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MOVIES INTO THEATER | I can’t believe it’s not Ingmar Bergman's film (Part 1 of an essay)

By Randy Gener

STOCKHOLM |   Sweden, the world’s third largest exporter of popular music, after the U.S. and U.K., seems poised to become a substantial purveyor of Ingmar Bergmanarama. 956 more words

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Ingrid Bergman Blogathon - A Tale of Two Bergmans: Autumn Sonata (1978)


This is my, sadly late, contribution to the Ingrid Bergman Blogathon hosted by The Wonderful World of Cinema.

When I saw this announced I knew there was only one selection I could really make. 3,875 more words


The Seventh Seal

Feeling a bit Ingmar Bergmanish tonight: I put a noir filter on the Swedish countryside.



The conductor Bruno Walter once suggested that “The Magic Flute,” rather than the unfinished “Requiem,” was Mozart’s true valedictory work. While there have been many great recordings of “The Magic Flute,” Wilhelm Furtwangler’s famous performance stands out for its pronounced mysticism, which justifies Walter’s claim. 751 more words

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Through a Glass Darkly (1961)

There is so much that could be talked about with Through a Glass Darkly, but I feel the need to point out the more obvious to begin with. 707 more words

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엄격한 일상

I always go for a walk after breakfast.
Then I sit down always at a fixed time and write for three hours.
Then, at 3 pm, I go to my cinema.

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Birgit Tengroth: Jano - Summer Reading Classic Film Book vol. 5

Swedish actress Birgit Tengroth was also a writer. Her first book, a short story collection called “Thirst” (Törst in Swedish, Jano in Finnish), was published in 1948 and it caused a stir because of it’s frank references to sex, adultery, abortion, homosexuality and marriage problems from a woman’s perspective. 117 more words

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