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Fleeting Thoughts (Take V)

A grateful heart is one that when the tears sting their eyes and sears their skin as it slowly drips down onto their pillow in the stillness of the night, they smile at the realisation of their humanness, rather than lament at the cause of their tears. 403 more words


Be a joy-catcher

Fill yourself with beautiful, sublime, loving energy continually. Don’t let it sink and drain out, rather let it rise…rise…rise until you brim over and it overflows. 770 more words

Saturation Point

There is a price to be paid for believing in people before they give you reason to believe in them. That price extracts a toll that demands your contribution during the days when they see little reason to believe in themselves. 899 more words


April Showers: Week One, Day Six

Focus: removing the poison of complaint

Scripture: Romans 12:2

I am what one would consider, “Type A” personality. I’m a “gung-ho, get-it-done, walk-fast, drive-faster, don’t-get-in-my-way, organized” person. 538 more words

April Showers Bring May Flowers

“Sometimes after sacrificing so much for others, we instinctively expect them to feel indebted, especially when we’re in need. Sometimes, some are grateful but most times, most don’t care. 48 more words


Pecked Out

The oak to the woodpecker:
Dauntless provider.
Selflessly giving
Of all that’s inside her.

Never complaining.
Never restraining.

Til after she’s fallen,
Crashed to the ground, 10 more words


Overcoming people with ingratitude behavior.

It happens that a person works hard and do all that he can to make his friends,family etc etc happy.And when that guy fails and if no one gives him backup or does not save him and even hurt that person who did everything he can, to make them happy,  then what will be the state of mind of that person.Why don’t people or groups doesn’t recognize the work of an individual and his selfless effort.Further more they even go forward and hurt that person who had did everything for them and is now suffering due to something.I am not saying all the people on earth are living that way.But the question is that majority in the society do that.When a person lives with all the riches then there will be many who want to lure them by praising,doing them favors or something or the other by benefiting through them.And when the same person is not in that position they try to hurt him.Here by saying riches I mean any kind of thing like wealth,talent,fame etc. 882 more words