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Importance of cleansing and which cleanser suits you

What is a cleanser? Why is it so important to do? Can’t I just use water? I have no dirt on my face, I don’t need to wash it, I use face wipes it takes off everything and its cheap. 805 more words


Vfood&grocery: Future Choco Chip Cookies

Look what my mom bought from Healthy Options, after her morning out doing errands! I love her support in turning everything veganfriendly!


Beverage Fortification 101 -- Food Science in the News

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of options in the beverage aisle of a supermarket? When I was a kid, my options were simple: milk, juice, soda, coffee, water, or sports drinks. 169 more words

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Lotus root Balsamic Kinpira

<Ingredients> 5 servings

  • Lotus root (れんこん / Renkon) 200g
  • Slab bacon (Pre-sliced bacon can also be used) (ベーコンブロック / Behkon burokku) 60g
  • Olive oil (オリーブオイル / Oreebu oiru) 1tbsp…
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Chinese greens: A field guide

Here in Hong Kong, the average vegetable stall boasts a bewildering number of variations on the “leafy green” theme..

Piles of pak choy nestle alongside crinkly pale-green cabbages, and opportunistic wasps buzz around heaps of choy sum, searching for the plant’s tiny yellow flowers. 695 more words