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Success... I have made it as a journalist.

Even though this blog is not as nearly as popular as Huffington Post or Zero Punctuation (meaning nobody reads it) I have an announcement to make. 205 more words

Deep Thoughts

Grandlay Electricals (India) Ltd. & Ors. v. Vidya Batra & Ors.

Grandlay Electricals (India) Ltd. & Ors. v. Vidya Batra & Ors.

1998 (18) PTC 646 (Del)

Brief Facts:

Plaintiff No. 1 was a partnership firm involved in manufacturing wires, cables/electric cables and insulated wires. 807 more words

Intellectual Property Rights

Parties’ Weigh In On Suprema’s Impact on ClearCorrect v. ITC.

Author: Carlos J. Rosario
Editor: Jeff Watson

During the August 11  oral argument in ClearCorrect v. ITC, the three-judge panel (Chief Judge Prost and Judges Newman and O’Malley) asked how the en banc… 125 more words

Cases To Watch

Crucial Tips for Advertising Grads and Professionals Alike - Copyright

In today’s age of copy/paste/save image/share, many professionals have found themselves with a dual career….that of their chosen field AND marketer. And just because technology allows for the ease of sharing multimedia content, DOES NOT mean it should be shared. 548 more words

Simplified Business

#Bloggers Beware: You CAN get SUED for using Pics on your Blog...

Further to an update from my blog partner

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Dun Writin’—Now Whut?

Sharing Content, Copyrights, and Permissions

54 Part 1 and 55 Part 2… 33 more words