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Telstra's retreat has lessons for infrastructure*

* A version of this article was published in the Australian Financial Review on 17 July 2018.

Telstra’s latest predicament exemplifies what is Australia’s problem of failing customer stewardship in infrastructure. 810 more words

Facilitating the Adoption of Electricity Microgrids in Newcastle

In June 2018, I established a project in the City of Newcastle for Council to establish or become part of an embedded electricity microgrid, and to identify ways to promote and to facilitate the development of microgrids in the community. 497 more words


Developer Productivity with Simina Pasat


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The workflow of a software developer has evolved a lot throughout the decades. With these advancements we have become more productive and focus on building things that are core to the business that we work on. 104 more words


Looking forward - Brian Frost

Last season was a good one to get behind us.

Things were tough for a lot of the season, with too many floods and water sitting on the farm for too long leading to regrassing some areas six times.  449 more words


An Ode To The Toilet, A Water #Conservation Champion -- @LukeRunyon

From KUNC (Luke Runyon):

Since the 1990s, a strange phenomenon has played out in arid Western urban areas. Populations are booming while overall water use is staying the same or going down.

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Colorado Water

Impending Auckland Transport Mess Up With City Centre Street - This is How You Design City Centre Streets #CitiesSkylines

Match the mode for the space

Auckland Transport Executives and the Chair again prove that they are talk and no action when it comes to the livability of a City especially its City Centre. 813 more words

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