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Leave Declined in Doug Andrews Patent Case

In what is likely to be the final chapter in this long-running patent dispute, the Supreme Court has declined the parties’ applications for leave to challenge the High Court and Court of Appeal findings on infringement and validity. 866 more words

Microsoft And Google Decide To Kiss, Make Up And Drop All Those Pesky Patent Lawsuits

Giant technology companies — they’re just like us! Instead of continuing to duke it out over a slew of patent infringement claims in court, Microsoft and Google have decided that peace is the answer, and have announced they’re dropping all pending litigation against each other. 187 more words

Monkey Business

In 2011 British wildlife photographer David Slater was on the island of Sulawesi, following a troop of macaques. He set up his camera and waited. Suddenly, a cheeky monkey grabbed the camera, smiled into the lens and pressed a button. 526 more words

Intellectual Property

Shire LLC et al. v. Amneal Pharmaceuticals, LLC et al.

Docket No. 2014-1736-41

September 24, 2015

Brief Summary: DC grant of SJ to Shire that its patents are not invalid for obviousness affirmed (e.g., prior art “does not teach a finite and limited class” including precursor compound absent hindsight). 530 more words


Krista Holt to speak at LES DC

For those who read my blog the other day on the Alice decision, Alice Doesn’t Patent Here Anymore,  http://rayvandyke.com/posts/, I thank you.  At the September 17, 2015 Licensing Executives Society (www.les.org) meeting in Reston, Virginia, the Licensing Executives Society (www.les.org) prominent IP attorney and my friend Dale Lazar talked about the impact of Alice and what practitioners can do in the face of this tragedy.   254 more words


TNS Media Research, LLC et al. (“Kantar”) v. Tivo Research and Analytics, Inc. et al.

Docket No. 2014-1668

September 16, 2015


Brief Summary: DC grant of SJ affirmed on some grounds (infringement under DOE) but reversed on others (trade secrets). 380 more words