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Recipe: Chocolate Avocado Mousse

By Adrianna McDonald

Cocoa is one of nature’s many miracles. It is in fact a great super-food and to get the full benefit of its goodness it is best eaten raw. 88 more words


Something a Little Different...

I love it when I have left over cream to use up… this can mean only one thing. A victoria sponge. This is the one cake that I feel confident at baking, but it is possible to over-do it on the jam and cream combo.  460 more words


FAF – The Unexpected Ingredients

Have you ever wondered what makes Fat Ass Fudge so creamy and delicious? Here at Chocology we take pride in handpicking the freshest and highest quality ingredients for our recipes. 431 more words

Rustic Raspberry Tart with Kerrygold Butter Crust

Sweetened fresh raspberries make a wonderful filling, but the star of this dessert is the buttery, flaky crust baked with all-natural Kerrygold Butter. It holds the fruit and creates a delicate tart that begs to be placed next to a scoop of vanilla ice cream and enjoyed with loved ones after a delicious meal. 301 more words


Why I Adore Coconut Oil

Ingredient that’s always stocked? Coconut oil. Favourite hair treatment? Coconut oil. Favourite skincare product?

My favourite thing about coconut oil is that it’s so versatile – I can use it for pretty much anything and everything (& believe me I do). 547 more words


Yema Cake

Creamy Yema Cake


  • For the cake:
  • 50 g butter
  • 250 g cream cheese
  • 110 ml milk
  • 1 vanilla pod (optional)
  • 60 g all purpose flour…
  • 249 more words