG – The city shut down a major street in Osborne Village Friday afternoon after the appearance of a sink hole.

Stradbrook Avenue between Wellington crescent and Nassau street are closed for emergency pavement repairs, it’s not clear for how long. 65 more words


Line markings at Public Car Park at Xatt l-Għassara tal-Għeneb, Marsa

Line markings at Public Car Park at Xatt l-Għassara tal-Għeneb, Marsa

Postponed:  The markings will be painted on Tuesday 31st March  because of the bad weather. 38 more words

Lecture 5 (held on 23rd) - IT Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies

Hello everyone and thanks for attending this week’s lecture. I have to admit I enjoyed it and you all played a fabulous role in making it a worthwhile class, however lengthy. 125 more words

M.I.S. (2015)