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The Magical Universe: Gilbert Simondon and Technicity

Hickman with another brilliant set of codes to disrupt the current matrix:
“This distancing of world, subject, and object would form the basis of our current secular culture and civilization which has displaced the magical unity that once existed in the primitive worldview. 173 more words

New Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa

This post will be continuously updated as we learn about new projects.

On the three main vectors of wealth creation, African countries have lagged other developing nations for several decades. 982 more words


Owning a Dog Major Health Advantage

This article will be no surprise to  dog owners-in a study published by the journal BMC Public Health,  “dog owners on average walked 22 minutes more per day compared to people who didn’t own a dog”.  187 more words

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Tupper Neighbourhood Greenway Searches for New Urban Green Thumbs

Amy Logan in the Westender has written about Judy Zipursky and the remarkable Tupper Neighbourhood Greenway situated behind Tupper Secondary School close to King Edward and Fraser Streets. 538 more words

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Fire sweeps little mining town during early morning

Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, June 26, 1913

FRANKLIN, Thursday, June 26 — The hotel building belonging to the local coal mining company and twenty-one frame dwelling houses were destroyed by a fire that started here at 2:30 o’clock this morning. 296 more words


disposal rituals

In your daily rituals of waste disposal, do any objects stand out as more challenging to dispose of than others? In what way are they challenging? 213 more words


Sunshine Coast Looking Prosperous In The Nations Property Market.

As the ethos between the nation’s capital cities continuing to change day by day, Sydney is expanding at an exponential rate with its second and Third CBD growing out to the west. 371 more words

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