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Picky Eaters and Believers

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I cook for my family a lot. I make breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks, and I try to make them healthy and yummy. 332 more words


Everybody Loves a Dad (Mom's Day Edition)

I know. I know.  What kind of jerk writes a blog about fatherhood on Mother’s Day Weekend.  I know.  Mother’s Day Weekend is IMPORTANT.  It’s that weekend where moms get to take one meal off and sleep in for 10 minutes so that dads can post on Facebook about the beautifully dry scrambled eggs they made and wait for the congratulations to pour in.   1,139 more words


Be Careful What You Ask For; You Just Might Get It

Dear reader, please do peruse and consider Numbers 11 as background before reading the following entry, as some verses quoted will be from this chapter. If possible, read from the King James Version. 882 more words

Christian Perspectives


It’s human nature to want things we don’t have. It’s also human nature to overlook and take for granted the things we already have. Are we to blame for our greed and ingratitude? 255 more words


She will bless you with her present tense
and it will be a gift that you will place in your pocket,
wrapping still on,
guarded against onlookers and your own concern. 169 more words


This Old Book of Poetry by the Milford Bard

“Come, heavenly Muse, my humble harp inspire,

And on its strings, O breathe thy melting fire”

This week, we revisit the expansive spirit of one of Delaware’s most eminent literary figures, the poet John Lofland, known affectionately as… 166 more words


I think I now understand why Jean-Jacques Rousseau was such an ungrateful little $%@*!

Someone once said that if all we knew about Jesus Christ was what his enemies said about him, then he would still be the greatest man who ever lived. 528 more words