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Opinion Vs Fact

Potato, Pot-AR-to, scon, Scone, crisps or chips?

How much do we let our opinions shadow the matter of facts?

Different people will give opposing opinions on identical topics, which is understandable as everyones brains are programmed in completely unique ways.   354 more words

Why the Authors Guild Is Still Wrong About Google's Book Scanning

A few months ago, a U.S. appeals court ruled unanimously that Google’s scanning and indexing of millions of books was not a wholesale attack on authors and the copyright system, as the Authors Guild has been arguing for years, but is clearly permitted under the “fair use” exemption in copyright law. 933 more words


Israel Supreme Court Refuses to Soften Stiff Sentences for Counterfeit Viagra Dealers

On appeal, the Central Region District Court in Lod ruled a ten month gaol sentence and fine for Roi Peer who had distributed counterfeit Viagra pills. 559 more words

Jurisdiction in cases of Trademark infringement over the Internet

For the last seven years, the EU legislators have been working on a reform of the European trade mark system which will undergo radical changes effective from March 23, 2016. 448 more words


Akzo Nobel Coatings, Inc. v. Dow Chemical Company

Docket Nos. 2015-1331, 2015-1389

January 29, 2016

Brief Summary: DC grant of SJ to Dow of non-infringement literally or under DOE affirmed. DC findings of no indefiniteness also affirmed. 532 more words

Claim Construction

Dealing with User Copyright Infringement (Torrents), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Unauthorized Remote Control Applications (Teamviewer, RDP) & Ransomware in the Business Environment

Understand why businesses need to control user internet access, implications of illegal user activities (torrent downloads), users uploading sensitive or critical company information, abusing internet resources, accessing adult sites, remote control applications (teamviewer, ammy admin, VNC, Remote Desktop), gaming, ransomware and more.