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Religious fable about infrastructure

Source: Siyar al-Muluk by Nizam al-Mulk (died, 1092). Translation by Navīd Zarrinnal:

“”They say when Umar was about to leave this world, his son asked him: “When will I see you?” 108 more words


Infrastructure Development – What’s Different Now?

Growth in global economies is driven by the pace at which countries develop infrastructure. Introduction of technology based prefab construction methods proves to be an improvement on traditional construction methods. 461 more words


Status of the Vélib bike sharing network

It is not the first of its kind in the world. Most of the pioneers are forgotten. Vélib is not one of them, but has an undisputed merit in making  bike sharing systems (BSS) a standard in many big cities of the world. 240 more words


$5m required for highly efficient, 24/7, offshore renewable energy farms, USA

Patented OCETM technology (Ocean Current Energy) uses a 24/7 offshore, natural energy source to drive green generators. Our 98% uptime advances production efficiency far beyond that of solar and wind. 29 more words


Register for the annual CTS Research Conference

Join us at the 28th Annual CTS Research Conference to hear about new learning, emerging ideas, and the latest innovations in transportation. This year’s event is scheduled for November 2 at The Commons Hotel in Minneapolis. 64 more words


$110k 55kWe Containerised Solar Power Plant

Developed in UK, this self-contained solar power plant is quick and easy to install and startup. Delivered in a 40ft container, it produces up to 55 kWe of power and is a sustainable and green alternative that saves 50% on cost of diesel. Contact: info@britishafrican.org


Vertical Farm Acupuncture - made from recycled materials for Indonesia's migrant farmers

  1. Sustainability Problem: Urban sprawling is not uncommon. The rates have grown along with population growth, both outpacing infrastructure and economic development. As in Indonesia’s case, illegal housing has become a recurring problem, migrants creating slums near river banks as they find it hard to obtain a secure job in the city.
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