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New graduates increase the teaching force of the municipality of Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 9.- The teaching force of the Florida municipality is enriched in this post-COVID-19 recovery stage with the graduation of 15 young people in the specialties of Preschool and Primary Education that were trained at the Florida Municipal University Center. 21 more words


Florida highway and transit commission will strengthen surveillance during the summer (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 9.- The highway and transit commission of the municipality of Florida will strengthen surveillance this summer after COVID-19 to ensure the safety of passengers and road users, with regard to the increase in trips at this stage of recreation, in which we have the responsibility to avoid contagion with COVID-19. 33 more words


Restarts its program of activities Casa de la Trova de Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 9.- On July 11, the Casa de la Trova Pedro Loforte Sablón in the city of Florida will once again receive the regular audience of that institution, a meeting point and refuge for bohemians and lovers of the best of Cuban music . 32 more words


Commercial branch of the Electric Basic Unit Began to provide services (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 9.- After three months without receiving the public due to the impact of the Sars CoV-2 pandemic, the commercial branch of the Basic Electric Unit of the municipality of Florida reopens its doors to the population in this second stage of post-recovery COVID-19. 37 more words


With summer programming the Florida Aurora Cinema reopens its doors (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 8.- The Aurora movie theater in Florida city offers its programming again for the enjoyment of those who in this municipality enjoy the so-called seventh art. 22 more words


Afterlives of Popular Cinema: re-viewing Ang Telebisyon (Maurice Carvajal) and Ang Tulay (Frank G. Rivera) from Shake Rattle and Roll VI (1997)

For some time now, Regal Entertainment Inc. has been making their films available on YouTube. Probably realizing the potential of a streaming audience, the past few months their uploads has been more thematic and done in rotations. 1,742 more words