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Technique & a Recipe: Non-Dairy Buttermilk & Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

When I first thought about including these recipes in my week dedicated to coconut milk, I told my husband I was hesitating because these weren’t really recipes, they are just suggested techniques for throwing things together. 700 more words


An Ode to My Family

This post is the first of many dedicated to the people in my life who actively try to include me, who welcome me, make sure I have nutritious, non-threatening food, and share their love through their cooking and compassion. 996 more words


Recipe: Non-dairy Cream of Mushroom Soup

I have always had a deep and abiding affection for Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup. First and foremost I love it as a casserole devotee, but it’s also a central ingredient in a recipe I made for my sister growing up, so I’ve got a lot of nostalgia for it. 461 more words


Recipes: Non-Dairy Ice Cream in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Toasted Marshmallow

When we got married, a good friend of ours sent us an ice cream maker for a wedding present. I tweeted about this in my excitement, and one of my Twitter friends who knew about my allergies said, “Well, that was just mean.” But no! 647 more words


An Ode to Coconut Milk

There’s a school of thought that the best approach to non-dairy food is exactly that: not utilizing any dairy or dairy substitutes at all. I guess the idea is that if you’re not going to eat something, presumably for health or ethical reasons, you should commit to it. 841 more words


Recipe: Matthew's Brownies

These are the famous brownies my husband made for me right after we got married. They’re still pretty much the only chocolate I ever eat, though I eat them super sparingly. 478 more words


Vintage Recipes: 1945 Crisco Cookbook - Fried Foods

I am VERY excited to be sharing a cookbook my hubby recently found for me!

It was published in 1945 by the Procter and Gamble Company and advertises Crisco. 67 more words

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